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    Bulk converting flac files to mp3/wma

    I keep most of my music collection as flac files on my NAS. I'm planning for a road trip soon and my car's music player can only play mp3 or wma files off of USB thumb drives, not flac files. Anyone have a good tool for batch converting flac files into high quality mp3 or wma files?
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    Adding additional storage to a Thinkpad T530

    So I have a Thinkpad T530 that I often use for demoing some software configurations to clients using virtual machines that is in need of a bit more on-board storage for running virtual machines. It has an optical drive (DVD burner) that I haven't really used in months, and a 512G SSD drive...
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    Need a good PS/2 keyboard test software

    This is kind of a retro question. I've got some older PS/2 style keyboards for a specific industrial application and I want to make sure they are in good working order. So I'm looking for some software that will monitor the PS/2 controller and report keystrokes, scan codes, press and release...
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    Whats a good way of controlling a media PC from the sofa this day in age?

    So I have an older computer hooked up via HDMI to my 42" television in the front room. For years I've used a Gyration wireless mouse and keyboard (similar to this: ). It works okay, but its kind of silly to drag out a...
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    Thinking about putting an SSD in a Thinkpad T530

    Hi forum, I'm thinking about replacing the spinning disk with an SSD on a Thinkpad T530. Anyone done this? How difficult is it? What kind of form factor do you need, and if any adapters or brackets so it will fit correctly? This machine I use a collection of virtual machines to...
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    Want to greatly increase draw distance in Skyrim - Time for a GTX 680 4GB?

    I would love to greatly increase the draw distance in skyrim so I'm thinking its time to move up to a GTX 680 4GB. My question for you folks who have a 680 is what settings can you run skyrim at with a good framerate? Is it a worthy upgrade? Current hardware: Intel i7 930 @2.8 GHZ 12GB...
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    Windows 7 Start menu search oddity

    I have this strange annoyance with the Windows 7 start menu search. I live by that search, but once in a great while it will decide to highlight "See more results" by default instead of the first search result. For example, I habitually tap the windows key, type in "steam" and press enter...
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    Looking for Wireless Acces Point recomendations

    Hi forum, I'm looking for wireless access point recommendations for a smallish office. The wireless access points must: - Bridge onto an already existing LAN (e.g. not be a router) - Support WPA2-PSK - Support 802.11a/g/n at 2.4 and 5gzh (North America) I'm replacing 2 older...
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    In need of a quiet 16 port gigE switch

    Hi forum, I'm looking for a quiet, reliable 16 port gigE switch for my home office. I don't need any management capabilities or rack mounting, it just needs to be reliable and quiet. Got any suggestions?
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    In need of a USB3 20 pin to USB2 10 pin converter

    I just got a new Lian-Li PC-1020 chassis. It features 20 pin USB3 headers for the front panel connectors. However, my motherboard only has 10 pin USB2 headers. The chassis came with a 20 pin to 10 pin adapter that works great, but it only came with one. I need two for the second set of USB...
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    Help quiet down my gaming PC

    Hi forum, Looking to quiet down my gaming PC, which generates a lot of white noise. I'm particularly looking for suggestions on a solid chassis and fans that move a lot of air but still keep things cool. Also, I've got a Galaxy GTX 480, would swapping to a GTX 560 (or 580?) help quiet...
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    Switched to Intel SSD, quick questions

    Hi Forum, I just switched my desktop system over to an Intel SSD (320 series 600GB, attached via an Intel ICH10 in AHCI mode). Fresh install of Windows 7 64-bit with SP1. The hardware is a Gigabyte X58A-UDR3, I7 930 @ 2.8 GHZ, 12GB of RAM. The SSD is the boot drive ( C: ). I have a WD...
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    Stereo bluetooth headset recomendations?

    Hi Forum, I'm looking for recommendations on stereo Bluetooth headsets for use with an android phone (original Droid) for listening to tunes, audiobooks and podcasts while on the move. Also, occasional phone calls too. Cords can be so annoying when trying to jog or such, so I'm looking to...
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    Nvidia Optimus question

    Not sure if this question should go in mobile computing or Nvidia graphics cards, but since optimus is primarily a mobile thing, lets try here. Is there a way to make a particular shortcut use the Nvidia GPU by default? Background: I've got a laptop with Windows 7 x64, a Nvidia NVS 3100M...
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    Any way to turn android phone into webcam?

