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    FrozenCPU Shuts Its Doors

    So sad.
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    Twitter Restores $50,000 @N Username

    Steve: Remember the guy that got screwed out of his @N handle with the help of PayPal and GoDaddy? Fixed that for you.
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    Gentle Typhoon AP-14 120mm Fan 1450rpm

    Jab-tech is about as cheap as you are going to find them. Aquatuning has them for ~$15, but not the AP-14s.
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    Gentle Typhoon AP-14 120mm Fan 1450rpm

    Just FYI: Wish you the best, but uh, yeah.
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    Seven Unbelievable 2014 Tech Predictions

    Honestly, why is such a trash article even linked?
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    Power but no display, urgent troubleshooting

    Modern Intel CPUs start with the memory channel farthest away from the CPU, there are *some exceptions* but in general, it will hold true on consumer, commercial and enterprise grade hardware. In this case, the memory channel to use first is actually clearly labeled as A2/B2.
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    [FS] Bare Intel 4P Rig - 900K+ PPD

    Awwww. :(
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    Mac Pro Has A 'Removable' Intel Processor

    These are all embedded offerings: LGA1155:,52277,65733,78167,78168 LGA1356/2011:,61428,64594,64616,67024,67025,67026 LGA1150:,75464,75467...
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    Salivating at work, all night.

    Well... I am at work right now... I do start a new job in two weeks... You're a horrible, yet local, influence Core32!
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    Is 620W enough to OC a 4770K?

    Yes, it would be enough.
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    Salivating at work, all night.

    No, sales actually ordered the wrong parts. They ordered these 2695v2s when they meant to order the 2667v2s.
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    Salivating at work, all night.

    Intel E5-2695v2 x4 ! Why won't they let me take them home and "test" them. :(
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    EVGA SR-X or SuperMicro motherboards

    Head over to the Distributed Computing subforum and find the link for IRC. A good portion of the group, including myself, hang out there. We should be able to answer questions for you.
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    HP G8 Microserver MOD (28TB)

    Those Pico PSUs absolutely will run the intended goal. :)
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    WTB : Intel E5 2680/2690

    Chehau, Looking for retail chips or spicy chips?
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    Good FTP program?

    If you're on Windows, I like running FileZilla, if you're on *nix, I just use LFTP.
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    Best Internet Browser for Minimum Hassle
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    Free HP xw8600 Project

    Interesting little project, but you need y0 badge d00d. It be in dem rulez thar.
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    GTX 780/Titan Owners, are you jumping ship to 290X?

    No problem Vincent!
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    GTX 780/Titan Owners, are you jumping ship to 290X?

    Vincent, I presume you do not use CS6?
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    GTX 780/Titan Owners, are you jumping ship to 290X?

    I will wait for the tit for tat and see what happens.
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    Big Chair for a Big Guy

    Do yourself a favor from another big guy. Save up $400 - 500 and buy a used Herman Miller Aeron. Cheap chairs just do not last long.
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    [H] Ubuntu DC Appliance -- alternative approach to Linux crunching/folding

    Drive confirmed to not work: For the FAH Appliance* Kingston Digital DataTraveler SE9 8GB USB 2.0 DTSE9H/8GBZ Device only has 7.25GB available with a clean partition.
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    CPU to run 20-30 VM on ESXi (6 vs 12 cores)

    While core speed is always great, you really should consider going the 2P 2011 route for sheer amount of cores for the Guests. Additionally, having access to even more memory is a solid thing to prioritize. Doubling your memory allocations and threads as cores for the Guests is a good thing as...
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    Team 33 [H] DC T Shirts

    zomg, yes. yes.
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    Wife introduced her Mom to the internet....

    I would deep freeze the system, or just install Linux and call it a day. I'm too cranky to suffer through this sort of insanity again.
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    Internal 3TB toshiba 7200rpm hdd with 16gb usb2 flash for $92 shipped @egg

    UrielDagda, these Toshiba drives are actually Hitachi DT01ACA300 drives. Try looking up their performance.
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    Internal 3TB toshiba 7200rpm hdd with 16gb usb2 flash for $92 shipped @egg

    GRRRR. I just bought four at Microcenter on Saturday for $115 each. GRRRR. Especially since the Shell Shocker price is $99.99
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    [Guide] VPU recover alert in Windows

    TL: DR. Thank you though rhavern, very detailed, very concise.
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    Massdrop: Ducky 9008 G2 Pro Mechanical Keyboard w/free extra set of keycaps $109 shpd

    Hmm, is a place I see a lot of my money going towards in the near future if some of these votes go thought. The Ducky 9008 G2 Pro keyboard looks promising, especially with the added keycaps.
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    I hereby nominate Bob_Dole for the following title: M.S. African Engineering
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    AS5 thermal paste...want to upgrade, what is the best?

    I use Shin-etsu for all my stuff, but its not always the easiest to get a-hold of.
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    Line performance and stability != connection speed tests.
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    W.Feather's on notice

    I came, I saw, I lol'd.
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    Crucial M500 960GB SSD $600

    Unfortunately, these drives performance is quite.. um, undesirable. I really wanted to get behind Crucial's latest offering. :(
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    Because I despise, this is my results from SpeedOf.Me (due to hating flash and java...)
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    From X58 to X79 or Z87?

    Taking your question and considering if it was my money, my situation and my route to excellence? x79. You're already on the enthusiast / professional platform that Intel offered for the previous iteration. You are a CAD user with multi GPUs, yah, I would definitely go x79.
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    960GB crucial m500 ssd in stock @ egg $599

    They had 17 in stock earlier today for $600, not $1300.