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    Bad time to buy ram?

    My plan is to upgrade from my intel build (z390/8700k) once the new AMD stuff comes out. That being said my current ram is giving me issues and needs replaced. I have been looking at a new set of gskill 32GB 3600mhz 16-16-16-36. I would just hate to purchase these and then find out they are...
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    Edge Router X Replacement

    I am a noob when it comes to networking. I have been running a ERX with a nanoHD AP. This has served me well with Comcast 1g/35mb. Due to the 1TB data cap I decided to order 1g/1g fiber with no cap. I really do not want to use the provided router and I "think" the ERX will choke on the 1g/1g...
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    Windows 10 Issues (maybe?)

    1) One game I play SWGEMU, you can run multi copy's of the game doing AFK stuff while you work/sleep etc. If running multi copy's of the game I will randomly DC from one of them esp while alt tabbing (running border less window). Nobody else seems to have this issue. 2) Chrome and Discord...
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    Windows 10 Lag/Lockup (System Interrupts)

    So long story short...... Me, my wife, and my daughters Windows 10 PCs keep getting really bad lag/lock ups. Some resolve after a few min, others are full lock up and require pressing the reset button. On my PC when its lagging System Interrupts is hovering around 80-90% CPU usage. I have not...
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    GTA 5

    Still worth buying, skipped this one and just noticed it was on sale.
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    Help me pick a new monitor

    Currently have a 32" HP OMEN that will be passed to my wife to replace he older Korean monitor that is on its way out. Goals... 1440p 34-35" Ultra Wide 100+ hz NOT TN or normal VA $600 price limit. Not really worried about gsync/freesync but would be a nice bonus. Have looked around and...
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    Edgerouter+AP To Replace Consumer Router? (advice)

    I have an older linksys ac1900 that has seen better days. I have tried stock FW and also diff versions of DD-WRT. I am sick of consumer routers. They always seem to cause issues. I currently have a 300Mbps comcast. Running a SB6183. After doing some looking around I think I have decided on the...
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    7950 Replacement options

    Looking to replace a very old 7950 that is on its way out. Not looking to spend more than around $100. Used is fine but performance needs to be equal or higher than the 7950. Would prefer nvidia but thats not a deal breaker.
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    z370 Taichi & 8700k Advise

    Long story short, built a new system. First new system in like 6-7 years. I am lost on how to OC these days. I am running a EVGA CLC 280 and I did delid my 8700k. Temps at stock settings are around 25c idle. Could anyone be so kind as to give me a basic outline for an OC to try. Aiming for...
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    Enough for my needs??

    Going to be running, 8700k (5ghz if lucky) evga 1080SC2 samsung 960 evo evga CLC 280 3x case fans I bought a evga supernova 750 g3. Starting to think I should have gone with something larger.
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    Fan Advice (New Build)

    I ordered a Fractal Design Meshify C case and also a EVGA CLC 280. I plan on running the CLC 280 in the front of the case pulling air in. The top has room for 3x 120 or 2x 140, and rear has room for a single 120 fan. I figure run 2x 140 exhaust at the top and a 120 in the rear. What fans...
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    Upgrade Dilema

    I'm still running an older 2600k, intel 520, 7950, 8gb ddr3. Stock settings, NO OC It has been having lots of issues as of late. Random reboots with no error code, graphics glitches, cold boot issues. I now have the cash and would like to do a total rebuild but am unsure if its even worth it...
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    2600k heatsink

    Been away from the PC world for a few years, put together a older 2600k setup with parts I had sitting around. Currently running the stock cooler but would like to upgrade. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Not looking to spend a ton, just want to get a little overclock going.
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    Need tablet replacement advice.

    My daughter's older galaxy tab 4 has scean better days. I had my eye on a galaxy tab a with a 10.1 screen. She currently has that size and that's my one sicking point. Budget is like $250. New/used does not matter. Any advice would really help.
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    MSI MS-1656 Questions

    I picked up a MSI MS-1656 laptop that someone trashed at my job. It seems to be in decent condition except for the keyboard and lack of battery life. The keyboard seems to be messed, the lower level of keys doubles/miss presses. I found a new keyboard on amazon for $30 but am not sure if its...
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    Looking at 970 to replace 7950

    I have one of the first sapphire 7950's runs @ 1100/1575. That being said this card is almost 3 years old now and I have decided to upgrade. I have no pref red/green but am looking for the best bang for my buck. The gtx 970 look decent and are in my price range (sub $400). I game on a 1440p...
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    H100 RMA

    My pump started to make some noise after 2 or so years. I contacted corsiar for RMA and they said it will be replaced with a H110. Is this a downgrade? or upgrade?
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    Keyboard Question (100$ limit @ amazon)

    Won a contest at work and got a $100 gift card from amazon. I have decided to get a new keyboard with it and could use some advise. Current keyboard is an older BW Ultimate blue cherry switch version. It has had water spilled on it and is not 100% anymore. I'm looking for something with...
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    270x vs 280x LTC Value Question

    The price on 280x has gone up to around $400 USD (700kHash), would it be smarter to buying two 270x for $400 ($200x2)? They should provide 450-500kHash each. 1 x 280x = $400 (700kHash) 2 x 270x = $400 (1000kHash)
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    Auzen Forte Replacement Options

    I have had the bug ridden Auzen Forte for about 3 years now, It works MOST of the time but randomly it will decide to act up and pop/static non stop. I have added a heatsink which really helped but I have had it. The other night I could not even watch a movie without POP POP POP every 5-7...
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    Mouse from Best Buy?

