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    Help with buying a gpu

    I have been put of pc gaming for awhile and could use some help. I got laid off last year so my buddy helped me get a pc up and running Specs below Ryzen 1600 (older AE) DDR4 3200 16gb Corsair cx650m Asus x370 pro Rx560 4gb Here is my question i want to start saving to buy a new GPU. I am...
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    What to do. Prebuilt or wait

    Back in 2017 we lost everything due to x2 layoffs and I was able with a friend's help get a PC again which I'm thankful for but I would like something newer at taxes but holy smokes ram and gpu prices are hurting any build for me. My current PC is: 8350, 7970, sabertooth 990fx 2.0, 8gb skill...
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    is the GTX 770 worth it?

    ok I am wondering something. i currently have a GTX 660 and my buddy offered me his MSI GTX 770 that has not been used in years (Sitting boxed in his closet) for 75. Now If I turn around and sell my 660 on craigslist for 35-40 I will only be paying 30-35 for his GTX 770 I have read but not sure...
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    2600k with a single gpu still relevant?

    Ok here is my issue and I won't make it long. I got laid off 2 months ago and had to sell my 6600k setup to pay bills. So today I decided to trade a buddy of mine my Xbox one + games for his pc. The pc specs are I7 2600k 16gb DDR 3 X2 Intel 320 series 120gb in raid o. So 240gb ssd 1tb western...
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    what to do I need a CPU & Mobo for $270

    Ok here is the deal. Im building a new rig. We had a house fire and now that im back on my feet and everything's good to go I lost my main rig which I loved dearly. Im building a new rig and all the parts are on the way but im as of right now im undecided on a MOBO & CPU I have $270 max & I...
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    just wanted to share my very first MINI ITX gaming setup

    You will notice a sata cable on my head. The wife caught me talking to myself & came out to see a sata cable on my head. I did not want to put it down to lose it so I put it where I would not lose it i7 3770K Asus Z77-I Deluxe MINI ITX 16GB Adata DDR3 1600 Silverstone Strider 550w (fully...
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    if you were building a MINI ITX in the prodigy would this PSU be the best choice

    I am ordering parts for my prodigy build and im at a loss for a PSU. As for Size the prodigy only fits 160mm so I need something that fits. I found the SILVERSTONE ST55F-G 550W @ 109.00 on newegg and its 140mm in size. Is there anything else I should consider before ordering?
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    Looking for advice on a possible MOBO and CPU upgrade

    This is an important question to me at least. It seems as if everyone on other forums are telling me I should drop my 3770 & go with a 3770K or a 4770K or even a 4670K. Here is my question hopefully someone can answer Should I keep my current MOBO / CPU or Should I ditch them and upgrade...
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    Power supply question in a FREE build I received

    A friend of mine gave me his Gaming PC & I have a question about the Power Supply. I actually hates PC gaming so he just gave it to me and bought himself a PS4. everything in this PC is about 4 months old & I have all receipts & warranty papers also i7 3770 P8H61-M PRO Micro ATX Adata...
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    Gaming at 1080p and AMD cards over inflated GTX 770 my only hope?

    Ok I currently own a GTX 660 TI superclocked 2GB and I want to buy a new card but with the AMD cards over inflated to the extreme Im stuck with 1 possible purchase that I can afford but only after selling my 660 TI. I cant afford a $400 card right now. In then next 2 weeks I want to get a new...
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    are there any active H WoW players? (Looking to come back)

    I am not trying to start a "Why Play WoW the game stinks" or "Get a life dude" war so please only reply if you have something to say that i on topic. I played WoW all the way up to Pandaria but I never did any raiding after Cata. I was part of a very friendly helpful guild & I ended up hitting...
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    ny good headphones under $50.00 even used?

    I currently own a set of Monoprice 8323s and they are awful for comfort. My ears sweat really bad and these things are uncomfortable after about 30 mins of use I am looking for a new set of headphones for $50.00. this is just strictly for gaming. Ill even consider used on amazon to keep costs...
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    Tt eSPORTS Meka G1 any good?

    This keyboard is on sale at newegg for $59.99 I am wondering if its any good. $99.99 with $40 off. it uses BLACK switches alot of reviews such as linus tech tips and hardwareheaven gave this keyboard amazing reviews
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    [Bundle Stars] Zombies vs Aliens (4 games for $.98 All games activate on Steam)

    Link: EXPIRED Games you get: 1. Zombie Shooter 2 2. Zombie Shooter 3. Alien Shooter 3. Alien Hallway
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    I need advice on this 120hz 3D panel

    I am looking for a 120hz monitor and I came across this. Its 120hz/3D but the price is SUPER low at $150.00 so im wondering if its worth picking up or not. Im just worried about the price because you dont find monitors with 3D/120hz this low Hanns-G HS233H3B...
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    which build would you choose

    I cant decide on these 2 builds. This is for 1080p gaming and nothing more. I am buying either one of these builds tomorrow morning 4670K + 7970 build (First build) Corsair 200R ($66.00 with shipping) Liteon DVD Burner ($17.99)...
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    [Newegg] Plextor M5P 128GB SSD w/ choice of 1 of 3 games $99.00

    Great deal going on right now. Buy a Plextor M5P SSD and you choose 1 out of 3 games free. $99.00 + a $5.00 MIR Skyrim Bundle...
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    Building a new rig what do you think.

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming only 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? Id say 1050 total shipped (NEWEGG only as I have NEWEGG credit) 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please tell us the state and city if possible. USA 4) What exact parts...
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    is a 660 non to enough for 1080p gaming?

