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    Weird tracert from separate devices

    Hi All - Having some weird things happen that I can't figure out. Hopefully I can explain. I have three devices: my PC, an AP and my wireless controller. PC - AP - Controller - I'm having trouble getting my AP to adopt over L3. From my...
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    DNS Servers

    Hi All - We currently have three DNS servers here. Two internal (primary and secondary) and one external. We have started thinking about moving external DNS off to a hosted service...something like DNSMadeEasy. Good idea, bad idea? Why/why not? Thanks!
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    Moving from L2 to L3 with a Cisco core

    All - Our network used to be flat Layer 2 to all buildings. We are now working on doing L3 to all buildings. Problem: With L2 across the entire campus, I could have a building on VLAN 40 (10.3.x.x subnet), and also have a server directly connected to the core on VLAN 40 as well. Now...
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    Powershell Help

    Hi all - I'm using this Powershell script to send me an e-mail every Monday morning about snapshots in my VM environment -- very handy! However, we use Veeam for backup and replication, and all of my VMs are replicated to an off-site ESXi host with _replica after their name. All of the VMs...
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    DHCP Issue

    Hi All - I'm seeing the following on my DHCP server: Sep 14 10:28:55 elroy dhcpd: DHCPDISCOVER from 30:85:a9:12:e5:8e via Sep 14 10:28:56 elroy dhcpd: DHCPOFFER on to 30:85:a9:12:e5:8e (Gino-PC) via Sep 14 10:28:56 elroy dhcpd: DHCPREQUEST for...
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    Patch Management

    Is there any software out there that will allow me to centrally manage and PUSH updates to all of my Windows servers? I don't believe WSUS does that, correct?
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    Veeam Enterprise Manager

    Can anyone explain to me what Veeam Enterprise Manager is used for? I can't find much info about it on Veeam's website. Seems to be just a web interface for Backup and Replication?
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    Upgrade Veeam to 6

    Just curious if anybody has upgraded from Veeam to Veeam 6. Their documents make it seem easy and straight forward. Just wanted to see if anybody has done so and ran into any problems. Any gotchas I should be aware of? Thanks!
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    Hi All - Trying to configure QoS and am getting a little confused on some things. First, we are using Avaya as our VoIP solution. We have ProCurve switches at the edge and Cisco in our core. I think one of my main problems is I can't seem to wrap my head around DSCP. I *think* I...
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    Using mysqldump

    Hi all - Not sure if this is in the right place, but.... If I am running MySQL with six databases in it, and do mysqldump -u user -ppassword --all-databases > backup.sql to backup all the databases; is it easy enough to restore a single database from that backup? Or do I have to restore...
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    Syslog recommendations

    Hi all - Just looking for some recommendations for syslog servers. Open-source or paid is fine. Price isn't an issue as far as I know. Thanks!
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    DNS questions -- Linux and Windows

    Hi All - I have two DNS servers. Our Linux one is used for residence halls and gives out a bogus DNS to people until they've registered. And our Windows 2003 server runs our true DNS for everyone (including residence halls once the person has registered). I'd like to setup the Linux...
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    Moving away from backup to tapes

    Hi All - Is there a movement of admins moving away from backing up to tape nowadays? We had a discussion about it today at work, and it seems to make sense to me. We currently have a 250MB pipe to the Internet -- soon to be 500MB; so, bandwidth isn't an issue as much as it used to be, which...
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    VM Backup

    Hi All - We have 7 Dell M610s running ESXi 4.1 and looking for a VM backup solution. Currently checking out Veeam and vRanger Pro (VizionCore). Anybody have experience with either of these products? Would love to hear the good and the bad on both.
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    Mounting CIFS via /etc/fstab

    I've also posted this in the OS/Linux forum. Not sure where is more appropriate.. I have used the following mount command in SUSE 11 SP1 successfully, but would now like to stick it in my /etc/fstab so it gets mounted on startup: mount -t cifs -o...
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    Mounting CIFS via /etc/fstab

    Hi All - I have used the following mount command in SUSE 11 SP1 successfully, but would now like to stick it in my /etc/fstab so it gets mounted on startup: mount -t cifs -o file_mode=0666,dir_mode=0777,username=user,password=pass // /mnt/docufide Can i put the...
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    DHCP options for VoIP

    Hi all - We are slowly moving towards a larger VoIP deployment. Currently, when an IP phone goes out, we give it a static IP and have to manually enter the IP of the signaling server -- we'd like to get away from this process. We have VoIP on it's own VLAN. I think I've heard that you...
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    Quick Domain Question...maybe DNS question

    So I recently setup a domain for small non-profit company. The domain is, but they also have a website Users can sometimes get to in a browser and sometimes they can't. When I do an nslookup I get the IP of the...
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    Is this a good switch?

