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    Torturing yourself with blank keycaps?

    First thing I did after I got my current board (Ducky Shine 3 with blacks IIRC) was get blank key caps. I've typed for so long that I don't need to look at the keys. I can type accurately in pretty much any position, including laying on my side in bed. Also blanks keep people from using my...
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    2016 4k TVs suitable for movies and gaming?

    I think your only options are Vizios M/P series (not sure about the others, they might do 120 natively) and Sony's models which about half do 120hz. Both have their limitations, read up on rtings to see what works for you, but I think the Vizio P series is the best rated of the bunch and...
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    2016 4k TVs suitable for movies and gaming?

    If you're not looking for a 65" the KS8000 should be within your budget. It's a fantastic set. Game mode will disable the processing effects so no 120hz (but 20ms input lag, some of the lowest you'll find on a TV) but it honestly doesn't bother me. 4K /HDR looks beautiful. The upscaling is...
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    27" 2k monitor sale 189$ newegg flashsale

    Thanks OP, bit on the 24".
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    Need info on 55''-65" 4K monitors or TV's doing great monitor duty

    Despite the KS8000 being edge lit, if you don't need the backlight turned up all the way the blacks can still get very black. I was surprised with my set. Rtings also mentions that these sets produce some of the best blacks short of the Vizio's 2016 P series with FALD (which is recommended for...
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    Samsung KS8000 vs Vizio P (65)?

    Disclaimer: I just got my KS8000 this week and didn't see either in person prior to buying. These were the two TVs I was looking at buying and the rtings review swayed me toward the KS8000 as I typically watch a wide variety of media (from 480p-4k), game, and our living room has some to a lot...
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    Anyone has Samsung KS 8000/8500 setup guide?

    I used rtings calibration settings when I got mine today. They look great IMO. You can find em here.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    Ah, well you've got a better view of it than me :p but if it is riveted on they're pretty easy to work with. Drill it out, do your business, then pop a new one in with a rivet tool. I've got one almost identical to this one. I've used it on LL A05s to route the power cable behind the mobo tray.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    I can't find any close up pics but it looks riveted on. Might have to try and fish it out with something thin or just pop the rivets out and then reattach it when you're done.. Have you worked with rivets before?
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    Are You Jumping Ship?

    Switched from a 2gb Powercolor 7870+ to a Gigabyte 1070. I would have been fine staying with AMD if they had released a high end competitor. Thinking about going to a 1080 now.
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    Anyone else a 1st-time bleading-edge GPU buyer because of the 1080?

    I was going to but I couldn't get my hands on one. Ended up with a 1070 which has been good so far, but I'm still thinking about upgrading. I could use a little more power for this 34" ultra wide screen.
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti $409.99 on newegg ebay

    That's $10 more than my 1070 was lol. Thought about going for a 980ti now that prices are gonna drop but the power savings with the new cards are nice since they're similar in performance. Should have better resale value later too making my next upgrade easier.
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    The OFFICIAL post pics of your SFF thread...

    Sweet, thanks! (y)
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    The OFFICIAL post pics of your SFF thread...

    Very nice setup! What case is that?
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    My $2.50 GPU Sag Solution.

    I have a slightly less elegant solution made with rolled cardboard and some velcro straps (y)
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    Thermaltake CoreP 5 ANT-MAN

    It's coming together nicely! Looking forward to seeing the finished build.
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    Lian-Li Case Parts

    Looks like there was some kind of vandalism, firing or voluntary departure of staff, and some other issues which led to them almost shutting down. They're supposedly trying to reopen, but it's probably worth staying away for now. Sources: ThinkComputers Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Reddit post with a...
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    Samsung UN55JS8500 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV (2015 Model) is $1447 @Amazon.

    I agree with the incoming price drop. The big names in TVs are getting ready to launch their HDR models this year, though support for the different versions of HDR vary. Expect new models all around within the next couple months while these get a bit cheaper. Still, this is around the best price...
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    i7-5820K six-core (2011 socket) $277 @ Fry's 10/31 only

    Does that work on CPUs? I know they're doing that for 4K TVs and I kind of remember an ad saying they were doing it for some other things but I didn't pay much attention to it. Might have to try and snag one if there's no tax too..
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    Dark Rock 3 Pro $59.90

    Seems like a decent price. I wouldn't worry about the weight. I've never seen any warping of boards when properly mounted (mobo mounted securely, correct backplate used, everything tightened down). I used to have a Noctua NH-D14 which is a little heavier than the DR3P and it mounted nice and...
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    CAPCOM Humble Bundle: STRIDER, Resident Evil Revelations, Ultra SF4, and more

    Yeah, as long as you pay the minimum price for that group you'll get everything up to that, including the "more games coming soon".
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    Logitech warranty is pretty legit.