    I really want to get into Physx games such as borderlands 2 but I am short on cash. I sold my 7970 because I want to go back to Nvidia so I can just explore more Physx based games. I need to stay on a budget of 240 and under so my choices r limited obviously. I really just want to explore...
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    Wanted to let everyone know about Pokki (Windows 8 Start menu Free)

    If you dont know windows 8 does not have a start menu and there is a program called Start8 which is $5.00 which brings back the start menu. I found out today and I was not aware of this there is a free program called Pokki. Completely Free and I find it just as good as Start8 Check it out I...
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    [CM Store] $40 OFF Select Mech. Keyboards 40 Dollars off 4 keyboards. Trigger w/ Black Switches QuickFire Pro w/ Black Switches. QuickFire Rapid w/ Black Switches. QuickFire Rapid Spanish layout w/ Brown Switches. 40 Dollar off code: 400kmlc. Canada, USA and Mexico only
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    Xonar Dg $25.00 worth it over Onboard?

    I want to get the best out of my Pro Media 2.1s and my Monoprice headset. My onboard is good but not great IMO. Would this card for $25.00 be a good upgrade? Alot of the reviews have said its a night and day difference...
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    Should I Switch?

    I am debating if its worth switching or not to this CPU + Mobo I currently have a i5-2400 + Asrock Z68 Extreme 3 Gen3 & I want to switch to a this Asrock Z77 Extreme3 with a 3570K. Would I see any real majors in gaming?
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    (green man gaming) 75% off saints row 3 plus 25% more (total $7.50) saints row 3 9.99 (Activates on Steam) use this code for another 25% off for 7.50 total GMG25-1BW0K-K1A3G DEAD DEAL
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    Slightly Modded Cosmos 1000 case worth it?

    I am looking to buy this case as I like my Phantom 410 but I feel I am getting bored of it. Has window, professionally Powder Coated, Almost all blue LED fans included, fan power hub, 100+ Shipping. Is it worth the price? More pics...
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    12.8 driver concern (They are terrible)

    I am concerned about the 12.8 drivers but this is just MY experience and maybe others have or have not had any issues with them. I did a fresh install on a brand new SSD and about 5-10 minutes in a game I heard my GPU fan start doing some weired jitter spin and then it just stopped completely. I...
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    I am running 12.8 on my 7970 do I have to install caps?

    Not sure if CAPS apply to single card users but am I supposed to install the 12.7 CAP 3 as well? or are CAPS for Xfire users only
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    Sapphire 7950 or a 670?

    I cant decide. which is a better performer? The sapphire 7950 is $357 and the 670 is $399 (Comes with Borderlands 2 free)
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    Ive been debating upgrading my i5 2400 to a i5-3570K

    Not sure if I should upgrade to a i5-3570K. I bought a 7950 and I am wondering if moving to a new CPU will give me a big boost or is my current 2400 fine for now. I am not much of an overclocker so lets say at stock would the upgrade be worth it? Not sure if this is statement is true or false...
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    Need a new mouse to replace my G300 which is a POC

    I am in need of a mouse to replace my G300 which is not the best mouse at all. I find this mouse to be mediocre at best. G400 Mionix Naos 3200 I have $75.00 which I need to buy a better mouse + a mouse pad
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    Can anyone tell me what OpenCL is and why GPUZ shows it bugged?

    Downloaded GPUZ to see info on my new MSI 7950 but everytime I open it I get a message stating. Currently running 12.7 Beta & OpenCL is updated to the latest "Intel OpenCL Drive Bugged. Please Reinstall"
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    Going from a 6870 to a 7950. Should I wait?

    Wondering if I should snag a 7950 now or wait. I dont think anything is coming out soon except for the 660 ti. I have $340.00 max to spend and this card seems to be in my price range. I was concidering a 7870 or the 7950. I am not a huge overclocker so I was not sure what to get. I play alot of...
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    [GameFly] Saints Row: The Third 66% off ($15.29) Activates on Steam

    For those who do not have it yet. I keep skipping it but not this time
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    [NEWEGG] 15% off Select NZXT cases & power supplies (ends 5/28)

    I love NZXT products. 15% off cases & Power Supplie's [ends 5/28] Code: NZXTMAY12
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    [GMG] Free - Disciples II: Gold Edition

    Posted over at OCN figured why not post here at hard Original Blog - Info about the game The Game -
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    [GMG] Fear 3 $4.61 - ArcaniA: Gothic 4 $9.99 - Men of War: Assault Squad - $19.99 + T

    Nothing real special here maybe F.E.A.R 3 Men of War: Assault Squad - Game of the Year: ArcaniA: Gothic 4: F.E.A.R. 3...
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    [STEAM] THIEF Collection $13.49 + Dead Island & DLC Deals $3.99 to 11.99

    THIEF collection on Steam for $13.49 Thief Gold - $4.99 Thief II Metal Age - $4.99 Thief Deadly Shadows - $4.99...
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    [STEAM] Company of Heroes (ALL ON SALE) Cheap + Bunch Of Heroes

    Steam has all the "Company Of Heroes" on sale get em while they are hot Company of Heroes ($1.99): Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts ($3.99): Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor ($3.99)...
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    How is Toy Soldiers on PC?

    I am looking to get away from FPS & more into Strategy Based Games such as Toy Soldiers. Has anyone played this game yet on PC. Its only $10.00 on Steam. I am just tired of the same old FPS so I really want to wonder into something new. I really want a game that is very addicting