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    How to place files on RAM!

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    Lexibox are you game?

    Lexibox is one of the new Aim games under puzzle section. Most people dont like these types of games but i cant seem to get enough of it. I even went on the offical forums to trade SN to play but still cant get enough players. So if anyone want to play that aim game, PM me at feelingshorter.
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    Screenshots of movies

    I connected my camcorder to my computer via firewire. Make a movie from windows movie maker. Opened it in media player. Took a screenshot and then went to paint to past. It doesnt show the movie. Pic!! How do i export pics from movies? Is there a program? Since i am trying to sell some stuff on...
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    How to place files on RAM!

    I read somewhere long ago on a tweak website that there was a way to place static files on your ram. Basicaly, lets say you can load up aim or steam or internet explorer on ram. So that when you boot up your computer, the files are already there and there is no delay when you open up the files...
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    Home Made Heatsink Abandoned

    Title says it, reply and keep this post up for a day or 2. Sad yes i know, i keep trying but failing. I still havent recieved my torch and i am afraid my ceramic bowl will break since it is cheap so i wouldnt dare let a bowl of molten copper melt over my stove. My parents would kill me! It was...
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    Home Made Heatsink

    Common, the idea never crossed your poor ass? We poor people gotta improvise. Plus it might be a cool [H]ardcore idea. I read a tutorial at under ghetto ramsinks and i was thinking if anyone attempted this.... making a ceramic bowl melt...
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    Xbox hardware 2 PC?

    I'm sure you've all seen the inside of an xbox long ago but i just recently saw pictures of it on the internet. Noting that i got my xbox for 30 bucks from a rich friend (since i'm poor as hell and he felt sorry for me). So i saw a Western digital hard drive in the xbox when i saw the pics. I...