    Is this a decent gigabit switch for a small non-profit organization who does nothing more than web browsing and file sharing?
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    Server for Non-profit Organization

    Hi all - I'm currently upgrading the server for a local non-profit in my area. They currently have a server someone built running Windows Server 2000 (not sure of the exact specs, something like 512MB RAM, 1GHz processor, 40GB hard drive) and 8 machines mapping drives to the shares on the...
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    Monitor Fiber Connection between Buildings

    Hi all - I'm looking for a way to monitor my fiber links between buildings. A week or so ago I set up Cacti to do just this, but I'm having trouble believing the results I'm getting from Cacti. We are a college campus and I want to monitor the bandwidth that gets on the fiber. In the picture...
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    Setup a sub-domain in DNS

    Hi all - Not sure if my title correctly says what I'm trying to do, so, let me explain. Let's say our domain is Our e-mail addresses use (i.e., and we run our own DNS (running BIND 8.1.2, yes, I know it's old!) server on-site for
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    Difficult DNS(?) issue

    Hi all - I work at a small private college. We've been experiencing a weird DNS issue for a while, hopefully I can explain it well enough. We have a lot of servers. Some servers reside in our DMZ (Blackboard, Mailman, etc...) and some are on our internal (10.2.x.x) network. Those servers...
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    Need help with Perl

    Hi all - Using the open source help desk software Request Tracker 3.8.7 if that makes a difference to anyone. One of the main files that drive RT is /opt/rt3/etc/ The comments at the top of the file state that it is a perl module and can include valid perl code. I was...
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    RDP in Windows XP

    Can you have simultaneous RDP connections to a Windows XP machine? Or is XP limited to one RDP connection?
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    Repartitioning in Windows 2003

    Hi all - Just need something verified. My numbers may be off, but hopefully you get the idea. We have a Windows 2003 server with three 60GB drives in a single array. In that array, someone setup 2 partitions, the C drive has 12GB and the D drive got the rest. The C drive is...
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    Reformat a file

    Hello everyone - I'm trying to read a file and change the format of it and save it to a new file. This is the current format: lease { starts 3 2009/12/16 16:49:05; ends 3 2009/12/30 16:49:05; binding state active; next binding state free; hardware ethernet...
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    You passed an undefined mode number

    Hi All- The title of my thread is the error that I'm getting when attempting to boot my SuSe Service Pack 2 server. The screenshot is below. We are currently in the process of setting up new ESX 4 hosts and a brand new Datastore for our VMs. This errors has occured on both test VMs...
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    Any Request Tracker users?

    Hi all - Just installed RT 3.8.2 and it seems to be working fine. I have the e-mail portion working and that seems to be pretty good. I just have a few basic questions on it. Currently we use an application called Help Trac. At the beginning of every semester we upload all the...
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    Any Procurve experts?

    All - Working on upgrading the firmware on some access points (Procurve 420 J8130B). Many have successfully upgraded, 2 have not. 1 is more or less dead and I plan on calling it in. The other one is kind of in "limbo". Software was at v2.2.0.8 upgrading to 2.2.5. Something got screwed...
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    Web Forwarding

    Quick (and probably easy) question I don't know off the top of my head. My step-mom has a website currently hosted at GoDaddy. She's going to start to use a Google Site because it's easier, etc. She wants to keep her domain ( but have it forwarded to the Google Site. I...
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    Perl Help...

    Hi All - This will hopefully be fairly easy to answer as I know almost nothing about perl. I have a script that reads a file, manipulates it and sends it as an attached csv file in an e-mail. The part I need help with is as follows: for $i(0..$#fields) { $accounts .=...
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    Move SuSE 10 HDD to new server

    HI all - We have a server running SuSe 10 SP1 on a single CPU blade with a low amount of memory. If I were to pull the HDD out of this server and throw it into a different blade with 4 CPUs and a lot more memory than the current server will the OS recognize (and be able to use) the newer...
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    Resdence Halls at College

    HI All - This topic may have been visited once before, but I think I'm going to ask it again. If at a college campus, what are you guys doing in your residence halls? For example, we have every student register their machine through NetReg. The NetReg agent checks their machines for...
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    ESX vs. ESXi vs. vSphere

    Can anyone explain to me the differences between these and when you would choose to go one or the other?
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    Figure out version of VCM

    What's the easiest way to tell what version of Virtual Center I am running? If I open my Infrastructure Client and go to Help --> About I see: Virtual Infrastructure Client Version 2.0.2 Build 62327 Virtual Infrastructure Server Version 2.0.2 Build 62327 Does that mean I'm...
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    Get to Machine behind router

    Hi all - Hopefully I can explain this clearly. Our phone people wanted some server to be behind a router within our network. The server is an NT box and is The router is at When they were on the 10.3.x.x network they would do: route add mask
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    Good Listserv software for Mail Server

    Hi All - Quick question. The college I work for is working on moving towards Google Apps for EDU for our mail. Our last mail server had a built-in listserv feature. Google has the groups feature -- but we may want something a little more advanced -- such as ability to have an administer OK...
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    Track changes to Servers, etc...

    Hi all - I've been given a task from my boss to develop a new way to track changes done to servers. So we have something to help us determine what changes may have caused any problems (if and when they occur) Originally, there was just the server log -- a binder that we would write in. That...
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    Need information from many files

    Hi all - I need to get minimal information from many many files. This is from our e-mail system, and each person has a file called account.settings which contains the following: { AccessModes =...