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    Windows 8 "full screen browser" no maleware and spyware?

    If you are using Windows 8 in the full screen side and running the Chrome app, or Explorer app, etc. Is it not all integrated like the regular windows side, so it's more like Android, Windows mobile, and iOS, where you don't get infected by maleware, viruses, spyware, etc? Or since it's...
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    New Laptop Win 7 - Cheapest way to get Win 8 on it?

    Is $139 the cheapest way I can put Windows 8 on my new laptop since Microsoft no longer is doing the update? I mistakenly ordered my Alienware m14x with Windows 7 instead of 8! :( It should arrive in a day or 2 now. If the laptop is good, I don't want to send it back and wait another 3 weeks or...
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    Windows 8 Pro - Bitlocker vs TruCrypt office desktop?

    I have windows 8 Pro running on my desktop in my office. I'd like to encrypt the drive as I am going to be switching my client medical records to digital and I don't want anyone who steals it to have access to my stuff. The motherboard doesn't have TWP (I didn't think about that when ordering...
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    Windows 7/8 software to view wireless network dbm?

    On my android phone I have a program that shows me real time wireless network strength. I need something more accurate then the white bars I see in Windows 7/8. I got a new network adapter and I'm trying to pick up a weak signal on my office computer. what is a free small program, with no...
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    Best bang for buck i3/i5 for around $100-150?

    Motherboard is an ASRock H77M and video card is a Power Color 7770 Ghz edition My budget got cut so this is what I have to work with for a processor. I have plenty of power from the PSU in this one. 600Watts and only a single HDD.
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    PSU is loud. tipping it makes it quiet for a few minutes, then it gets loud again?

    I have a Thermaltake TR2 430W. The fan on it is very quiet, but then it gets very loud. tipping the case to the side makes it quiet for a while, but then it gets loud again. Is this a bad PSU?
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    ASROCK H77M help needed

    Another friend came over with another PSU to test it. We've verified this is now the 3rd H77M that isn't working. I will try to exchange this one more time, then I'm going to switch Mobos.
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    Computer won't turn on sometimes, sometimes BIOS reset?

    CPU: Intel Core i3-3240 3.4GHz Dual-Core Processor Motherboard: ASRock H77M Micro ATX LGA1155 Motherboard Memory: Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory Storage: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive Case: Fractal Design Define Mini MicroATX Mini Tower Case...
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    headphone jack speakers to USB converter?

    I have an Asus notebook, and there is feedback and static that is a known problem that comes out of the headphone jack. This makes good sound hard to get out of it. Where can I get a good quality usb to headphone adapter?
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    Leopard + Vista networking woes

    I can't get networking to work properly between Vista and Leopard. They are both set to WORKGROUP. I can not access the leopard machine from Vista at all. In Leopard I can not find a way to see computers on the network, but I did enable SMB and can manually type if an IP address then...
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    How to uninstall HP printer drivers?

    I installed the wrong hp printer driver. I don't see an uninstall anywhere. Where do the HP printer drivers go in tiger?
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    Buffalo WHR-G125 How to tell if I can enable framebursting?

    I have an Acer 5100 and an Apple macbook. How do I know if I can enable framebursting or frameburstin 125? What is the difference between them?
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    Windows XP doesn't support WPA2?

    I have WPA2 and AES enabled on my router. The OS X and vista computers connect just fine. It didn't even work in mixed. I had to drop it down to WPA to get the windows XP computer to connect. I thought windows xp could do WPA2 without issues? What is the proper way to get WPA2 to work in...
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    Calling all FTP experts

    I'm trying to set up an FTP for my friend to send me large files. I'm running OS X and have cyberduck as a ftp program. How do I limit where he can or can't place files? How do I make it so he can't delete any of my files? I went into system preferences and have FTP enabled, but not...
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    Use Your Computer as a Wireless Router - I have an issue I followed these directions. I have 1 os X macbook and 1 windows vista acer laptop. The vista machine can see the connection with the macbook broadcasting without security, with wep 40/128bit. BUT It gets an error with any type of...
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    Do these support WPA2?

    Apple macbook running OS X Acer 5100 running windows vista
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    Linksys WRT54GL or WRT54GS

    Computers will be windows vista, windows xp, and OS X operating systems. To the best of my knowledge all of them can use any of the encryption settings that are modern. Which of these routers is better for speed and security?
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    Wirelss routher OS X + Windows - works for torrents <50.00

    I'm trying to find a reliable wireless router that works with both os x and windows. I have heard some have issues with torrents and others have issues with disconnecting from macs. Anyone have ideas or links to some killer deals?
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    Need good wireless headset for macbook

    I have a hands free blue tooth one connected to my macbook. I have audio glitches sometimes when recording videos. The internal mic isn't great when you're not looking and sitting right in front of the macbook. What are some economical cordless headsets that would work with my macbook...
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    New flash drives allow programs installed on them. Way to do that with older drives?

