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    Bethseda censors all versions of Fallout3 I, for one, am super pissed. Pandering to an outdated ratings board with their priorities completely wrong. Blowing off limbs and heads - we're ok with that! Showing breasts or drug use - NO-NO! Anybody else completely disappointed with where...
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    Highest Quality Encoding for Avid?

    Hey guys, I just finished editing a short film and I'm having a hell of a time trying to encode the finished movie timeline in Avid 5.8. I'm basically using a trial and error, seeing which encoding options look best. I'm guessing uncompressed is what I need, though it seems to either crash my...
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    Best Free Dvd Ripper?

    I'm trying to rip a certain dvd onto my hd and running into problems with a lot of the free software out there. Is there one that can rip it as a perfect copy/high quality/uncompressed .avi file? All the ones I've come across want me to buy it for the high quality or only output for mobile...
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    Mac to Pc Files Don't Play Nice

    Hey guys, I recently had somebody edit a film I was working on in Final Cut Pro. We finalized it and saved it as a quicktime movie or .mov and tried to transfer the file over to my computer. Many problems ensued, but after finding a mac drive reader for the pc, we got the files over and it split...
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    8800gts SLI Compatibility?

    Since the 9 series seems to be lacking, it seems the smart thing to go SLI until the next big cards come out. I''ve got an evga 8800gts 640mb card. Question is - will I be able to use any other brand for SLI or will I need to stick with evga or even that specific version/model number for the brand?
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    Need [H] expertise on performace mobo please

    I haven't been too up to date on motherboards lately. There are so many out there right now I'm completely confused and need some [H] help. My main goals are -Great performance -Intel processor. New Yorkfield/Wolfdale compatible -I recently purchased some 4gb G.SKILL ddr2, so it has to be...
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    Need Suggestions on LCD Screen

    I'm looking for an lcd to replace my 19inch samsung 710t, but I've can't seem to find a monitor that can do what I'm looking for. My objective is to have a monitor mainly for computer/pc gaming, but also able to easily watch tv and to hook up a 360 or ps3 for the future. -Can do 1080p -Is...
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    n00b PSU and Power questions

    I recently purchased a PC&P psu and wanted to know if the current going through my place would have any ill effects on it? If the current was shitty would it put a strain on the psu or would it not make any difference? Should I plug it straight into the wall or into a surge protector? My...
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    Please help with BFG6800gt artifacting

    Ever since I bought this card I couldn't run it at default memory or core speeds because I would get artifacts/crash games. I usually turn it down 15-20 mhz on each, but I've been playing Oblivion for a while and it suddenly has a big problem with artifacts. The cooling in my system is decent, 4...
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    For every gamer who's tired of useless laws

    I came across this site Everybody who is tired of these absurd laws that are trying to be passed, these dinosaurs who are out of touch with the public, these true politicians who use sensationalism and lies to gather attention and votes - sign up. Fuck...