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    Minecraft Mod adds fully emulated 6502 Processor

    "The Red Power 2 mod for Minecraft has recently been updated, and it adds a fully emulated 6502 processor that can be programmed in assembly, but comes with a Forth interpreter. From the article: Fair disclosure: The video linked in the article is mine" Since I've used this mod somewhat...
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    Please recommend a new video card for me

    So while playing some minecraft last night, my game froze up and my computer froze in an odd way. I rebooted to see some lovely red dots and lines all over the POST screen. Crap. So I try re-seating my video card, it works for about 20 minutes, and locks up again. Reboot again to more red...
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    Achron - RTS With Timetravel - Anyone check it out?

    So I made a post about 2 years ago when this game was in alpha, then I forgot about it. Today, I see a game on steam that reminds me of it, and lo-and-behold, its the same game! Now released! It looks cool. Anyone check it out? Escapist did...
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    S.P.A.Z. and From Dust - Anyone?

    So I'm in the market for a new game (Been playing the hell outta Minecraft recently, with tons of different mods, and its time for a break from that and something new). Hopped on Steam, and 2 games caught my eye: S.P.A.Z. - Space Pirates and Zombies -- Looks like a topdown space game...
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    MS Forefront False Positive Adware:Win32/Hotbar

    Wasn't sure if I should post this in security or OS, so chose here :). Anyone who uses Forefront should be aware that the Adware: Win32/Hotbar is a false positive. Not sure if it affects home users, but our network is getting a lot of these alerts today, so I checked into it and found...
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    Good Powershell book?

    Hey all -- Hoping I've got this in the right forum! I'm looking for a good recommendation on a Powershell book. I've got decent scripting/programming experience, so I don't want a book that explains If-Then and For loops, I'm looking for a book that assumes a certain degree of programming...
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    SW:TOR Intro Cinematic

    Sorry if this was posted already, I didn't see it here yet :)
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    Infamous 2

    Who's looking forward to this one? To be honest, I had no idea it was even coming. Some of the sequels I'm looking forward to are Prototype 2 and Demons Souls 2, but I hadn't even heard of Infamous 2. I was in a local gamestop the other day and saw the poster for it, so put down $5...
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    Anyone still playing EVE?

    I've not played in about a year or so, and I've got the itch again to return. Looking forward to my refunded skill points for learning skills :). Anyone still playing? In a good 0.0 corp?
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    Black Prophecy anyone?

    Anyone checked out Black Prophecy? Its a free-to-play space based MMO thats now live in EU and closed beta in US. Anyone checked it out? Supposed to be a freelancer style game, but an MMO. Trailer:
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    Supreme Commander 2: $5.10 on steam sale

    I know when it came out, not many people were thrilled with its sweeping changes to gameplay mechanics, but if you were waiting on this one for a decent price, I don't think it gets better than this :). Also, the expansion is $3.40. Not sure how long it'll last.
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    Force Unleashed 2 - Anyone picking it up?

    I'm a little strapped for cash this month, so I probably won't be getting it just yet, but I'm surprised theres no thread here for it. It comes out today doesn't it?
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    Book Recommendation on Sharepoint? :)

    Hey all -- I'm looking for some recommendations on a book for Sharepoint Development. Currently, I work in a company doing Lotus Notes Development, and our new CTO wants to switch over to Microsoft. I volunteered to learn Sharepoint, and start all new requests in that. I've got good...
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    City of Heroes: Going Rogue -- Live today.

    Anyone else check this out? For anyone who pre-ordered (me), you could get on last night and check out the new zones and all the new changes. I have to say, I was VERY impressed. It almost seems like an entirely different game. Sure, the same basic concepts and ideas are all there, but...
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    Magic Packet Generator?

    Can anyone recommend a good magic packet generator? Something simple and free preferably :). I just want to be able to target a PC or two on my network and send off the magic packet. Thanks!
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    Allods Online anyone? Allods online is a free to play MMO, that looks VERY much like WoW with a few twists. Kinda cool looking. I played it last night for a few hours. Its currently in beta, but plans to be free for the lifetime of the game. Heres a two part video talking about it...
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    Champions Online

    Anyone still playing this? I just subbed over the weekend due to a slow gaming day. I always enjoyed CoX, and so far this is proving to be enjoyable. At least at first. I kind of like that you can pick any power from any powerset. Thats pretty cool. Allows for some cool mix/match...
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    Powershell Questions

    Hey guys, I wasn't sure if I should put this in OS or Programming, but I figured here is plenty good :). So, about powershell. My company is migrating from Novell to AD this week, its almost done, and AD is where we're going. I'm the local 'Good with programming and scripting and sql'...
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    iPhone: Space Miner

    So I picked up this game on the App Store called Space Miner. Its really pretty awesome! Its a little pricey, I think it was $4.99. But its worth it in my opinion. The basic gameplay is like the old Asteroids game, where you fly around in space and shoot asteroids. But theres a lot more...
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    AVP Full game and Single Player Impressions

    Please post your impressions of the Full game, as its out today :). I really want to play this, but keep hearing mediocre reviews about the demo. Considering it sounds like an old beta version of the game, I'm curious how the 'release' version is. I'm 90% interested in single player...
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    Final Fantasy 1 & 2 are coming to the iPhone Oh please please please put #3 (American) on there as well!
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    SQL Admin Cert -- Please recommend a class

