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    Stress test to the limit

    Ive read that running the games in 3d would force the card to use twice as much VRAM, but would likely limit some viewers to noticing minor artifacting.
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    Stress test to the limit

    tl;dr- building a 7970 benchmark that utilizies 3-4 gbs of VRAM. questions encouraged. Thanks Hey guys, I'm looking to run a stress test that utilizes all 4GB's of a 6990, or atleast 3GB's of a 7970. The goal here is to use every bit of VRAM the card has to offer.. the end result would...
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    Radeon 6870, 74C idle

    If you determine that thermal paste isnt solving your issue, contact the company who mfr'd the card, they might send out replacement fans free of charge.
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    Best 1 PCIE Connecter Graphics Card? Help!

    As far as 7790s are concerned, its basically a weaker 7850 to bridge the price point between 7770s and 7850's. the 7790 is a way for lowering the bar on a minimum requirement graphics card, based on the idea that (New releases of..) AMD drivers are making 7000 series cards stronger. With that...
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    Quick list

    Wow that is absolutely perfect. Thank you.
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    Disappointed with Apple

    I think when the dust settles and commotion comes to a stand still, Apple is just an overpriced alternative in a nicer box. I just dont know enough people who are serious about apple that can actually convince me to switch
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    Monoprice to sell re-branded FSM-270YG 2560x1440 IPS for $390

    I always buy monoprice like i buy harbor freight, get it cheap and if it dies.. get another.
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    Eyefinity 24''

    Hey guys, Im looking for 3 Monitors for an eyefinity build. 24'' (1920x1080) preferred?maybe? I would prefer having 1 VGA output max, Displayport preferred... backmounts necessary, Any ideas where to start?
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    Andy Samberg, Painted Like a Boss! ;)

    Im glad your getting paid, its a sign of bad times when artists can afford to perform their craft for a living.
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    Good Video Tutorials for CS5?

    No matter the template, i still feel like a 3 year old with crayons... leave the art to the gifted.
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    My 2nd Britney Spears painting in Photoshop

    Something tells me he gets paid for his work :cool:
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    3D Abstract Art

    Doing things only hands on glass guys dream of. Very nice
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    Christina Ricci Painting in Photoshop

    Wow this is really great stuff. Thank you for sharing
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    End of an era. Disney shuts down LucasArts. :(

    Probably better off in different hands anyway. Weird that they grabbed star wars but let lucas arts go. Someone wanna explain that?
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    Indie developers rejecting Microsoft

    Well its a step in a direction, whether it was right or wrong, they atleast gave indie a chance. If it was such a brilliant idea, Microsoft wouldn't have let it go. Lets be honest, most indie games just dont suit their target audience.
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    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Offical Benchmark Released

    Wow 500 megs? thats a big benchmark
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    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Offical Benchmark Released

    I cant wait to try out my new build with this, oh the anticipation is killing me
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    Arcade Games Recreated With Post-it Notes

    Wow thats amazing, wish he would have shaved his arm :o
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    Swapping 6950 for 7870

    Gotta remember, a 7870 resale value if you change your mind is roughly 70$ more than a 6950 too. take the 7870
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    Like a cheap upgrade w/o bottleneck

    Are you opposed to AMD? you could get a great deal on 6950's... heres why. 5870/5970s are over priced because of bitcoin mining, 6970s are overpriced because they are the "best" in the 6000 series, and 7000 series are expensive because they are new... pound for pound the 6950 is the best bang...
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    Best Warranty

    What Manufacturer has the best Warranty as well as RMA service? as far as RAM is concerned. I love the Gskill stuff, and assume the markup is for RMA/customer support
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    Quick list

    Is there a general list of performance for AMD vs INTEL cpus? that would be very helpful for me right about now.
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    Razer DeathAdder Left-Hand Edition

    I've used a steel series warcraft mouse for 4 years. Rma'd 1, it was great service, and it really fits a larger hand.
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    Six Monitor Vid Card Solution? WWYD?

    Just make sure you avoid displayport adapters, i cant seem to have one last more than a year before it fails (eyefinity)
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    Pick a card

    I dont think there will be a shortage of 7970s from other manufacturers either, why not get an xfx? they have lifetime warranty, or sapphire? you could get 2 7850's too, that would run eyefinity on hdmi like a boss. Used 6870's are 120$? 2 of those would rock anything as well. Ebay