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    Microsoft Surface 32GB + Touch Cover

    Surface 32GB
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    Best inexpensive PA loudspeaker (powered)?

    Perfect. My buddy used Behringer's before he got the JBLs and I liked the sound, just couldn't put my finger on the brand. Picked up an active 15" from "Wholesale Music"
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    Best inexpensive PA loudspeaker (powered)?

    I'm looking for a good sounding, relatively inexpensive loudspeaker to take over drinking (loud, lots of people) music duties. I've used Mackie Thump and JBL Eon speakers in the room before (have a lot of dj friends) and both work tremendously, but I'm not looking to spend that kind of money...
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    If Apple's not the best...

    This ^
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    If Apple's not the best...

    I always hear that Apple is overpriced, not the best for the money in the display field, etc... but I can't find anything that cuts it. I got rid of the Apple and replaced it with a low end, high resolution 23" model from Dell as a stop gap. Since then, I've been researching lots of monitors in...
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    Keep the new monitor?

    I've had the Apple Cinema Display for the last 2 years but I ended up putting it towards my new M3 because I was short on cash at the time. I saw the Dell S2309w monitor on slickdeals for $160 or so, and picked it up because I had a $30 credit and it was only going to cost me $130 shipped...
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    To MBP or not to MBP?

    That's got to be a mistake, usually all the temperatures are about in line.
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    To MBP or not to MBP?

    Remember, Macbook Pro with college discount is $1899 and they can be found lower, $1400 or $1500 gently used so its not a big price jump at all...
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    Noctua HSF = Free shipping [Warmie]

    Noctua is awesome. Even list price with free shipping is a good deal in my books.
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    Best External LightScribe From Best Buy?

    That seems like an awful reason to buy from Best Buy. FYI, Lightscribe doesn't really work on Mac. The only company that makes a drive that supports it without major hacking is Lacie, who had a custom driver / firmware created for their drive.
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    Garmin nüvi 760 4.3-Inch Widescreen GPS $199.99 + free shipping

    Amazon moves more units. Why are you surprised by this? Amazon has a lower price on literally every single non clearance unit from Best Buy.
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    Slow Clock on 10.5.4 Vanilla ep35-ds3l

    After a little googling I found that I'm not going crazy, and its not a dead motherboard battery. Apparently the 45nm chips, possibly only when used in conjunction with the XX35-DS3X boards, lose a few seconds per minute (5-10) which results in a seriously off clock. Has anyone here found a...
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    iPhone 2.2.1

    They generally don't list all the changes. I'm guessing 250+mb is not required for those two tiny things.
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    Is this true?

    They're still the best built laptops out.
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    Dell Outlet - 3007WFP-HC for $749

    I am *THIS* close to buying one of these. I've always wanted a 30" monitor and with the 15% coupon its so cheap that I could almost make an even swap for my 23" Apple. On the other hand, I can't imagine its entirely color accurate for photo editing and 30" has got to put a strain on the...
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    This applecare legit??

    Do yah want to know how they do it? Apple, for legal reasons, had to make the Applecare plans for the old Powerbook 15 and 17" work with the Macbook Pro because people had bought them and never activated them. Guys like this dude on eBay buy up a shit load of them from indy Mac shops and sell...
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    HP 24" W2408H (refurbished) $200 shipped

    Why would you want HDMI on a monitor without speakers (or one with speakers for that matter, because why would you use built in speakers)? Some people...
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    i get to buy a macbook, where should i?

    I've got to say - I like buying things new as much as the next guy, but Apple's refurbs really are new. My buddy got a refurb iPod as a present and didn't realize it wasn't new until like a week later when his brother (who gave it to him) told him it was. They come in brown boxes, but they're...
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    i get to buy a macbook, where should i?

    Check Live Cashback. J&R and several other stores sell Macbooks and offer Cashback, so you could save some $$$ off the list price, which most places stick to.
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    Should I replace my new TomTom125 GPS?

    I bought a TomTom One XL-S for $119 refurb off Amazon (they have lots, its sold by amazon). 4.3" screen, tts, SD card slot. That might be a good option. I also bought a Sony NV-U73T for $78 on Sonystyle but I think that deal is dead. I'm trying to decide which to keep. They're both 4.3", both...
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    Vista x64 + 2007 Mac Pro + Bootcamp?

