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    Need help choosing between Noctua D14 or Corsair H100

    I have a 500R case and I am debating between these two coolers to cool my FX8120. The main concern is, I do not want to take out my motherboard, ever, because my CPU power cord was a huge PITA to run, and I never want to go through that ordeal again. I like the Noctua because I am used to...
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    Asus UL80VT vs HP Envy 14

    I had a chance to compare the two head to head and just thought I would like to share my experiences with anyone interested. Recently I was able to pick up an HP Envy 14 for $852.36 shipped with the following specs: HP ENVY 14 customizable Notebook PC * • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium...
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    Same wallpaper in eyefinity and extended desktop modes?

    This might be a dumb question, but how do I get the same wallpaper to show in both Eyefinity mode and extended desktop mode? I run 6048 x 1080 and I have wallpapers that I made that are that exact side. However, I cannot get that wallpaper to span across all 3 screens in extended mode. It...
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    Radeon 5770 displayport flicker

    I bought a displayport monitor (Dell p2210h) for a future eyefinity setup and I hooked up a displayport cable I got from monoprice to test it out. It works great in 2d mode, but whenever I try to run any games, the screen flickers like crazy constantly switching between full screen to like an...
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    Free USPS Flat Rate boxes Handy having them at your disposal if you sell stuff often. I wish I knew about this before selling a couple of items...
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    Microcenter Q9550 $169.99 I just picked one up. The stepping on mine is SLB8V.
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    Yet another help me choose thread

    So I am try to help my buddy buy a new laptop for school and personal use and any advice in the right direction would help. Thanks in advance. Here is what he is looking for: $800 budget Between 12 and 14 inch screen Intel dual core processor 2 gb ram or 1 gb upgradable to 2 Dedicated...
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    Amazon ATi Diamond 4870 $279.99

    Link I figure I would post this since I check 4870 prices on Amazon everyday because I have prime. Hot deal for people who live in California like me, or who have Amazon Prime!
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    Bios update problem

    Hi, I know I am probably out of luck but I just flashed the bios on my Abit IP35 motherboard to the latest ones following the instructions carefully. Now my computer just stays on the ABIT boot up screen. Pressing delete or F1 does nothing. I have flashed the CMOS many times but is there...
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    A nice surprise at my local Fry's

    I have been holding out on getting an 8800 GT until the prices were close to MSRP. I decided to hit up my local Fry's for fun this morning and there was one of these babies on the shelf: Reduced price brand new overclocked version with a free game! I think that is getting close to...
  11. N XFX 8800 GT with COH in stock

    Link $279.99 I was about to nab one since I just sold my GTX, but I think I can wait until the new GTS comes out. Don't flame me if this is not news to you.
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    7.1 audio in Vista 64?

    I have a 7.1 audio system in my room (Pioneer receiver) and it used to work great with my computer (both gaming and movie watching through SPDIF) when I had Windows XP. Since I upgraded to Vista 64, my SB Audigy 2 NX has stopped playing 5.1 audio in games and movies, and the onboard (Abit P35)...
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    Need a system for $800, help me please

    I need as awesome a gaming rig as I can get for $800. I don't really know what good prices are these days, except maybe on video cards. That is probably the most important thing so at least a Geforce 6800. As to everything else, I am really confused as to all the different mobos and processors...
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    Someone tell me how to fix this problem please!

    Everytime I install new ATi drivers, my computer refuses to run any 3d applications and everything runs like a slideshow is 2d. I ran dxdiag and all my direct x files are there and stuff and it recognizes my video card. It doesn't recognize how much ram it has, and says directx functionality...
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    Cat 4.9 issue need help!

    I installed the new drivers, after uninstalling the old ones, wiping with driver cleaner, etc. I get some error stating "Warning: Nothing will be rendered" "Install the DirectxSDK to get the full reference device" and needless to say, everything on my desktop runs as if it is very very choppy. I...
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    Need advice on ram so I don't get rammed

    Right now I have my ram at 200 fsb along with my CPU and all is well in neverland. 512 is fine for gaming, but I also do a ton of video editing, and after loading up a large video file, everything starts lagging like crazy. What ram would you guys recommend. Ideally, I want 2 matched sticks of 1...
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    Dumb question about x800pro VIVO

    Theres a molex power connector and then a smaller yellow 4 pin connector. What is the smaller yellow one for?
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    Compusa and x800pros

    I heard that Compusa has x800pro's that were really unmarked VIVOs so I scrounged up my savings and headed out to buy one today. They had 2 left, but one was already opened but never used because someone who ordered a Gateway wanted the wrong card. So I decide to give it a shot even though the...
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    Can you capture video with an x800pro VIVO?

    I know this is kind of a noob question, but I need a way to capture video onto my computer with an S-Video or Composite input. I currently capture and edit using a firewire port, but most people I know don't have anything that can output to that. So a few simple questions: Can you capture...