    Yeah, Logitech is definitely one of the best companies to deal with if you have a defective item. I bought a G400 used and it started getting flaky one day as a result of a bad cable (common issue with these). I asked the seller if he could pass along the invoice with personal info blocked out...
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    Korean Monitors Import Fee

    I just got a Wasabi Mango QHD277 shipped to the US. Ordered Thursday evening, got it Monday via DHL Express. No additional fees were charged.
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    updated to 15.7.1 now monitors won't wake from sleep

    What do you mean by input selection? Were you switching inputs on the monitor or did you change plugs at the gpu? I've been having a similar issue lately (comp goes idle, come back and monitor won't wake, input devices/sound are ok, started around the driver upgrade) and I get my monitor to...
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    ASUS Z97 Mark S Lucky Draw

    The other day I got hungry for some mac & cheese, something I crave fairly frequently. I thought to myself "today will be a spicy mac day." and set out to procure ingredients. I grabbed some jalapenos and thick cut bacon then moseyed on down to the cheese aisle where I picked up blocks of extra...
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    Lian Li Launches PC-O8 Dual-Compartment Chassis

    Looks nice, I just wish they weren't so expensive. $395 msrp puts it way out of consideration for me. Just like so many of their cases in the past.. I still have an empty spot in my soul from missing out on the X500.
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    Ever any deals on Mech. Keyboards?

    You can check if you're not dead set on buying new. Pokers and Corsair QFRs appear regularly, but lots of other stuff shows up too. Make a post with what you're looking for and you're bound to get at least a few offers.
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    Project Snowblind: Dancing LEDs

    This is so badass and totally [H]... Great job man!
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Dice has this really bad habit of issuing updates that fixes some things while breaking others. The sound loop crash came back for a lot of people after the last update, leading to them posting this on battlelog "WE ARE WORKING ON A FIX FOR AN ISSUE ON PC THAT CAUSES THE GAME TO FREEZE...
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Ugh, looks like I spoke too soon. Played four or five rounds today and I keep getting some random stuttering. FPS display drops down to 0-10. Happens with both DX and Mantle selected so time to roll back. I don't get why it wasn't happening last night though. Played full 64 man Lockers for...
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    AMD Catalyst 14.1 Beta Now Available

    Could be placebo. I spend majority of my BF4 time in my clan's 24/7 Lockers server and last night definitely felt consistently smoother than what I was used to. Especially in more chaotic situations where grenades are blowing up all over the place. I wouldn't say my fps numbers were higher...
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    I installed the 14.1 mantle drivers over the 13.11 that I had installed. Worked out fine, fps felt more consistent while playing on 24/7 Lockers, but I didn't log numbers to verify. So far I'm happy. Between the latest BF4 patch and this driver update, the game is rock solid for me. Now let's...
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    AMD Catalyst 14.1 Beta Now Available

    I downloaded and installed right over my 13.11 drivers. No uninstalling of anything, no reboot. So far no issues. Changed settings in BF4 and it feels more consistently smooth. FPS doesn't seem like it's fluctuating as much, at least while playing Lockers. Gonna test out the other maps tomorrow...
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    DICE commented on game balancing and the ACE 23 specifically (point 3) today lol
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    Mining Question

    Do NOT mine Bitcoin. As others mentioned, you'll be operating at a loss. Litecoin is alright and it's one of the easier coins to convert to fiat considering it's one of the big coins and the most well known of the alt coins. You can refer to Weuselitecoins for all the links you need, including...
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    Groupon New LG e970 179.99

    The G2 was the twin of the Nexus 4 so expect it to be a bit slower than the GS4. Not bad for the price though.
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    Assetto Corsa Official Release Thread.

    IIRC some of them don't if the real version doesn't come with one. Like the Ferrari 458 only comes in 7 speed dual clutch w/paddles. It'd be nice to still use my gear box though, since it is a game. I know Project Cars is like this where each car can be used with the paddles or shifter and you...
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    Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved

    GeoWars is great. I don't remember my high scores back from when I played on xbox, they weren't anything special haha There's a few clones out there that are pretty fun too. You should also look at Waves on Steam. Similar game and graphics.
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Someone else on twitter asked him about the revive bar bug and he (Ali) said that's being fixed as well. Anyone placing bets on how many things are fixed/broken tomorrow? :)