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    ti4600 or FX5500OC?

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    XFX GeForce 7900GT Graphics Card (PVT71GUDF7) $219.99 AR @ Circuit City

    Link here to! Its $269 before rebate, $214 after $55 MIRs. Someone mentioned you can get a $15 off coupon on eBay for a dollar so that would be $199 total shipped after rebate with the ebay coupon, freakin killer price! You also get FREE shipping for a limited time! The card...
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    SB Live! 24-bit or SB Audigy SE?

    Hey I sold my X-fi Xtreme Music and was planning on using the onboard sound on my ASUS sli premium until I got a X-Fi Platinum (really want the front panel). But anyway turns out my onboard sound doesnt work and RMA is not an option at the moment. So anyway looking to buy a cheap card for now...
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    G.SKILL Extreme Series 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR 500 $167 shipped NO Rebates!

    Found these last night as I was about to order some 2x1GB DDR500 sticks and saw this sale! Good deal for DDR500 2GB kit! Searched and didnt see this posted so here it is! Hop on it, I already ordered last night $4.81 Three Day Shipping I guess they have these sticks in stock at the New...
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    Swiftech MCR220-QP or BIP II?

    Im cooling cpu+gpu and I need a 2x120 rad. Whats the better choice between these two (in the title)? I plan on using medium cfm fans, no extremely high cfm as dont want the lots of noise! I can also get a BIP III (3x120) for the same price as the BIP II, should I get that instead and get 3...
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    Tips for first WC loop...Easy draining tips? Drainage systems?

    Okay so tomorrow my first water setup arrives (and the mcw60 vga block I ordered today fedex overnight) and I will be poppin my watercooling cherry :D I was reading a review somewhere of some water block and they were mentioning that you can install a "drainage system" to make it easier to...
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    PSU tester

    will a PSU tester be able to turn on the PSU without it being on a motherboard? THe reason I ask is because I m going to need to leak test my water loop but obviously I dont wanna hook it up the motherboard to run. I know the wire trick to turn it on but I'd rather use a PSU tester to turn it...
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    Recommendations for a gpu block for 7900?

    Exactly as title say, I need a waterblock fr my 7900GT. DD blocks, swiftech, other brands? Would like to hear from people that have had personal experiences with the blocks they are recommending. Thanks!
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    Anyone purchase an Opty 144 lately from Monarch/Mwave?

    I want to know if anyone has ordered from either of these e-tailers and what steppings they received. I am not sure which site I want to order from, there is only about a $10 difference between the two but would rather get the better stepping they are shipping out right now. Hell, if it cost me...
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    Suggestion on chip upgrade (939)

    Right now I am currently running a venice3200+ at 2528mhz. HTT/Memory are 1:1 at 280mhz 2.5-4-4-8 1T. Havent even reached the limit of the tccd yet! I believe the RAM has even more headroom if I move to 3 cas. I have a 7800gt with this great G.Skill extreme tccd ram on a ASUS SLI premium...
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    Sirius Xact radio $46.99 + $20 Gift Card at BB

    I went into the local Best Buy yesterday (god damn it was packed!) to do some last minute shopping for others and to price out some widescreen LCDs (checking to if it would be cheaper to get on the net, or cheaper at local best buy and not have to wait for it to be shipped) and I was looking in...
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    whats the difference?

    whats the difference between all the athlon 64 cores ie; venice, winchester etc etc? Maybe a site with the core differences on it would be great. thanks
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    XP-m to Sempron 64

    I am currently running a xp mobile chip at 2.3ghz in a secondary box I have here at the house for lan gaming and for the girl to play on. Would it be worth upgrading to a 754 system with a sempron in it? I would hopefully be OCing to 2.3ghz on the sempron so how does it perform clock for clock...
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    OCZ Modstream 450w

    I need to replace the shitty raidmax PSU that came with this case for this multiplayer LAN box socket A I built recently. Is this PSU reliable? Its on sale so thats why I want to get it. So would you recommend it?
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    Casegears PSUs

    Hey any one try casegears before? Curious if they are OK for secondary socket a system. They have a modular unit that is not insanely expensive that I wouldnt mind using for the socket a setup I have. I am not going gung ho on this second system for obvious reasons which is why I ask about the...
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    BFG 6800 OC overclocking

    OK ppl, getting a bfg 6800 OC in the mail tomorrow and was wondering if anyone had any luck OCing with the stock cooler it comes with (the nickel one with the 2 blue LED fans) I will grab the nv silencer if tha cooler sucks ass. Any first hand experience? Any luck with unlocking the pipes/shader...
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    6600GT or 6800nu

    Hey same as the title, 6600gt or 6800nu. I am also getting a silencer with it so OCing should be no problem. Im more towards the 6800 and just OCing to higher speeds with the 6800. Also this upgrade is for a secondary agp system, so I am limited to agp for this card or I would gotten the GS...
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    ti4600 or FX5500OC?

    I have a VT gf4 ti4600 128MB in a system and I would like to know if a BFG Geforce FX5500OC is an upgrade to that?
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    Windows says its SCSI

    In the device manager my SATA HD is labeled as a SCSI device? Is this normal? Will it affect performance? When I last installed XP (SP2 edition) it automatically installed scsi drivers instead of letting me install sata drivers from a floppy.
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    Quick question, wireless networking

    Okay i'm new to wireless and I want to upgrade my wired network. All I need is a wireless router and a wireless USB adaptor or a wireless PCI adaptor correcT? If not, please correct me! Thanks.
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    socket A oc'in

    Well I got some old parts Im giving a friend and he wants a good amd cpu socket a that can overclock fairly well. Should I suggest to him with a mobile cpu or one of those new semprons considering how cheap they are. the mobile has the barton core and the semprons are the t bird core..So you...
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    athlon xp-m

    anyone know where I can get a athlon mobile (or maybe a barton) still? A good reseller not one of those cheap sites that sell you pulled, used and sometimes dead cpus. Any help would be appreciated.
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    SATA 1.5 or 3.0?

    Okay I have a question. Im getting a new sata drive but the most my mobo supports is 1.5. I was wondering if I bought a 3.0 if it is backward compatible with a sata 1.5 setup? the reason I want to get a 3.0 is to be a little more future proof so when I have upgrade my mobo to sata 3.0 I wont...
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    BIOSTAR M7NCD ULTRA ATX + Geforce4ti4600?

    Quick question. I'm putting together a hand me down computer for a buddy from some old components of mine. I have everything but a mobo. Im gonna be grabbing a nforce 2 ultra board for him. Im recycling a visiontek geforce4 ti4600 and was wondering if it will fit correctly in a BIOSTAR M7NCD...
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    Best Bang for the buck.

    I would like some suggestions on which AMD processor and speed is the best bang for the buck right now....I've been out of teh loop for a little bit. Any recommendations for a mobo to go along with it? Thanks ya'll.