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    Pfsense or inter vlan routing

    Hi, All In my home setup I have an PFsense firewall wich is doing all the routing right now, but right now my net speed is maxing out about 500mbit, i my think it's the pfsense hardware, but its an 1500Mhz C7 VIA with 2Gb ram, I just bought two new switchs, HP-1910-24g and a HP 5500-24G they...
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    HP Access Point Firmware (AP9552)

    Hello [H]Forum I'm trying to find the newest firmware for a AP9552 AP FAT, the newste on is V1106P07 But I know the is a newer one from, wich is the old 3com. The only way to get a newer version is to be registered as reseller on, I have tried to create a user account in...