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    Selling cable company's modem/receiver/remote?

    I was subscribed with cable to a large national company (will not be named) and canceled my service when I moved out of my apartment. My service was successfully terminated but the company never notified me that I would have to return my unused equipment (it's since been about 4 months since I...
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    Syncing "updated" songs in iTunes?

    I am trying to correct some bass distortion with a program called MP3Gain and I think this software resaves my Mp3s once the gain correction has completed. I am trying to figure out if when I sync my iPod with iTunes that the newly corrected files will be loaded onto it? Or only newly added...
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    What to charge for a website critique?

    An e-commerce company I used to work for and with whose owners I am friendly approached me to perform a complete website critique in addition to some other commissioned design work I am doing for them. I am wondering what would be appropriate to charge for such a critique. The document is in...
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    battery usage: speakerphone vs bluetooth?

    Hey, I'm wondering if anyone has any insight on which uses more battery power in a typical cell phone, talking on speakerphone at medium speaker volume or using a bluetooth headset? It would seem like the speakerphone takes up more power, but I don't know how power-intensive the bluetooth...
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    best volume levels for each machine?

    Hi all, I just purchased a set of low priced Logitech x-240 speakers + sub for my computer. I'm wondering what you guys think is the best volume level configuration to get the richest sound out of these speakers. I can adjust the volume directly on the speakers themselves, the volume in...
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    Wireless music transfer?

    Hello all, I'm looking for a device which transfers audio wirelessly from my computer to a home stereo system. I don't need or want any fancy screens or advanced controls. I just want a box with an input from my computer, which transmits audio wirelessly to a receiver with an output to my...
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    removing HP Recovery drive?

    I purchased an HP Media PC that came preloaded with an HP Recovery drive partition (10 GB). I would actually like to delete the file on this drive and install a copy of Windows XP on that partition. I think Windows Vista comes with a pretty sufficient recovery tool. Do you think it's safe to...
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    Dual monitor setup question

    I'm not very experienced with dual monitor setup, so I'll try to be straightforward with my problem. I have a monitor currently with DVI and VGA out. I would like to buy another DVI monitor to have a two-monitor setup. I just purchased a computer with a graphics card that has a DVI input...
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    taking action for not getting rebates?

    I wasn't sure where to put this so I tried to find the most general forum. I submitted some rebates in December 2006 for a Black Friday thanksgiving deal on a portable hard drive. I haven't gotten any of the rebates (1 mfg rebate, 1 circuit city rebate). I'm certain I filled everything out...
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    quick question for any MAC user

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    merging folders in outlook?

    My university uses for its webmail system the IMP Webmail client and it created a folder called "sent-mail" for all my sent mail from my webmail and from Eudora. I switched from Eudora and started using Outlook Express a little while ago and imported my IMAP folders from my webmail into...
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    upgrade 512 --> 784 mb worth it?

    I have two slots of 256 mb ram for a total of 512 mb. I do a lot of digital photography and so I need more RAM -- I am about to buy a 512 stick ($41) and keep a 256 stick in there for a total of 784 mb. Do you think I'll notice any difference between 512 mb and 784 mb given the amt of money I am...
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    program to delete duplicate files?

    I am backing up some music files onto a hard drive and it's very likely that I have duplicate instances of the same file in different folders (from making mixes, indexing with iTunes, etc). Is there a program I can download to scan a folder and remove all the duplicate instances of a file? Thanks.
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    16 ms response too slow for nongamer?

    Hi all, I am thinking of buying an NEC 1760V from a friend at what I consider to be a good price -- about 65% less than what this monitor costs at newegg. Everything seems OK except the response time is 16 ms. I am not a gamer -- let me repeat this, I do not play any video games whatsoever...
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    fan attached to heat sync is dying?? help!

    Hi everyone -- I have an OEM HP desktop that's about 3 years old. It has two is working fine but the other has been making a lot of noise when it spins, as if something's caught in there. A lot of times the noises will come and go, but sometimes they'll persist for hours and become...
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    yahoo plus question

    If I order Yahoo Mail plus, do I get access to download full size photos from my Yahoo photos page? "Lastly, we maintain a full-size version (high resolution) version of your photos which are used to produce any prints or photo merchandise that you may order. If you are a subscriber of SBC...
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    Msvcrt.dll lethal error

    Hi all. I have been receiving this error recently when accessing certain websites in IE. Let me give you some background info and the error itself. I am using Windows 98 on a P3 processor. I recently started having the error after trying to unsuccessfully install a linksys wireless-g router...
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    programs for make desktop invisible?

