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    Gaming on one monitor out of a 4 monitor setup

    i have a setup of 4 monitors that run at 1080p. a single Nvidia GTX 770 4GB provides display output to all 4 monitors. i play games on one of these monitors. i run all games as borderless windowed if possible. in most games, i can keep my 3 other monitors enabled while maintaining a high...
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    possible DNS issues

    hi guys. I'm currently at my cousins house for 3 weeks and I'm having very strange WiFi issues. the AP is a combo modem/wireless router by Motorola. what plugs into the back of it is a coax cable and power cable. now, I am able to connect to the unit (and subsequently, the Internet) using...
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    Tunnelbroker and IPv6

    Could someone help me with setting up Tunnel Broker and IPv6? If i get certified in a few more IPv6 things (to the level of Sage) I will earn $30.
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    Trouble getting a Q9550 to 3.74 GHz

    Right now I'm sitting at 3.7 GHz, stable in both Prime and IBT. Temps are not even near being an issue. 435 x 8.5 = 3697.5 MHz. I'm looking to OC to at least 3.8 GHz or even 4.0 GHz if I can get that high, but just raising the FSB to 440 (3740 MHz) makes the system a few minutes into both...
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    Fan Controllers for Yate Loons

    I need some fan controllers for my Yate Loons as they are just too loud and would push enough air through my TRUE even at lower speeds. I'm looking for something under or around $25, and it either has to look nice with my Antec 900 or not have LEDs at all (like the Zalman Fanmate 2). I like...
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    P5E Heatsink Replacement

    So I've been thinking about doing this and I've had two HR-05 SLIs ready to go for a while now. But I've heard a couple things about thermal material ASUS uses on their NB and SB - once you run the computer for X number of hours, it becomes almost cement-like. Is that true? And if it is, is...
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    TRUE or NH-U12P?

    This is to cool a future Q9550. I will be overclocking a lot (read: as far as I can push it). I don't really want to lap unless it's dead easy. My TIM will be AS5. Which one will get the job done better in terms of price, performance, and noise?
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    [H] Xbox 360 Paint Job?

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    [H] Xbox 360 Paint Job?

    So I was just deciding on a paint job for my "new" X360 (fixed a RRoD), and I had decided on a glossy black. But it seemed too plain compared to the Elites, so I was thinking of putting a [H] on one side. However, I'm pretty lazy/cheap and I don't want to bother going out and getting red...
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    7 Quake Live Invites

    Just PM me your email and I'll get one to ya. :D GONE
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    Warcraft 1 and 2 on XP

    How exactly do you do it? I know it involves DOSBox since they're old games, but if someone could give me a step by step guide, that'd be great. I don't really want to screw up my computer in any way and I've never installed a DOS game before. Edit: No Letmegooglethatforyou shit please.
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    Computer won't boot

    I *may* have messed up my boot drive (we'll find out once I can get past this), but to check, I decided to plug it into another computer. This computer's original drive (which contains a XP installation) is SATA, and so is my boot drive, which I connected to see if I still have my files. The...
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    Best Q9550 Stepping/Revision?

    I'm just wondering what the best Q9550 Steppings/Revisions are. In terms of overclocking, mainly. Was it E0 or G0?
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    Slim 92mm Fans

    I'm thinking of getting the T-Rad2 for my soon to order 4870, but I'm going to need slim 92mm fans if I'm going to go Crossfire in the future. I think a 20mm depth should do it. I used Goggles but can't seem to find many slim fans like this. Does anyone know where I can get some (preferrably...