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    Windows 11 unsupported hardware thread

    Interested to hear about unsupported hardware running Windows 11. Installation method, system specs ,how it's running, thoughts and opinions. I'm running x58-ud5 system in my sig. I used this guys method on youtube. Running good so far and updates appear to be working.
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    Question about cloning and Windows install.

    My computer isn't supported by windows 11. If I buy a 2nd hard drive of equal size. Clone my currant windows 10 install and unplug the old hard drive. Upgrade to windows 11 on new hard drive. Can I always just go back to old windows 10 hard drive if Microsoft decides not to do updates on my...
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    Port forwarding problem, i'm stuck

    Someone in my house needs ports 1812 and 1813 open to work remotly through vpn. I opened ports 1812 and 1813 on router and disabled firewall in windows. This website is still showing them closed. I plugged the computer directly into modem and it...
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    Ssd running slow on older x58 system

    I have a gigabyte x58ud5 and a Samsung evo 500gb ssd. Are speeds below what I should be getting and do my bios settings look ok? Should bottom "onboard sata/ide" be set to disabled? I switched to AHCI without reinstalling windows a while back. I'll do a fresh installed if that's what I need...
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    Boot drive too small for large amount or ram?

    On Dell's site when configuring a computer it is required to get a 512gb boot drive minimum for 64gb of ram. I googled and couldn't find anything. Anyone know what the reason for this is or how to calculate the drive size you need for the amount of ram you want to install? I'm not buying a...
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    x58 ram upgrade

    I just ordered a w3690 6 core for about $50 and now looking at maybe upgrading ram. I have 12gb installed (6 sticks of 2gb) Saw this on ebay and seams like a good deal. 48GB (6X8GB) PC3-12800R DDR3 1600MHz ECC Reg Server Memory RAM Upgrade Kit RDIMM...
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    Computer for friends automotive shop

    No set budget but I don't want to spend anymore than i have to. He is just going to be browsing internet. Need the complete setup,keyboard display and mouse. Is this a good choice? Dell Optiplex 990 Desktop - Intel i5-2400 @ 3.10GHz 8GB RAM 1TB HDD - Windows 10 $130 shipped Amazon basics...
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    Connecting pc to tv through vga black screen.

    I set up a old dell 530s,windows 10 at home connected to my sony 1080p tv for a friend. I hooked it up there tv ( same vga cable and all I get is a black screen. I know it's recognizing the pc because the...
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    Help installing os on new ssd,older 17" macbook pro

    My friend said his 17" macbook pro needed a hard drive. I installed a ssd and tried to install high Serra from flash drive. when I boot and hold alt I get a option to install macos high sierra. If i click it I get a circle with a line through it then the computer shuts itself down. If i boot...
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    Help diagnosing X58 UD5 shutting down,LEDs all lit up.

    Computer has been shutting down on it's own while I am out. I'll come home and find all the LEDs all lit up. I searched the internet and checked the manual. I can't find anything on what all LEDs lit means. Its is the rig in sig. X58 UD5 rev 1
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    Computer powers up but no video.

    Hardware specs. MSI H81M-P33 - LGA 1150 - Intel H81 motherboard,G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600,Intel Celeron G1820 Haswell Dual-Core 2.7 GHz LGA 1150 and tx650 corsair psu. The onboard video stopped working one day with no changes to hardware. It powers up but no...
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    Dell 790 MT upgrade for gta5

    I just bought a Dell 790 mt off ebay for $162. These is the specs Core i5 2400 3.10Ghz,8GB,500GB,Windows 10 Pro,DVD,Monitor not included, MT,New Keyboard & Mouse. I want to get this running so my girlfriend can use it to play gta4 and 5 multiplayer with me...
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    Acer,Intel i5-6400 - 8GB - 2TB desktop $400 new

    If someone is looking for a new desktop in this price range, this is a lot of bang for buck.
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    Video card for AMD Athlon II X4 640,GTA5

    I want to play gta5 on a amd 640 computer. This is specs CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 640 ($0 - Unavailable) Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-USB3 (rev. 6.0) ($45.98 @ Amazon) Memory: G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) ($0 - Unavailable) Power Supply: EVGA 500W 100-W1-500-KR ($40.1 @ Amazon) Storage: evo 500gb...
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    Any way to get windows media center back?

    Running windows 8.1. I downloaded windows 10 just to get a key. When I went back to 8.1 mce was gone. I still have the mce key but Microsoft download link is dead. Is there somewhere else I can download mce from? Any other decent alternatives to mce or should I install windows 7? I would rather...
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    Need help with congested wifi in condo

    I am running a Asus RT- N66U. I tried a lot of things in the past to get it to work but its still really bad. I tried running software on laptop to find least congested channels and changing channels.(helped but still not great) I also am running a extender. It drops out all the time even...
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    Where to get a new oem battery for galaxy s4?

    I searched around buy they all seam like shady Chinese or used ones with a OEM looking sticker. I will consider a good aftermarket one if I cant get OEM.
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    gta5,anyone completed all achievements?

    This has to be the longest game I ever played as far as completion goes. I completed Vice City,San Andreas and GTA4+DLC. I also played Skyrim,Saints Row 4 and a lot of other games through 100%. Maybe I just have less time now but GTA5 seams like the longest game I have played yet to get 100% of...
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    Reinstall options?Do I need to backup windows 10 product key?

    I have a lot of computers that I have upgraded to windows 10. If one of these blows a hard drive or won't boot for some reason can I reinstall from a dvd? If so do I need a product key or will it recolonize my hardware from a fresh dvd install? I read conflicting things about product keys on...
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    Shuttle XPC Barebone SH61R4 integrated graphics not working.

