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    Seasonic Proudly Presents Its New Flagship PRIME Series Power Supplies

    Some people read between the lines he just makes his own. edit- thans Paul
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    Seasonic Proudly Presents Its New Flagship PRIME Series Power Supplies

    Reading is fundamental.. Ignore the trolls and your company has shown nothing but class over the years.
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    FuryX users = Dust in the wind on these forums

    Yeah but them P4's could toast a marshmellow and heat a small apartment complex ;) Wow the trolling has actually came full circle if you think about it, Crazy shit there.
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    FuryX users = Dust in the wind on these forums

    I am still holding onto two old socket 939 dfi's one with a opty 165 and the other with a 4400. The ultra d was sli modded by me way back when and still boots up when I need to pull some ancient file off it. Man those were the fun days of overclocking for me. Still remember taking my opty 146 to...
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    NVIDIA GeForce 359.00 WHQL Game Ready Driver For Assassin's Creed Syndicate

    Because IMO the effect is nowhere near worth the performance penalty. Now that they have the sliders in the witcher 3 it is somewhat better but I honestly do not see Geralts hair being rendered with so much power that can be used on the environment. Use that processing power to render more grass...
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    NVIDIA GeForce 359.00 WHQL Game Ready Driver For Assassin's Creed Syndicate

    Sure would be nice if those comparison videos showed fps, frametime and details of the rig, Hopefully someone will get the idea and run with it. It doesn't matter red or green all this gameworks crap gets old. Some Gameworks implementation is really solid but others (looking at Hairworks lol) is...
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    Couch Co-Op Games

    Trine series, orcs must die, gianna sisters (recent discovery and highly recommended). I am a little annoyed by a few games that have removed the same screen from the PC releases. Resident evil 5 and plants vs zombies garden warfare. Interested in this thread too.
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    Gabe Newell: Valve's Steam Machines Outperform Consoles At Same Price Point

    I actually was surprised to see a steam video player pop open when playing a short film about killing floor. It actually worked quite well and I think I will test it out some more, see if it can play stand alone files etc. The media has to be a big part of steam os if they really want it to...
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    Now you do need 8 GB VRAM, folks

    justifying the x's over ti's maybe?
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    Now you do need 8 GB VRAM, folks

    "We noticed that with a variety of cards the behaviour, in terms of graphics memory utilization, per card is rather different. We have seen some scenes use a little more and others a little less, so please take a 20% deviation into account. Once you go to WHQD at 2560x1440 we'll pass 2GB EASILY...
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Thanks for the walking dead game, worked great and dling now.
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    lol missed the don't PM so sorry for sending one. I will take the walking dead season 2 if you still have it. sorry again. chris
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    AMD Nano running 4K 60HZ HDMI 2.0

    Awesome news for the htpc/gaming folks. Awesome looking build there Elmy nice and elegant.
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    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    I lost a pillars of eternity from my account on gog but they were great about it. Get the shield with a major purchase just in case. I have gotten alot of games from them with no issue except that one and it was to good to be true of a deal so rather expected on my end (royal edition for $12...
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    Playboy To Drop Nudity As Internet Fills Demand

    Well it was nice knowing you all, Hell must have frozen over and the zombies are on the way. What are little boys going to steal from older brothers/dads now? Laptops and tablets are more expensive to replace lol. Really there were articles? Just can't seem to remember them
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    Angels fall first

    Unless it has been in a bundle of some kind I have not purchased an early access game yet. This might end up being the first but I am going to keep an eye on it for awhile first. Hate the paying to alpha and beta test the games.
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    Angels fall first

    Has anyone heard of this game yet? Just came out on early access and I am extremely tempted to get my first early access game. Dedicated servers already and one of the most ambitious games I have seen in a long time. I can see myself setting up a server for this game and it has been awhile since...
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    780ti vs 970 vs 290x

    I read they had a driver issue that was not reporting the correct dx level but have since fixed it. I was trying to buy a lightening 290x when I got the 970, was out of stock everywhere and I had to scratch the upgrade itch lol. I love my 970 but still wish I could at least play with the 290x...
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    780ti vs 970 vs 290x

    nope, 290X is dx12_0 for the feature level, Maxwell is dx12_1 feature level but both can claim dx12 compatibility.
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    MakeMKV site down