    ATM I have a g500 that is going out on me, it is 2-3 years old and can not be replaced by logitech. (4th g5/g500 to die on me). I have a 50$ gift card for best buy and am looking for a decent mouse that can compare. I will spend alittle more if needed but under 75$ total with tax. The...
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    Help me pick an upgrade from my 24"

    I'm looking for a 27-28" monitor to replace my current 24" BenQ FP241VW, it is a 1920x1200 A-MVA panel and has worked great for years but now has some really bad screen burn in that I can not deal with anymore. I have noticed that most of the 27-28" monitors are only 1080p and I am worried...
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    GTX470 Upgrade

    So... I just bought a 2600k, intel 520, ect ect... I'm looking for an upgrade to my GTX470. I really do not fanboy either side so yeah. Looking to spend 500$ max. NOT looking for SLI/Xfire or duel GPU chips. I am also open to b-stock/re-certs. Any advice?
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    Motherboard buying help?

    Been out of the game for awhile, my current system is about 2 years old and i'm looking to upgrade with tax money. I have decided on the 2600k but need help with a motherboard, I would prefer asus or gigabyte. It must have usb3, atleast 2x sata3 ports, and intel nic. Would also like a...
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    Can monitor cause BSOD?

    My second PC (wife's) has been tossing blue screens for a few weeks now. I have pulled it apart, cleaned it out, re-applied TIM, replaced HD, re-format, updated all drivers ect.. I have also ran memtest86 and made sure the temps and psu where all up to par. The only thing I can think is...
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    Second raid0 array?

    ATM I am running 2x 64gb SSD's in raid0 as my OS array. All games/files are stored on a single 1tb WD black. Load times in a few games I play have been really annoying me, I do have 2x 250gb 7200.10 single platter drives sitting in the closet. Would it be worth the effort to pull those out...
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    Super Talent RMA

    I had issues with my 4x Super Talent drives. I RMAed them and Super Talent received them on the 21st of last month, James S contacted me right away and worked hand in hand with me to verify the drive issues, He was very helpful and understanding about my problems. On July 28th he told me he...
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    GTX470 as replacment for GTX285?

    Been outa the pc game for awhile now... I had to RMA my GTX285 to evga and they are sending me an GTX470? Is this card better/worse than my 285? I know I will gain dx11 but I from what I read it seems the 470s where lemons.
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    Auzentech Forte Distortion Issue

    I have owned my Forte for about a year and it has ALWAYS suffered from this issue. I was going to return it after buying but I had hopes a software update would fix the issue... That never happened. As all of you know... After awhile the sound will start to distort, voices will go robot...
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    ATI display with Nvidia Physics?

    was bored, ordred a xfx 5870 to use as my main display. ATM i have a gtx285. After i install the 5870 would i beable to keep the gtx285 as a physics card? or no?
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    W3520 + Classified OC Help

    Well I just got my system setup a few days ago, ive starting messing with the OC settings. This is my first dip into the x58 world... so i just went at the settings blind i am 100% stable at these settings, but i would really love to hit 4.4 and with less volts. any advice? Mother...
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    4x ssd raid 0 goodness

    well i replaced my segates! 4x super talent 32gb vertex clones in raid 0 on the intel raid controler think shes maxed and these drives have alittle more speed in em. might pick up a perc 6/i if i can find the cash.
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    GA-EP45-UD3R VS P5Q-E

    right now im running the asus p5q-e board with my q9550.. it does 8.5x471 anything higher i get errors (think this is the boards quad limit, i feel like my cpu has more) i have the option to swap my board for a GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R, ive been told this should give me more FSB room to clock...
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    Rivatuner Software Volt Mod (Confirmed) takes alittle time to figure out but it works! tryed lastnight and it bumped my 4870x2 upto 1.35v under load.. i read it with gpu-z and rivatuner. also works with the gtx2xx line, you can see on that post a few people used a dmm and...
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    4870x2 And WoW Window Mode...

    i bought a 4870x2 hopeing to run two monitors and multibox 5 accounts up togher. the program i use... runs all 5 wow's in windowmode and places them in the spots you desire (one large on main monitor, and 4x small on 2nd monitor.) well my problem is.. since its window mode crossfire on the...
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    4870x2 Help please

    i installed my visiontek 4870x2 today and i need alittle help. the 2d clocks seem to be 507core/500memory... running a 3d app in window mode does NOT switch to crossfire or 3d clocks and my system locks up. a few games i play only run in window mode and dont require a ton of 3d power but...
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    24" NON TN 500$ Limit

    im looking for a new monitor non tn hdmi 24"+ 500$ limit i play games mostly, and watch alot of movies/videos in full screen. will only be used for the PC. any opinons would be great. ive looked around and seems all the monitors have problems. i really wanted the dell but seems thats...
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    did i brick my board some how?

    well today i swaped my motherboard for a pq5-e, everything went fine and it was up and running... later tonight i pulled my 4870 out and installed a hr-03-gt after that i got no signal to the monitor.. figured i bricked the card so i pulled it and tryed it in my girls computer.. booted fine...
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    Need Help ASAP!!

    im tryin to put my new system togher and i ran into a problem.. when tryin to install the backplate from my ultima 90 it hits some pins on the back of the board. is there anything i can do about this? or did i buy a 50$ aftermarket heatsink for nothing?
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    upgrade path... it worth it?

    how does this look? i can deal with the stock cpu cooler for a few weeks untill i get the cash to upgrade it. and last question... will this setup give me a visibal jump over my current setup (insig) G.SKILL 4GB(4 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Quad Channel Kit Desktop Memory...