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    Broken Touchpad?

    Straight to the point: My touchpad is going bonkers at times. Laptop is a Asus G46VW. The rest of the laptop is fine... so I don't want to replace the whole thing simply because of the touchpad. Anything I can do or will I have to just send it in?
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    Steam on 2 HDDs

    Hi Guys, I've kind of just lived with this for a while - but wanted to know if there was a better way to handle it. I bought a SSD and installed windows steam etc. on it. I didn't want to put all of my steam games on there (despite it being 1 TB, it would have quickly run out of space). I also...
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    Desktop wireless adapter?

    I've gone through 4 or more PCI-E wireless adapters for my rig(s) at this point. They've all been pretty bad in general both in quality and strength. One of them was particularly bad to the point where it started crashing Windows. I've also dabbled with USB adapters but they're even worse...
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    Laptop HDD overheating?

    My girlfriend has a Sager NP7330 (Core i7 4700MQ GTX 765M). I noticed it was underperforming in a lot of games. My laptop (Core i5 3210M GTX 660M) normally gets smoked by hers... but recently hers got slower. It got really bad in certain games, so I took a look. I do want to note that she...
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    Trackmania 2 on Steam

    I was just wondering how the Steam version worked for those that have bought any of the TM2s on Steam. I bought Canyon a while ago on the Nadeo Client. I don't want to buy the Steam version and have the two be separate. My understanding with Canyon was that you launched the Nadeo thing ... then...
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    BF3/BF4 Premium

    Been out of the country for the past 2 weeks... just realized BF4 beta is out. Going to fire it up this weekend. The main thing that's concerned me is this whole premium thing. I played BF3 for a few months after launch and had enough fun with it - but sort of lost touch after this whole BF...
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    Dead Motherboard?

    After I got my new G46, I've let my G50 sort of collect dust. My G50 had a slightly broken hinge (damn TSA agents), and the fan was 'clicky' (have a $10 replacement fan ready), but it was otherwise fully functional. I went to whip it out the other day and have it set up to be a more permanent...
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    Skyrim and my 7970

    UPDATE: It's working now. Had to uninstall and go into the steam folder and delete all the files that steam didn't delete. Just adding this for reference. ... Won't play nice with each other. The card's worked perfectly in every other game I've tried so far except for Skyrim. Skyrim won't...
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    Replace fan on ASUS G50vt

    Hey guys, my fan is making some not very nice sounds and I'm looking to replace it. Where's the best place to find a replacement part? I found this: It looks like what I'm looking for, but I've never heard of this website before. Any...
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    Disturbing NCsoft Account Support

    So I decided to fire up Guild Wars the other day... but I forgot my password. I click the reset link. After not getting the email, I did a little digging and apparently now that they're using NCsoft master accounts, it won't email you a reset link directly to your email and you have to go...
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    Xbox Live Account "wiped" ?

    So I haven't signed into Xbox live for about 6 months. I pick up Gears of War 3 today and decide to dust off my Xbox360 and fire it up. I can't sign into Xbox live. I choose my profile with 10,000 some odd gamer points that I've always used and it says that the information is invalid and...
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    Dead Island Multi-Monitor Fix

    I think there's a post mentioning this in the big dead island thread... but it can easily get lost. The game itself is Hor+ which is fine... the main issue is that the menu / inventory etc. are cut off (2D elements). I just wanted to let all the multi-monitor users know that WSGF has a fix...
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    GPU for a 300W system

    I have a friend who currently has a 300W PSU in a generic HP desktop. The specs are: Athlon II X4 2.6 ghz 6 GB ram 600 GB HDD generic DVD drive nvidia geforce 9100 Her monitor only runs at 1360x768. The main goal is to just get something that hauls more ass than the crappy 9100 that's in it...
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    Make USB non-default

    Just got some usb headsets. Currently when the usb is plugged in, it overrides the 3.5mm jack (that my speakers are plugged into). I was wondering if there was a way to make it go the other way around. I tried setting the speakers as the 'default device' in Windows 7 but it won't switch to the...
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    Crasher Anyone play it? Looks interesting...Been looking for a game kind of like that. I'm wondering if you can play against bots if there aren't enough players online.
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    Best Way to Diagnose Harddrive?

    Long story short, I'm suspecting my main drive (OS drive) of being in poor shape. Chkdsk doesn't return anything useful, so I was wondering what the best way to diagnose hard disk health is.
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    Hydragrid, Keyboard Shortcuts?

    I looked around and couldn't find a way to bind keyboard shortcuts to 'attach to grid' etc. Am I missing something obvious or is it not possible?
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    Divinity 2 - Flames of Vengeance

    Holy crap. Where to begin. Well, Flames of Vengeance is the 'expansion' to Ego Draconis and simply picks up where Ego Draconis left off in the plot / character progression. I've been playing for at least 2 hours now (after going through Ego Draconis again) and so far I've literally done...
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    Black Ops and Steam Backup

    So I pre-loaded the game on my laptop a few days ago planning to do a steam backup of it on my desktop (I do this often when I either download a steam game on campus with blazing fast net or do it overnight and don't want to leave my desktop on). But for whatever reason, it just refuses to...
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    Starcraft 2 Achievements Bug?