    I've got an original Motorola droid running android 2.2. I'd love to be able to stream video from the camera to my desktop PC over wifi. Anyone know if this is possible?
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    Built new computer for my dad, one minor problem

    Hey [H]ardforum, I just built a new computer for my dad. Once I discovered that the RAM needed to be in the second set of slots, not the first, its been running flawlessly aside from one minor problem. If I plug a headset into the audio out on the back of the system, its perfect. If I plug...
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    ZFS raidz2 performance

    So I've built a zfs raidz2 storage pool out of four 2TB WD EARS (green power) drives. I'm not expecting super performance out of these drives. I'm mostly just double-checking to make sure my array is running as ideally as it can. Informal benchmarks with dd(1) shows about 40 megabytes/sec...
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    I want to play games on battery for 3-4 hours, is it possible?

    My "aging gracefully" Dell latitude D820 has a nifty feature where the optical drive bay can be used for a secondary battery. With both batteries on board, I can easily play games for 3-4 hours before the batteries go. Another nifty feature is that one of the batteries can be hot swapped...
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    Upgrading office workstation to Win 7, is a 7300GT enough for Areo?

    I'm upgrading my office workstation from Windows XP to Windows 7 64 in the next two weeks. The system is: Dell desktop system (Can't remember model off the top of my head) Core2Duo @2.4ghz 4GB RAM Nvidia GT 7300 PCI-E Samsung 244T display (1920x1200) Its currently running Windows...
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    Tearing on Hulu videos / Sony DLP TV

    Not sure if this is the right fourm for this, but its (mostly) display related. I've got a computer hooked up to a 42" Sony DLP TV. The system is running Windows XP still. Its got an 8600GT hooked up via DVI from the Video card to HDMI on the television. I'm currently running the desktop...
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    Quiet system for running ESXi

    I'm looking for recommendations on a relatively quiet system for running ESXi, hosting about 5 virtual machines. This machine is going to be running in my home office, hence the need for it to be on the quiet side. I've got some Dell 2950's at the data center at work for ESXi but they are far...
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    4GB DDR3 ECC modules -- Do they exsist?

    I've been considering building a system for hosting some virtual machines, using a quad-core Intel I7 cpu. I'd like to put 12GB of memory in it initially and probably move to 24G down the road. For servers, I'm a big fan of ECC memory, but I'm coming up short trying to find modules in the 4GB...
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    Remote desktop client question

    If I run a remote desktop session inside a window instead of fullscreen, and the window gets minimized it always restores to the upper left corner of the screen instead of where the window was positioned. Is there anyway to make the remote desktop client restore to its origional position...
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    Thinking about a Thinkpad z60m

    I'm thinking about upgrading my oldish Dell 8200 inspiron laptop with a Thinkpad z60m. Anyone have one...
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    Need recomendations on 10/100/1000 BaseTX managed switches

    I need some recomendations on a 24 port 10/100/1000BaseTX managed gige switch. Ideally it would be 1U in size, rack mountable, and have a serial port for console management. It needs to have 24 RJ-45 UTP ports, capable of 10/100/1000 BaseTX, full duplex, auto-sensing, auto-negotiation. It...
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    Powercom UPS

    Anyone have any experence with this UPS? Or any powercom brand UPS in general? I'm looking for power protection for a couple of office servers (Mail server, database server and network hardware). I don't need long runtime...
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    Bridging a T1 line with a Cisco 2600?

    So I have an office network as shown in the above image I hacked together in a few minutes :) Currently there is a little Y.Y.Y.Y/30 network between me and my upstream ISP, with our end's IP address bound to the serial0 interface on the cisco 2600. The ethernet0 interface on the router...
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    Argh! Dead pixels? Canon A70.

    Last weekend I was doing some shooting, and noticed a red dot on the preview LCD on my Canon A70. I was hoping it was just a stuck pixel on the LCD, but it seems to show up in photos too. This is a crop from a full resolution ultra-fine photo of a black background with no flash. The red...