    I'm looking to simplify my desktop through these poseur Mac OS programs like Objectdock and Konfabulator widgets. I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a small utility that hid all the icons from my desktop until I pressed a function key or something to that effect. Thanks, Scott
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    Western Digital 80 gb ext. HD for $94?

    I saw a good deal on Newegg for a Western Digital Dual-option Combo WDXUB800BBNN 80GB 7200 RPM 2MB Cache USB 2.0 External Hard Drive... not too much of a hardware person so I'm not familiar with all the specs. It sells for $94, one of the cheapest 80 GB external drives on Newegg. Does anyone...
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    why is free?

    how can host an unlimited number of images simply for free, with limited amounts of advertising? I am just wondering if I am missing something here.
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    Local Settings/Temp... delete files??

    Hey, do you think I'm safe if I delete all the files and folders in the Documents and folders in the Settings/Owner/Local Settings/Temp directory? I have already "looked" at everything and it just looks like a bunch of trash from my web browsing. Any experience?
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    any idea why my hit count varies so much?

    I run a small personal website that tends to get an average of about 20 hits per day. Lately though, the hits to my site (both in hits, visitors, and returns) has been very sporadic. For instance on Monday, I might have 45 visitors to my site, then on tuesday, I will have 0 or 1 visitors, and...
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    clearing info from gameboy games?

    Hi, I am preparing to sell a gameboy color device with 6 games and a GB camera. Is there any way to easily wipe all my saved info/games from these cartridges so I can sell them?
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    help with pinging

    I currently have a dynamic DNS site set up with my computer's IP address. But I will be out of comission for the next month and would like the dynamic DNS software to target the IP address of another website with hosting space instead of my computer's IP. I tried to find the IP of this website...
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    some way to check if my server is working?

    I use an Apache server on my computer, and for some reason it always seems to randomly shut down, or shut down but still give me messages that it is working and up. I went out of town this weekend, for instance, and left my computer on with my server up. When I came back and checked my...
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    will my Apache go down if I "suspend" my comp?

    Hi. Will my apache server suspend itself/terminate if I put my computer on "suspend" or "sleep" or "standby" or it automatically goes on sleep when it's idle to conserve energy? BTW I am using Windows XP on a desktop.
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    how to reformat a CD card without a computer?

    I recently screwed up my CF card -- 340 MB IBM Microdrive -- by taking the card out of the reader when there were still images open on my computer. Mistake, but then all the sudden the entire thing stopped working completely. Should that alone caused it to have stopped working? I didn't drop...
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    looking for free guestbook service/program

    Hi all...I work for a small business that needs a guestbook service on its website. Nothing too fancy, just pretty basic where customers can input their name and address so other people looking at the guestbook can view comments or even find contacts in their area. Does anyone know where I can...
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    oops -- sorry, please delete this thread
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    any other photography forums?

    does anyone know of any other photography forums that are very active with posts? Thanks. What does everyone think of the forums at dpreview??
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    getting rid of spyware programs/toolbars

    Hi everyone...recently my computer has been infected with tons and tons of search bars, "adblocking" programs (which are actually spyware), and other such nuisances that I've had to spend time deleting that I'm sure have been really fucking up my comp ... I already have Spybot Search N Destroy...
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    your favorite color editors in Photoshop?

    Myself, I prefer Selective Color Editing to get a lot of the job done. What are some of your favorite techniques to make color/brightness touch ups in Photoshop?
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    looking for ways to emphasize blur/boke in my nikon coolpix 2200

    Hi...I just bought a point and shoot Nikon 2200 a few weeks ago. But as a point and shoot, it has less than stellar background/artistic blurring in the back (I don't know what the official name is but I saw it called "boke"? on the Luminous website). The bg blur is excellent with MACRO shots...
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    can I get a lens for a nikon coolpix 2200?

    was wondering if nikon coolpix low end models (I have a 2200) will support attachable lenses, and if so, how to attach them and can I see the results in the viewfinder?
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    quick question for any MAC user

    I am making a quick instruction sheet for opening a .ppt file on a CD. For Mac users -- what is the procedure for opening files on Data CDs? Will a window pop up to let you "explore" the CD? thanks.