    I can only get bios screen to show up if I am using a video card,cant get onboard video to work. Not sure if I overlooked something? Maybe the Integrated graphics on this cpu(Pentium G860) is not compatable with my chipset (Intel H61)? I tried setting bios to onboard and nothing happens...
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    Best way to set up win 10 for public computer or friends?

    I have to set up some windows 10 computers for club I belong to and for friends. I would like to finish windows install for them without using my email or theirs. I need to get these operational,software fully installed on my own and just hand them the working computer. What is my best...
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    Computer freezing,crashing after ssd install

    I upgraded from a Crucial SSD C300 256GB to a Samsung 850 EVO 500GB. The computer is randomly locking up now. When it locks it is unresponsive,I have to hold power switch and force shutdown or it will eventually reboot on its own and boot to wrong hard drive. (or if i disconnect 2nd drive the...
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    Help with spare parts build

    I have some parts laying around that I want to build a computer out of. I tried picking out a motherboard,optical drive and hard drive. Not sure if they are the best choices or if I left anything out. I ran the build through hover hound for compatibility and posted it below. 1) What will...
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    Help choosing a good wifi adapter to work with Nighthawk R7000

    I am currently using Edimax EW-7811Un 150Mbps 11n Wi-Fi USB This one It looses connection a lot or is slow. Would it help if I got a good quality...
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    Advice on SSD upgrade

    I want to upgrade to a faster bigger ssd for windows 10 upgrade. Will I be able to select another drive when I upgrade from windows 8 to windows 10 without a problem? I would also like opinions if this is a worth while upgrade. I currently have a Crucial RealSSD C300 256 gigabyte drive...
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    Hardware or software problem?

    I attached pictures of the problem. I had to rma board for random shutdowns a couple years ago and I also upgraded power supply to a corsair 600 or 650 watt This is the specs of computer having problem. COOLER MASTER Elite 341 RC-341C-KKN1-GP Black Steel MicroATX Mid Tower Computer Case...
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    Anyone playing GTA5 on a Titan X?

    I have a Titan x Super clocked running on the X58 system in my sig. Playing GTA5 on max settings at 1080 I am not getting full gpu usage. GPU and CPU usage are around 60% Frame rates are in the 60s a lot of the time but I get drops into the 30s and even seen it get into 20s with still around 60%...
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    New htpc,gaming build.

    What I want mostly out of this build is to have it last long as possible. I will not be gaming on it often but I want it to be able to run games in a few years. Mainly using it for htpc and other general use. I need this to work with my tv tuner. I did a build a couple of years ago and I...
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    How long before we see dx12 only game.

    How long before we see a major game title release that will only run on dx12? I mean not even start on dx11 (like Crysis 3 release wouldn't run on dx10 cards)
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    Requesting advice on weak wifi signal.

    At my girlfriends condo having issues with weak wifi. Seems to only be a issue on the computer.(only about 100ft away from router but in a room behind a wall) Other devices pick up wifi at acceptable speed,enough to stream video fine. This is the network card in computer. TP-LINK TL-WN881ND...
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    Extra low budget build for basic web browsing.

    First off I want to build this cheap, don't mind used parts for this. I have a old Compaq 5400us I want to fix for a friend. This is computer. I also pulled the trigger on this. Seamed too good to...
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    Need advice on buying a computer.

    I am helping my boss pick out a computer. He is willing to spend $1000 but I want to get him best deal possible. Needs computer and would like around a 24" display. He will not be gaming on it but needs enough power to play hd video or not sure if his wife may want to run photo shop on it or...
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    Help with bat file,can only get 150 khash out of 5870

    I have a rig with a xfx 5870 xxx edition. I cannot get it to do any more than 157 khash without getting errors or crashing. If I leave out thread concurrency I can only set intensity to 11 or I will get errors. If I set tread concurrency it will get 300 khash but will eventually crash after a...
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    Help with upgrading Gateway DX4200-09 cpu and video card.

    My budget for this is $200. It is my girlfriends computer and I want to upgrade it so her son can use it to play games. I want to meet requirements for current games so I would like to go for a quad core. Here are the specs Brand Gateway Series DX Series Model DX4200-09 Type...
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    Need help choosing a agp card for windows 7

    I have a copy of windows 7 32 bit I want to install on a old 2.5ghz p4 system. I just need to upgrade the video card,I could not get windows 7 to work with the dx8 card that is installed now. Any suggestions on cards I should be looking at? Looking for a card to watch youtube videos in hd if...
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    Never settle gold going fairly cheap on ebay. I picked one up for under $30. Not new news but seamed like it is worth mentioning here. I got Dirt 3 ,Dirt Showdown and Saints...
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    Help with windows 7 on old gateway p4 computer, no sleep option. Missing driver?

    I have a old Gateway computer I just installed windows 7 on. Having trouble identifying what model the computer is. I think its from 2002 era. Did a good amount of searching but not really sure what I am looking for, I need chipset driver to get sleep to work? This is what info I can...
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    Crysis3 no dx10.

    I thought dx11 was backwards compatible. They should have made the game playable on dx10 cards if they can make it run on console hardware. About 6 years from when 8800gt was released. I think this is the first game it cant play.(or maybe not due to ram) Maybe longest lifespan of a video...
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    2 video cards(5870+x300) work in same computer for s-video?

    I have a computer I want to use for htpc but have a old tv. Can I use a ati 5870 for my main video card with monitor and use a ati X300 in another slot for S-video hook up? I will be running windows 7 64 bit.
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    Budget HTPC/light gaming build around my ati5870.

    I have a 5870 and some other spare parts around. Want to build a backup computer that will eventually replace my P4 HTPC system.(when I get around to buying a tv,stuck with s-video for now) This will not be my main computer. It will be in other room,I will occasionally use it to game and watch...