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    Out Of Boredom....

    My and my friend neil decided to paint an old pc that still works! It was last weekend, i took the pictured today though! here it is - these are the specs - CPU - 6x86 PR 166+ RAM - 32Mb EDO Memory Mobo - TX Pro Chipset GFX - 4Mb S3 Virge PCI Card HDD - 4Gb O/S...
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    P*ssed Off

    That you took so long to get back online now Welcome Back! :D
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    My PC (With Pics, 56K OK)

    some more pics as the thread from last tiem got deleted (twas the big thread with loadsa pics) CPU Fan, Wiring (need round IDE cables), my Radeon 9000pro 128Mb Need ddr ram though, also that pissin PSU connector is in such a dodgy place on the mobo Yes the case was a pre mod as it is my...
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    Right 2 things - can some one post thsi file so i can get it the latest one would b ehelpul as i lost all me exe's last weekend! and what services should be running under admin options in control panel! as i cant connect to chat and winmx as it says something is blocked! so if someone...
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    Ultimate dial up machine

    Any chance of more pics mate of jus tthe phone/tower? Very well done, im lovin that desk
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    CPU Fan

    Last nite i clocked my XP2000+ to 1.8Ghz but i need a new CPU fan due to temps! what do people make of the AERO7 Lite?
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    I dont think there are nothing special scorewise but here are my 3Dmark 2001SE and Performance Test v4.0 scores It is from my first system - AMD Athlon XP2000+ Systax KT266 Mobo 384Mb SDram 80Gb Excelsor HD7200 40Gb IBM HD7200 64Mb Geforce4 w/TV Out
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    Help With Drive Bezel

    What is the easiest way to make a drive bezel for my pc! I want to cover the top drives with the spare panels like the ones you can see at the bottom Thanks Guys
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    Asus A7v

    What is the highest processer you have in an A7V Rev 1.02 i tried mine with an XP2000 and got nothing was gutted i got Athlon 1200 in at the moment and clocked it to 1300 but put it back down.
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    Syntax SV266A LAN

    Its a daft question but does anyone reckon you can get the onboard lan to work as a modem?
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    Front Wires

    I have no header on my ASUS A7V Mobo that will take the mic and headfone pins from the front is there any toher way to get them working?