    1.9.2 is the newest I have. Doubt it would work on that movie yet though. There was a giveaway for dvdfab passkey that had an update yesterday that should work. pm me an email and i'll send it your way with instructions to activate.
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    AMD Accuses NVIDIA's Gameworks Of Being 'Tragic' And 'Damaging'

    Man there is just too much fanboi bullshit from both sides on this site these days (I actually think the nvidiots might be worse than the Red team fans though around here). At least it is still somewhat more civil than some of the other sites out there. Some great points there from...
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    Windows 10 Video Card DX12 Feature Level Support Thread

    Gigabyte gtx970 g1 353.62 Direct3D API Version: 12 Direct3D Feature Level: 12 feature levels: 12.1,12.0,11.1,11.0,10.1,10.0,9.3,9.2,9.1
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    Morally conflicted about buying NVIDIA

    Another +1 for this post.
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    Geforce experience encountered an error and must close

    I had that happen to me yesterday, Reinstalled driver and nvidia experience said it had failed to install on windows 10. Works fine since it failed lol, Might give it a shot to see if it helps.
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    EVGA offering pre-binned service for Kingpin 980 Ti

    lol hell fuck no I wouldn't.
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    This is why Fury X can't ever touch Maxwell

    That is a very true statement and I am running a 970 and couldn't care about brand, performance is what matters. We need both companies to keep shit from getting even more outrageous on pricing but I guess these guys are looking forward to paying over a grand a card if AMD does go away from the...
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    This is why Fury X can't ever touch Maxwell

    Man they really must have nothing better to do when they start these threads. One glaring omission here for me, Where is the sli and crossfire comparison? Seems that is where the Fury actually shines from what I have seen. Everyone got their popcorn :D
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    MSI 7770

    Now that is an awesome way to give back to the community. :)
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    i5 2500K cpu-z voltage

    I would use hwinfo 64, It looks like you might be throttling back with the increase in time per calculation and decrease of Gflops. HWinfo will show you each core speed and the voltage as well and you can even have it show you graphs. Nice chip either way though mine wants 1.39 for 5ghz but my...
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    Seasonic Snow Silent 750W PSU LUCKY DRAW!

    Seasonic is IMO the best power supplies around and I love the reliability they bring to the table too. How often does anyone hear about any issues with their units? Of course they are [H] with their innovations as well, Love the full modular models they offer.
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    I'm officially an AMD fanboi!

    Congratulations and that looks like a great setup for racing games. Mom always said patience is a virtue and you must be a saint. :D
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    New Hotfix Driver 353.49

    Another hotfix driver released and I don't know about everyone else but I have had much better luck with them than the official game ready drivers by far. Edit-guru 3d has...
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    AMD Catalyst 15.7 Driver is now available!

    Kick ass hopefully this will shut up some of the nvidiot's round here. Yes I know I have a gtx card but damn they get annoying, especially lately with the fury dogging. If I had the cash I would be rocking a fury x and really like the water cooler being on the card.
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    The second coming of Fury. Videocardz exclusive.

    Yeah I agree with your opinion on the looks and it will definitely raise the cpu temps a little at least. It would probably take some high rpm fans for a dual fan setup thats why I am interested in seeing the MSI version.
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    The second coming of Fury. Videocardz exclusive.

    Looks a lot better than the reference 290x cooler from last gen to me but that specific cooler looks like it will push some hot air towards peoples cpu. Will be interested in seeing the MSI and Gigabyte versions and how they handle the cooling.
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    Fury X vs. Titan X benchmark

    Wow the trolling in here is getting even worse now, what is this middle school all over again? I do have to say though that this statement here is a statement and not an opinion. "The drivers are not good enough and the high end product doesnt support current and future standards." That looks...
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    pm me for darksiders steam key.... lurkers be damned :) gone to - vtommy
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    sorry guys I was walking out the door or would of used the pm way. I'll have a couple more later
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    Zotac GTX 980 Ti Amp! Edition 6GB

    I figured they just downloaded more vram :)
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    MJT6B-XWAHT-QGEKI marine sharpshooter 2