    Yeah go for it. X64 has always worked, it just hasn't been officially supported (with Apple drivers) until recently. Use the drivers off her newer Leopard disk and it should be fine.
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    What do I upgrade?

    That's an excellent idea. I don't know why I didn't think of that. I googled a few and "Make RAM Disk" seems like the best option because its free and lightweight, but I'll try a few and see whats what.
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    UPS is going to dissapoint many this Christmas

    I got a package one day delayed with UPS (ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS) but they dropped it off yesterday (Tuesday). USPS skipped 2 days last week, not sure what you're talking about. I see the UPS trucks out constantly, they're delivering lots of stuff.
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    Newegg's return policy

    Uh, other way around Chris. Open box means refund only - no exchange.
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    What do I upgrade?

    As of late I've found myself a little unsatisfied with my performance. Its very very fast (so much faster than my old Macbook Pro's, its a crime I waited so long), but when I'm working with NIK in Photoshop, I get a progress bar; and if I've got a ton of stuff open it has a few seconds of...
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    Hm, very interesting stuff. Its funny you should say it about both pictures because they were taken with different cameras and lenses (5D and 50/1.8, D300 and 35-70/2.8). No photoshop except sharpening and curves. The screen images aren't superimposed, the saturation hasn't been played with...
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    Thanks, I guess :confused: HDR doesn't mean render in any way I've ever heard it used, it refers to what was traditionally produced only by medium format cameras (extremely high dynamic range, hence the "hrd") but nowadays its the slang for multiple exposure stacking / tone mapping from...
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    XFX Rebates?

    Yeah the XFX dude helped me out and the check mysteriously arrived. I still don't trust Checkmyrebate at all, but XFX is on my good list.
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    No 3D models here, not sure what you're referring to. Just a tripod, very expensive camera and an eye for post processing.
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    Aluminum Macbook, iPhone 3G, 23" Apple Cinema Display, Hack Pro (4ghz, 8GB RAM, about 1TB HD, 8800GT 512mb), Mission M71i monitors connected to a Yamaha HTR6030 5.1 receiver. Taken with the Canon 5D. Tried a different angle than usual. Older pic:
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    Best Buy - LG 22' L227WTG-PF - $249.99

    Of course you do. You should know better. That's like saying you should run your 24" monitor at 1024x768... the difference is stunning.
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    Dell Outlet - 3007WFP-HC for $749

    Gawddamnit. I so want to trade my 23" Apple cinema in on this... I could almost get enough.
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    XFX Rebates?

    I PM'd the XFX guy and we've swapped a few messages. I gave him my details and the documentation for my rebate, now its more thumb twiddling :) Hopefully they can figure this out. Its friggin' $30, not worth losing a customer over!
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    XFX Rebates?

    I bought an XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog back in early September, the 3rd I believe. I turned in the rebate immediately. After a month, I checked the status. Nothing showed up... The company ( claimed they didn't have it. I sent a stern email and wouldn't you know it, they "found"...
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    eBay Cashback is 30%

    Chill out. It'll be back soon.
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    Help me find Speakers for my Gf.'s 23"ACD

    Who the hell wants sound built onto the monitor? That's like getting to work on a skateboard when you live 20 miles away. Yeah, you can do it, but why would you want to?
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    iPhone warranty w/o AT&T contract?

    Put in an AT&T prepaid sim and they'll replace it. They don't know what kind of plan you have, it just needs to show up as a live, activated phone.
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    Kingston 2 gig SD cards 3.99 shipped

    I got one this morning when it was on slickdeals. I thought about getting a couple but I realized I don't even have a use for 1... :D Still worth $4 to have though.
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    most recent repair on my girlfriends macbook

    Shoulda taken it to U Vill, they do better work (they have the stuff to do it in house). Bellevue is hella small and super hot, I can't stand being there. edit - sweet that you got upgraded. The aluminum ones are so much better.
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    Holy Hot! 8600gts & 2GB DDR2-800 $19AR!

    I got my OCZ rebate in a very reasonable time period from that super cheap 4gb SLI edition deal, bought @ newegg.