    Any of you guys having issues with the meta achievements? (a meta achievement is the one at the end that they give you for having all the achievements in that category, usually worth something like 20 points). In several of my categories, I have every achievement but the meta is still...
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    What to do if a game doesn't use 3D clocks?

    The game in question is the Starcraft 2 beta... I know it's a beta and all, but it's really bugging me and I'm worried that the problem will persist to release since my posts on their tech forums have gone completely unnoticed (not surprising). Right now I turn xfire off for SC2 beta since...
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    Crossfire Idle Clocks

    I have 2 5870's in crossfire at stock speeds with 3 monitors. The primary card idles at 400/1200 which is normal for 3 monitors. The 2nd card SHOULD idle at 157/300, but it shoots up to and maintains 850/1200 randomly while on desktop. Is this normal? The second card is idling at 26 C so I'm not...
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    Wireless PCI card

    My friend needs a PCI card for wifi but I've never used one nor know much of anything about them. My only experience in this matter is with a usb wifi dongle and it ... really sucked. Anyone care to recommend a cheap PCI wifi card that doesn't completely suck?
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    Torchlight mods

    Thought I'd give this game another go, played through the main plot a while ago on the hardest difficulty. Are there any *must have* mods out there?
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    Buzzing Noise?

    I have 3x Dell P2310H right now setup in eyefinity with 2x DVI and 1x DP (no adapters). Just today, the one connected with DP started to emit a soft buzzing noise. It's very apparent when you get closer to the monitor. What's causing this buzzing and should I be worried about it? :confused:
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    CPU fan speed control

    Just installed a Cooler Master Geminii S into my rig. @ stock the load temps went down by a whopping 20 C (70->50), so I felt comfortable enough to OC now. Managed to hit 3.77 ghz with my i7-860 but the fan was whirling real hard (very loud...), so I decided to back down to a nice 3.4 ghz...
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    Antec Skeleton

    Anyone own one of these? I saw one on display when I went to microcenter... it's really impressive in person. I probably would have impulse bought it had it been in stock. Now that I've thought about it, is this case just a bad idea? I've only read one review and the reviewer found it...
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    Mount & Blade Warband

    It's on sale on steam right now for $26.99 ($3 off...), official release date is March 30th. I just found out that if you pre-order it you can play the beta for free... which I think is really just the full game anyway at this point. After I bought it, steam let me download it and launched it...
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    It just happened... Original thread: I think what he did was simply use eyefinity + softTH. Kind of ridiculous at that point, but amusing.
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    Mass Effect 2 - No Eyefinity Support

    Apparently they are now officially not supporting eyefinity for Mass Effect 2. If I recall correctly... weren't they supposed to roll out an eyefinity patch? Either way, they made it official that they have no plans to ever support eyefintiy...
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    Broken Keyboard?

    Foolish me... in my haste to move all the junk off my desk, I splattered a little bit of leftover drink on my laptop. I managed to clean it off and the keyboard was working fine for the day... until later when 6 or 7 keys stopped working. I don't really know anything about laptop keyboards...
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    Assassin's Creed 2 Eyefinity

    Yes I bought AC2 despite the DRM. Let's keep the DRM discussion to the other threads. Props to Ubisoft for at least releasing the eyefinity patch before release (unlike Bioshock 2 / Mass Effect 2). Here are some in game screens and a little video I made...
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    Assassin's Creed II and Eyefinity - Working?

    Someone on WSGF claims to have had an advance copy of AC2 delivered to him early (take from that what you will...) and it got patched... with specific eyefinity compatibility patch notes. He claims that the HUD and everything is centered so it's truly 'eyefinity ready'... If this is true...
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    Eyefinity non-native resolutions

    I'm surprised I didn't actually try non-native resolutions until yesterday. Namely, I wanted to see if I could pull some more frames in BC2 since I'd ideally like it to perform as fast as possible in multiplayer without giving up too much eyecandy / eyefinity. I currently have 3x 1920x1080...
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    The Witcher Eyefinity

    So I decided to revisit this game with eyefinty. In game everything works fine, however the cutscenes pretty much don't work graphically (the audio and dialogue subtitles still work). I have the latest patch (1.5) Anyone know how to fix this?
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    Weird Eyefinity Performance Issue

    So I finally got my monitors from Dell after 2 months (long story...) Anyhoo... fired up a boat load of games and kept track of which ones worked, which ones didn't, and which ones kind of worked but had issues... (BTW - titan quest and torchlight work flawlessly, amazing) There's two that...
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    Divinity 2 - Postgame impressions

    Since I'll be talking about the game from the perspective of having finished it so there are some spoilers. Also, this is a rather long post. Skip to the end for the TLDR: I played as a ranger (although classes may be loosely defined, in my case I strictly used a bow / bow skills). In...
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    Hitman Blood Money Question

    So I decided to fire this up since I got it in the Eidos pack on Steam. I'm in the first mission after the tutorial in the vineyard... I got really annoyed with sneaking around since I fail at that apparently. I killed every single person in the level... all the civilians and guards etc. Now I...
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    Is there a game where...

    You can drive in a vehicle (drive and vehicle being very liberal descriptions here) and go around shooting other drivers (players and/or NPC's) in a arena like setting. An example that comes to mind is Extreme-G 2 I believe... from the old N64 days. It had a multiplayer mode where you could...
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    Jimmy Kimmel on DA:O Pretty funny. I can certainly say, I never did that in game.