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    Target Ribroast 50% off with Cartwheel

    Not really a tech deal, but Target has their USDA Choice Prime Rib roasts on sale for 50% off with the cartwheel offer. Comes out to about $4 a pound where I'm at which is listed for $7.99/pound retail, not sure if this price varies by market. It's not USDA Prime, but for $4 a pound, still a...
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    ebay 20% off everything today only 6/6

    Edit: Looks like someone also posted a thread on this as I was posting as well. Lol. Can I delete this? Just went to browse ebay and saw this and thought I would let you guys know. Minimum purchase of $50, max discount of $100. Today Only: 20% Off Everything!* Celebrate Dad and save with...
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    Best Buy trade in laptop for $50GC and $100 pixelbook coupon

    It looks like this has been running for a few weeks already and is about to end soon (5/5) but I just recently came across it. I traded in a total of 3 circa 07 - 08 laptops and was able to get some Best Buy gift cards for laptops that would otherwise just have collected dust...
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    Secure wipe/sanitize SSD

    I'm planning to sell my laptop which has an SSD installed. What would be the proper/best way to securely wipe the drive? I don't think DBAN and such work for SSDs. I was hoping to keep all the OEM recovery partitions on the drive as well. It runs windows 10 and I've read to use bitlocker to...
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    Software recommendations/tips

    I'm trying to move our company to the cloud and I'm looking for any software recommendations for cloud based patch management, anti-virus, directory services, etc... Any recommendations or tips would be greatly appreciated. We're moving from O365 to Google and trying to get rid of all on...
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    Soundbar subwoofer dead?

    Just wondering if anyone know if this subwoofer is dead or there is anything I can try. I have an LG soundbar with a wireless subwoofer and it had been working fine for a few years. A few days ago I noticed that my sound was off as I wasn't getting any of the low subwoofer sound. I checked and...
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    Nintendo Switch OS

    Someone got a Switch early. For anyone that's interested, here's a look at the OS/new setup.
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    Razer DeathAdder Chroma - $25 - Target YMMV

    I was doing some Christmas shopping over lunch and was going over the Target cartwheel offers. They have a coupon for 40% off of the Razer DeathAdder Chroma. The Target I was at already had the Chroma on the shelf listed for sale for $42 so its an extra 40% off on top of that. Came out to a...
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    Surface Pro, Pro 2, and Pro 3 Owners: AC Powercord Recall

    I haven't seen this posted yet or may have missed it, but Microsoft just issued a recall for the power cord for the Surface Pro, Pro 2, and some Pro 3.
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    $10 EA sports promo code

    This is from the Mcdonald's monopoly game. $10 promo code to use at Expires 10/31/13 First person to message.
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    Sandisk Extreme 32GB SDHC 80MB/s - $27.99 YMMV?

    The 32GB Sandisk Extreme SDHC rated at up to 80MB/s and 60MB/s read/write are on sale for $27.99. I just picked one up at Best Buy. I just bought a camera and needed a card. Might be overkill for my camera but I thought this was a good price for the speed of the card. I came home and...
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    How do you play your games?

    I just wanted to see how other people play their games. Are you the type to just do the minimal that is needed to beat a game/pass a level? Or do you go all out and collect/power up/explore/leave no stone unturned/etc... I tend to be a do everything/collect everything kind of player and I...
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    Exchange Admins

    I was curious to see what kind of mailbox size limits other Exchange admins have set for their users. We have ~1GB of mailbox storage limit set for each user and some are constantly hitting their limits. I would think 1GB is plenty and that people are just to lazy to clean out their...
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    Target: Video Games Buy 2 get 1 free YMMV

    Didn't see this posted. I was just at my local Target. All video games from $14.99 - 59.99 is buy 2 get one free. I checked with the guy working in electronics and he said its valid for all games within that range. Of course lowest priced game is the free one. Came home and checked the ad...
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    Newegg Antec Solo II Flash ad

    Just thought I'd let you know. When I clicked on a newegg Antec flash ad, I was directed to: Not sure if you manage the ads or not but it looks like it wasn't set up correctly. It was for the Antec Solo II and...
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    Patch Management systems

    I help admin a network of ~100 PCs in a domain. I was wondering for those of you with similar network size who run a patch management system, what software do you use? Free or paid. We currently use Numara but was just looking to see alternative software. Any pros/cons?
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    Power adapter question.