    Hey Everyone, I'm looking to get started on some SQL Administration Certifications, and it looks like this is the one to start with: (For 2005) Does anyone have any recommendations on classes to take...
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    Set a program/shortcut to always open on 2nd monitor? (Win7)

    Is there any way built into Windows 7 to force a shortcut or program to always open on my second monitor? Seems some programs remember where they were when closed, but others do not. I'd like to be able to say "Hey Firefox, always open on Monitor 2. " Google wasn't much help, and I...
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    Overlord Bundle on Steam: $8.75

    On steam right now, theres an Overlord Bundle on sale for $8.75. -- Its 75% off, normally $35. It includes Overlord 1, Overlord: Raising Hell (Expansion pack to 1), and Overlord 2 (The sequel). I played Overlord 1 on the PS3, and enjoyed it. It's got its flaws, but overall the game is...
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    Win 7 -- Wake up from Sleep for processes?

    So with Windows 7, this is the first time I'm actually using sleep mode. I really like it. I come up to my computer, and it seems like its almost totally off, and clicking the mouse wakes it up within seconds. Its great! So is there any way to set it up so that certain processes will wake...
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    Your Windows 7 Antivirus? How is MSE?

    At first I was going to go with AVG, which has been my standard Virus Protection for a while now, but my buddy turned me onto Microsoft Security Essentials. How is that one compared to AVG and others? I liked that MSE was such a small download and install, and doesn't seem to have much of...
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    Now that Windows 7 is Live -- Drivers?

    I read a lot about Windows 7 and it's awesome driver handling when it was RC, but now that its Live, should I let it download the drivers itself, or get them from the manufacturer website? I'm mostly talking video card (ATI) and sound card type stuff.
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    (Wii) A boy and his Blob

    Is this on anyones radar? I saw it on Gamefly so I added it to by Queue. I remember enjoying this on the old NES when I was a youngster. It comes out today or tomorrow:
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    Aion Server/Faction/Name thread

    So I picked up Aion over the weekend, and have been enjoying it quite a bit. Wanted to see what server everyones on. Below is my info, look me up ;) Server: Meslamtaeda Faction: Dark-Side! Name: Tyymm I'm a level 10 Sorcerer. So far the game is fun, very similiar to WoW in terms of...
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    Any DDO Players here?

    So I see the game is now free to play, and I was wondering if anyones playing it right now. Pros and Cons? What's your opinion of it? Thanks :)
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    Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time

    Arstechnica did a pre-review of this game, and it sounds really cool. I loved the prior one, Tools of Destruction. I'll probably be pre-ordering this guy. Any PS3 owners that have missed this series should check it out...
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    (iPhone) Geodefense Sequel: GeoDefense Swarm

    GeoDefense was one of my favorite iPhone games. I've been hoping for an update, but a whole new game is even better! I just picked this up, and played a few levels. If you liked Geo Defense, you'll probably like this as well. The creeps no longer follow a set path, its more like the...
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    Archon -- RTS with Time Travel/Manipulation

    Looks REALLY cool. Bad news is its still in Alpha and doesn't appear to have a publisher yet. But the concept is amazing and could be really awesome, if done properly. Imagine an RTS with time travel. Actual time travel. Like, you sent troops into a battle, lost, and decided to go back in...
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    What aspects of games do you enjoy/dislike

    The thread title wasn't really long enough to describe what I'm talking about. What aspects of games, usually unmentioned or publicized, do you like or dislike. For example: I really like games that ease you into them, slowly giving you more and more powers/weapons/etc. Like your...
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    iPhone Games?

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but the Apple Products forum didn't seem right. Anyway -- List your favorite iPhone games here. I'm looking for some new ones. Nibiru -- If you've played oGame you'll immediately recognize this. Its exactly the same thing. Just a great iPhone...
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    Legend of Legaia (and Legaia 2)

    So I remembered fond memories of playing Legend of Legaia back in the day on a PS1, and when looking to play it again, I found out there was a sequel, Legaia 2: Duel Saga. I just finished it last night, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The gameplay was a lot of fun if you enjoy the classic...
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    Questions for windows 7 RC upgrade

    Hey guys, three quick questions about the Windows 7 RC. I'm considering going from my XP SP2 machine up to 7. I've heard so many good things about Windows 7 that its got me excited. I'd like to start utilizing the 4gb of RAM i have, and in Windows XP 32bit I'm not doing that. 1) So first...
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    Netflix: PS3 Playon vs. Roku player

    I couldn't decide where to post this. I opted for here, figuring I'd get more hits about PlayOn. I was wondering if anyone here uses Playon with a Netflix account, and what they thought about it? I'm trying to decide between that and a Roku Netflix Player. Playon is cheaper (as I...
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    Should I buy a PS2?

    They've got PS2's at the local gamestops for like, $60 pre-owned. Thats not bad. I baught a PS3 a bit ago, and was very excited to play some of the games I missed, having never owned a PS2. Well, I was surprised to see the newer models don't have backwards compatibility. Annoyed too, but...
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    I'm confused -- PS3 and backwards compatible with PS2 games

    So I just baught an 80gb PS3 a couple days ago, and between some good new PS3 games, I had intended to go back and play some oldie (but goodie) PS2 games. I never owned a PS2 and missed some stuff. So whats the deal. From what I read and what I was told, the NEW 80gb can NOT play PS2...