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    a7n8x bios checksum error

    Just happened yuesterday when I rebooted Beeps and says: Award BootBlock BIOSv 1.0 Aopyright (c) 2000, Award Software, INC. BIOS ROM Checksum error Detecting floppy drive A media... INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER So I created a dos boot disk with awdflash.exe and...
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    OMG a HL2 thread!11 (Radeon 8500?)

    Has anybody tried playing HL2 on a Radeon 8500le or a similar old card?
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    Basic AMD64 gaming system

    System for a friend, he has a max 700$ budget. This is what I have no, prices from Newegg: Soltek K8an2e - 89$ Radeon 9600XT 256mg - 150$ AMD Athlon64 3000+ socket 754 - 150$ Crucial PC3200 512 - 130$ Samsung 80gb 7200rpm 61$ Generic 30$ ATX case Antec 380w - 60$ Total 612$ Any...
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    I'm goig to hell for this...l

    I didnt take the time to fix the color of the face or the "II: Judgement Day" text because im a lazy unmotivated bastard.
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    We can only hope...

    Quickie 5 min chawp:
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    My Quest: Headphones that dont suck

    For under 50$. Right now Im stuck between the HD457 and the PX100, unless someone has another sugjestion.
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    Try this one

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    Theif 3 + 98se

    Is it possible to make Theif 3 work on 98se?
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    A7N8X + 98se USB problems

    I cant get any USB devices to work with my computer. I just bought a JumpDrive that works fine on the 98se/kt133, but I cant get it to work on this. I have installed the Nvidia unifyed driver but nothing.
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    un-h4x0rable firewall from Ratshack: AlphaShield™ Hardware Firewall 100% Unhackable Internet Security • Designed for individuals and small businesses • Requires no set up, since it's a plug and play device • Protects high-speed Internet users against hacker attacks and...
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    I have too much money in my pocket, what game should I buy?

    <3 birthdays I want to get Diablo 2 and the exp pack, any other suggestions?
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    Where in the XP registry.....

    is the key for the proxy server for IE?
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    How should I do this..

    Heres whats up. I've got a 60gb hdd, with Windows infecting the whole thing. I want to allocate about 20gb for Linux, and install RH 8.0 (because I have the CDs...). How should I do this and keep my 'doze installation and files?
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    BWAHAH Foxtrot

    That is sooo probably true...
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    more XP help

    This auto-stacking toolbar thing is annoying. I want to make a .reg file that would disable that, so I could upload it somewheree and run it from any school computer. How would I do this? Is there even a registry key for this?
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    need Windows/DOS help

    Messing around today, and I managed to create a copy of my C drive, called Z:. So now I have a z: and a c:, both are the same thing. how can I get rid of z:?
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    Tunneling IRC thro an HTTP proxy..

    Lets just suppose that the router between my network and teh intrawebnet is a Linux box that does all the firewalling type stuff. Lets call him 1. Another computer, called 2, can do just about anything through the firewall. IRC, Kazaa, HTTP, FTP, CS, whatever. Then there is poor little me...
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    Unlocking 13x+ multipliers nforce2 tbredB

    How can I access the higher multipliers? Im using crappy ram so I cant get the FSB past 140 without stability problems. When I choose a higher miltiplier from the list, I get a really low one. With 133fsb and 13.5 I get 733mhz. Im using an xp1800+ b core.
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    cpu diode at 144 C?

    heres a SS... I have an A7N8X and an xp1800+, currently at stock speed. Is something misconfigured, or is my CPU temp diode just fubar?
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    what is this crap?

    pops up every time i go to a different page and then goes away after a few seconds. I cant find anything in processes. Spyware/adware?
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    HELLAS ut2k4 demo mirrors
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    CoD firewall ports for MP

    Just picked up CoD yesterday. Single player is good, but I cant connect with Multiplayer. I am behind a firewall. What ports need to be open?
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    BF1942 or CoD?

    I was going to go buy CoD, but now I hear that it's a one-weekend game and BF1942 has better MP. Which do you perfer?