    I'm not sure where to post this so I thought I'd throw it in general. I have an external UBS storage device that requires a power source. The original adapter that is dead is rated at: Input: 100-240v ~ 50/60Hz 0.6A Output: 12v - 2.0A I have an adapter from another USB storage device...
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    Power adapter question.

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    Antec 120mm Tricool Fan - Microcenter - $4

    Microcenter has the TriCool 120mm Blue LED Case Fans for sale for $4. I have a few Antec cases that uses these fans and picked up a couple for spares. Edit: Thanks venm11, didn't check that earlier. This is in-store only according the their site.
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    Lytro tech

    Searched but didn't see this posted yet. What do you guys think about it? It was my first time seeing something like this and I just found it amazing. I played with some of their...
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    Any iPhone experts here?

    I have a question on upgrading iOS on the iPhone. iPhone 3G running iOS 3.0.1. I want to upgrade it to 3.1.3 but from what I've been reading, iTunes won't let you do that because it checks back with apple and you can only put the latest version of iOS on it. I'm trying to avoid 4.x as I've...
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    Sprint Credit Union Discount

    I'm sure many of the members here are credit union members. I've been with sprint forever now and don't know how long this has been around, but I came across a brochure at my Credit Union for a Sprint discount. I was able to get 10% off of my $70.00 450 everything plan. I just submitted the...
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    What would I be missing? Buying Modded 360

    I'm not at all familiar with how the XBox 360 and XBox Live works or whats included. With the recent round of bans on modded 360s, if I were to purchase a banned 360, what would I be missing? I really haven't gamed online and probably wouldn't miss it/need it. I figured this would be a great...
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    I still use a PS/2 Keyboard.

    I have this cheap IBM PS/2 keyboard that I still use. I love it because the feel and response is perfect for me. I've tried some newer USB keyboards but can't find one that feels as good as the IBM one. Maybe I'm just too used to how it feels or maybe I don't buy the expensive enough keyboards...
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    Chin or no chin?

    I'm in the market for a new phone. Longtime Sprint customer and I was looking at the Pre, but now that the HTC Hero is supposedly coming to Sprint, I'm waiting to see how that phone does. One thing that I didn't like about the pics of the Hero was the little chin at the bottom. I'm not sure how...
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    30% off @ Champs Sports

    Just got this in the email. Friends and family event. For anyone who might need some new kicks. 30% off @ Champs Sports valid 8/20 - 8/23 Link to flyer:
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    Asus M4A78T-E

    I posted this in the OS subforum. Reposting here to see if anyone else has any ideas. ---------------------------------------------------------- Am I doing something wrong here? Last night I tried installing Vista and Windows 7 onto a sata drive. These were clean install attempts. When...
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    Installing Vista/7 on sata drive

    Am I doing something wrong here? Last night I tried installing Vista and Windows 7 onto a sata drive. These were clean install attempts. When getting to the point where its asks to load the drivers, I point it to the drivers I downloaded for my mobo, but after it installs the driver, it...
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    So all my stuff I ordered from Newegg came in earlier today. I open up the box and notice right away how the HDD is packaged. Only a couple of layers of thin bubble wrap and its stuck right on the side of the box (it was boxed up with all the other stuff I ordered), meaning no other insulation...
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    Open box mobos

    Any one here regularly buys open box mobo's or has experience with them? I was looking at a mobo from newegg and they have an open box for like $50 less. It also says it may be missing stuff so I'm a little wary. Missing cables, I could care less as I have access to plenty of them, but if...