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    Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium

    Getting this to replace my Z5 Premium. Can't wait!
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    Facebook Answers Calls for a Dislike Button with “Downvote” Feature

    I've resorted to using the ignore button for this. It's helped WONDERS in any AMD-related thread.
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    Just can't find a good computer chair...

    You can... 1) Go to a store and sit in them before buying 2) Go to an office, see which chair you find comfortable, and consider getting serious about your purchase by buying something that may be more expensive than what you initially had in mind or 3) Continue wasting a bunch of time...
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    Electric Cars Likely Won't Save You Money

    If you're on a tiny island in the Pacific, why are you concerned with what car you drive? Sounds like you need to get a bicycle if the place is so small.
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    Any ideas on how I could fit 6 more hard drives into my Fractal R4 case?

    I know you're probably in love with it, but did you ever consider just upgrading to a larger case that fits your needs? There are many RAID cages that you can buy to convert your 2 optical bays to support 3 3.5" drives, but that adds an additional cost of at least $50 and still leaves you a...
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    Holy mother of....

    For a fucking soundbar, when any comparable surround setup should cost a third of that and still sound better due to physical advantages of not being restricted to faux "3D audio" and its limited applications? Even worse when the only recommendations mentioned are from a single source. I'd...
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    [SOLVED] Next monitor needs to be better on my eyes. Some Advice pls [H]ards.

    Try seeing an eye doctor instead of expecting electronics to counter whatever is truly the issue? But hey, that would only make too much sense...
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    “The Last Jedi” Is the Most Divisive Star Wars Movie Between Fans and Critics

    Saw TLJ earlier today and have to say... I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan in the world. I'm an 80s kid and saw the originals as a kid and saw Phantom Menace when it premiered in theaters. I loved them but was not as crazy about them as other things growing up, like Batman or kung fu movies or...
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    Nintendo Switch

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    Nintendo Switch

    I have both, and recently moved my PS4 Pro to the living room / dust pile. It's practically useless if you have a great gaming PC + Switch and will be relegated to Netflix N chill duty until I clear through my backlog enough to buy the very few worthwhile exclusives PS4 has. This generation is...
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    The Xbox One X Makes the PlayStation 4 Pro Feel like a Half-Measure

    Lol, love it how this site is still heavily biased towards XBone bullshit, even peddling their DOA XBonx with lying headlines. Let's not discuss how horribly superfluous the system is if you're a PC gamer, and how supporting it actually hurts the PC gaming market since 95% of its library is...
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    Is a new build using Windows 7 possible?

    Why not just go with XP while you're at it? Change is bad, especially when you're afraid of it.
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    Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Can't wait for this. I'm leaving home before it gets released but might get a second switch just to play this overseas. Xenoblade and Xenoblade X are easily the best RPGs I've played since FF7, hands down! (Xenoblade X being my favorite.)
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    Samsung HMD Odyssey

    This, smh wtf
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    Samsung UE510 28" 4K Refurb on the Cheap with FreeSync

    Price is $300 upon checkout. Lukewarm at best when you can get a brand new one for $340
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    So who's getting Super Mario Odyssey for the Switch?

    Preorder arrives tomorrow. Can't wait!
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    Are two 1440p DVI DL monitors impossible on a GTX 1080?

    Blame your monitors not your videocard. This is like buying a monitor with inputs too new for your ancient / shitty videocard and blaming the monitor, wtf...
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    Full Tower Koolance Watercooling Combo

    Payment sent via PayPal (FS/FT pending eBay refund)
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    Full Tower Koolance Watercooling Combo

    I'll take it and pay for shipping
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    Where are the RX Vega reviews?

    That shit warrants an instant ignore from me
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    34 Criminal Cases Tossed after Body Cam Footage Shows Cop Planting Drugs

    What in the hell? Not sure if serious or SJW...
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    34 Criminal Cases Tossed after Body Cam Footage Shows Cop Planting Drugs

    Absolutely full of shit:
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    8TB easystore $159.99 BestBuy

    Dafuq? Link please
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    arcade master race

    The one and only true master race
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    AMD Vega Frontier Edition Available for Pre-Order at Newegg

    Yes, though I seriously doubt it would be much of an upgrade to Quadfire Radeon Pro Duos I know the idiot miners will make it hard to buy any after preorders close.
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    AMD Vega Frontier Edition Available for Pre-Order at Newegg

    Contemplating 4x for non-mining. FML
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    Microsoft Won the E3 Media Battle

    Love it how Megalith consistently shows bias towards Microsoft in his news posts, claiming Nintendo "tried" to win e3 with a Metroid Prime 4 teaser, damage control for the XOX price being justified and how MS won't make profit on it, and his plethora of anti-Nintendo shill threads to distract...
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    Dell UP3017Q - 4K 120HZ Oled 30"

    I almost bought both of them since the seller was willing to sell the first one at 1500, but I had the good sense to ask whether or not he was really selling the 4K UP3017Q OLED. Scammer replied saying he "accidentally" listed the 2560x1440 UP3017 instead, so I reported his listing as...
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    Walmart Associate Delivery Pays Employees to Deliver Packages After Shift Work Ends

    cageymaru, I always find your posts the most informative and least "agenda"-spewing, news and otherwise. Thanks for keeping it real, yo!
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    Nintendo Switch

    I bought it for $65 back then too (SF2T), but after inflation that's more like $100 I think.
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    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition

    Domingo, remember that the paid online services haven't rolled out yet which can easily be patched into the game at a later time. I'm still on Wii U while this beta testing phase of sorts pushes through, but will be getting a Switch for sure around ARMS launch time-frame (whenever that is).
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    Second Western Digital NAS RED 8TB drive to fail on me

    Nah brajj, it couldn't possibly be that. Just keep RMAing and blaming the drive without any troubleshooting whatsoever, urgud
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    Sony Prices XBR-A1E OLED TV Higher Than LG, Starting at $5,000

    From early reports of first impressions from professional review sites, the video processing is a great addition and has been something Sony has a stellar track record with when it comes to their other displays (projectors especially). But yes, the price is a bit less competitive than hoped...
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    Elon Musk Will Fix South Australia Power Network in 100 Days, or It's Free

    I'm surprised mine isn't yet. Makes a really great substitute for the lack of dislike button here. Would've left a long time ago if not for ignore being offered to fend off soooooooo many idiot trolls.
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    Worthwhile mobo swap?

    What exactly are you expecting in a CPU upgrade? Even an OC 2500K is fine for pretty much all games above shitty 1080p. If you're looking for a real upgrade you'll notice in everything you do, focus on Monitor / VR Audio GPU Storage Capacity / Backup Solutions Chair Desk Peripherals Etc (to...