    I have a 1GB drive that has software that lets me install programs to it. It works out great to take to clients homes so I can easily run spybot and anti virus programs. I have a PNY 2GB drive that did not come with this software. I tried copying the software but that didn't work. Is there...
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    tethered bluetooth cell phone disconnects from internet. auto reconnect in os x?

    I'm using my phone tethered via blue tooth to my macbook. It disconnects sometimes within minutes. Is there an auto re-dial in os x?
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    bootcamp 1.3 fn and function keys no longer working

    the function keys are no longer working for volume, mute, or brightness. Is there an option to turn these on or turn them off? I would like them back on
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    How to record video from a webcam?

    Is there free software that I can use to record video from a webcam? Format isn't so important but I would like to make it eventually into .mpg or something standard that most people can play. My g/f has to record herself playing music with 2 instruments for her internship requirement. Any...
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    fan controller software for windows xp in bootcamp?

    running command and conquer generals for hours gives me heat issues and an eventual blue screen. Is there anything that will let me run the fans higher to begin with so it doesn't build up so much?
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    maxtor 300gb ine touch III work with mac?

    I ordered this from I got it but it only says it will work with a pc. Anyone know if it will work on a mac if I plug it in?
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    bootcamp xp - 2 devices unknown

    one is Other PCI device and one USB human interface device. I made the driver cd from bootcamp. Is there a way I can try putting them back on or something without putting in duplicates?
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    intel gma 950 newest drivers for use in windows xp?

    I see GM 950 drivers at intel's website. Does anyone know if GM 945 is the same as the GMA 950 in the macbook? Just want to get the best performance I can out of it while in XP for games.
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    OS X Tiger CD 1 in macbook = blue screen freeze?

    how do I boot and reinstall os x tiger?
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    macbook 1gb RAM 2.0 c2d - Titan quest

    What performance could I expect out of titan quest on my macbook running windows xp? playable? If so I'm gonna have to buy a bigger HD :)
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    Lexar Mercury jump drive. capacity meter doesn't work. tips?

    Is there any way to make the capasity meter on a lexar mercury jump drive atually work? Mine doesn't move at all.
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    what is a U3 flash drive?

    I'm looking at pricewatch for a new flash drive and I see there are U3 flash drives. I'm looking for 2-8GB of space. What does U3 offer? What are some good drives I should look for etc? It will be used on a mac and windows pc.
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    iTunes/iPOD album art how to add?

    I have .jpg of the pictures I want to use for my album art. How do I add it to my albums I use on iTunes 7 or my iPOD?
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    command and conquer 3 on macbook (bootcamp)?

    What type of performance could I expect out of c&c 3 on my macbook? specs are 2ghz c2d, 1 GB RAM I can run c&c generals at the lowest settings with no slow down even during long games.
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    Newest video drivers for macbook in windows where?

    I went to but could not find where the video drivers were for my c2d macbook. I know they are updated much more often then mac does. What video card do I have exactly and does anyone have a link?
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    How to network using blue tooth to blue tooth on 2 laptops?

    I figured out how to use the wifi cards to network in ad-hoc mode. But BT might be a bit more convient. How do you set up BT networking between 2 laptops? Could you use BT networking to share files and then continue to use the wifi to use internet access at wifi hot spots such as hotels...
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    2 laptops wireless way to share files using wifi or BT?

    A friend and I like going places to discuss business and share books etc for a business we're thinking of going into. Problem is that without the coffee shop there is no internet access. Is there a way to set up file sharing like on a wireless network using our wireless cards or out built in...
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    how to put diablo 2 in software mode?

    I installed diablo 2 along with the expansion pack from the new cd's I got. It said I could run Open Gl but it dosn't work. I was told to rn it in software mode and it should work fine. How do I switch it to software mode? Please help..... I need my diablo :(
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    windows XP how to disable BT to conserve power?

    how do I conserve power by disabling my BT? I'm used to running a mac, but just installed windows XP on it so I can run windows programs I need.
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    mac Unreal Tournament or Unreal tournament 04 work with pc version?

    I know games like command and conquer generals is not compatible with the pc counter parts. what about the unreal tournament series?
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    azureus won't install updates?

    I use my user account and it won't install updates. It downloads them, but will not install them saying it doesn't have access, but won't let me enter a user name and password for an administration account. Anyone here use it or know a fix for this problem?