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    Just Installed ATI 4.10 CCC (help)

    Also you will need cannot auto-login into windows, activate the guest account and it will solve your problems.
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    X800XT/PE far

    since ur card is a x800pro flash to xt, that depends on wats causing the artifacts, if ur extra 4 pipelines are fine at a lower clock speed then a v-mod and cooling setup will definately help as they will increase the maximum core and mem speeds before artifacting occurs.
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    X800XT/PE far

    ViperJohn can soup up your card even further with v-mods and adding his cooling setup. Should be able to get around 700 like 2fresh, but it will cost you a fee. Man my 9700pro feels so ancient next to these psycho modded x800s
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    The new NVIDIA GeForce 6200. Unoffical.

    The price coming out from the review is saying this card will sell around $130, and after reading the anandtech review, the x600pro is a far better option for the same dough. x700 performed way above the 6600 in most games and wasnt off by much in doom 3 either. $149 i reckon the x700 is the...
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    2 DVI-I to VGA connectors 6800 u..I'm lost??

    Umm...the 6800 Ultras are gonna have a Dual DVI version, there are no plans for 6800 GT to have Dual DVI, dont think they will either cause its a niche market and people that can afford 2 DVI LCDs will buy the very best anyway.
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    Gainward Vs BFG 6800 Ultra!!

    Visontek sure does offer lifetime warranty. Just the 6800 Ultra, before u make more stupid comments. The build quality of Ati cards are great, its not an issue when deciding which card to buy. There are so many good manufacturers making both cards it just isnt even an issue anymore.
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    Anyone know of an X800 that has dual DVI and is AGP?

    The ASUS X800XT PE came with dual DVI at computex, i would wait for that one.
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    Question about performance.

    That slow ram is holding that setup down, so that score looks about right. If he had some faster ram and increased the FSB of the cpu you would be getting higher scores.
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    x800 Pro Issues

    5 hard drives including 2 raptors ...2 burners....sheesh u got quite a rig there. that 420 watt vantec might not be enough with that setup.~! ....might need to invest in a 550 watt antec or something similar. :eek:
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    is that a video card that could support 3 monitors?

    You can use 3 monitors with a Ati 9100 IGP motherboard with a Ati Radeon card. Thinking of trying that combo myself :)
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    Anyone else waiting for the X800XT?

    I heard on another thread that gateway have stock of x800 xt pe.
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    my x800pro broke 11,000 in 3dmark03

    585/540 thats one sweet overclock, have u tried enabling the other 4 pipelines? :)
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    $330 -$340 for a X800 Pro thats a darn good price..u must have good sources ;) go get it, the performance margin is worth it.
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    Overclocks on the X800?

    Brent dont tempt us, tell us :-)
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    6800GT or X800 Pro?

    Going by the power readings on Tech Reports review, 350 Watt will have to be decent brand name power supply, and not some generic POS. Also it will depend alot on what else you are running, add a couple of drives etc., power hungry prescott and the total wattage would be too much for a 350 watt...
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    What is the next SUPER card?

    You can't compare stock to stock, ati is using low-k 0.13nm process and their core is smaller by 60 million transitors, 160 million compared to 220 milllion which close to 40% difference. Nvidia is suffering low yields and low clock speeds as a result, it difficult to produce chips with 220...
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    nVidia FX5500 questions

    For $92, 9600 Pro are a far better deal, they arent much more expensive. 5600 was bad enough ....let alone 5500, and really 256 meg ram must be slow as since its a budget card.
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    We need some new posts about video cards

    That X800 Pro pipeline mod looks tempting, but $400 dollar cards dont grow on trees :(
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    Ahhhhhh, My Home

    Its good to see this forum is back up and running, nice extra features are great too, not to mention forum seems faster as well :)
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    Geforce 6800Ultra / Forceware 60.72 cheatin' rulez again !

    Not being critical or anything, but if you do have a detailed look at PS3.0 it isnt much of a leap from PS2.0. Check out the API details for yourself, so you dont have to take anyone else's work but ur own :)
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    Alsyum FX 5900 Ultra

    A 5900 Ultra would be a even worser choice. If you need a graphic card now get the 9800 Pro great prices these days, cause it will be many months before any new cards are in the sub $200 price range.
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    Are you gonna wait 'til X800 XT or get a 6800?

    Actually need to correct you there, R420 has all the features of SM3.0, it doesnt however supposedly have all the features of PS3.0. Also there there is nothing you cant do with multiple shader instructions with PS2.0 in PS3.0. So R420 can match IQ of the NV40.
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    Why Is 6800 Only Clocked at 400mhz ?

    You do realise that lcds outsell crts by a large margin these days, and on a lcd. So there is relevance for all areas of the market. Just because Nvidia fared badly doesnt mean its biased, be thankful at least you know the full picture of the card. It still is a very good card. Much better you...
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    What do you guys think of the NV 40?

    You people need to learn to be patient, nvidia has released, looks good very nice archievement. How bout you wait for the R420 series to come out before jumping to conclusion. PS 3.0 is a nice addition all praise for Nvidia for including it. But you have to remember PS 3.0 is not as big a step...
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    Why Is 6800 Only Clocked at 400mhz ?

    You have to consider the NV40 is a 222 Million transistor chip, ie. its big, chews alot of power and generates alot of heat. Its also hard to get good yeilds on such a large chip. Remember Ati is using low-k 0.13 u process, ie. less heat and less power and will be able to clock it higher than if...
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    R420 has 16 Pipelines!!!

    I have to say Ati has done a very good job of hiding the details of the R420, probably fooled Nvidia into thinking they had the upperhand. Well one thing looks good, the R420 on needs one molex and doesnt need 2 seperate rails. I wonder wats the watts usage on the NV40, if you play enough...
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    I have $115 and I need a video card...

    9600 Pro is far above the 5600XT, XT means gimped up when it comes to Nvidia cards. Nice a cheap card and then wait for the next gen to come out. Really cbf thinking about next gen til they are released then we will see who comes up with the goods. Why speculate when you can sleep ;)
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    Good nVidia card under $250?

    Nvidia XTs are the opposite of Ati, really sad marketing. They are slower than the 5900nu, since you have a budget of $250 and after a nvidia card get the BFG 5900nu, comes with fast mem and overclocks well.
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    9600XT Poor Performance Question

    you got good 3dmark scores, which means the card is probably fine. I've got feelin theres something wrong with your game setup.