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    oh crap, what did i kill this time?

    try re seating RAM and so on
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    Out Of Boredom....

    thanks for the comments people
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    I just got a $150 gift card for compusa help me spend it

    i would say a hard drive or a new case if you need one!
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    Out Of Boredom....

    it will be done next time though lol! this was a test it all started during a drinking session........................
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    Out Of Boredom....

    come on peepz u gotta love it!
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    Comp runs slow after cooling mod

    turn your fans back up to full speed sounds like its overheating the CPU
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    Out Of Boredom....

    My and my friend neil decided to paint an old pc that still works! It was last weekend, i took the pictured today though! here it is - these are the specs - CPU - 6x86 PR 166+ RAM - 32Mb EDO Memory Mobo - TX Pro Chipset GFX - 4Mb S3 Virge PCI Card HDD - 4Gb O/S...
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    NORMAL LAYOUT lit keyboards?

    think i might have to mod my own keyboard too...dont like those smaller keys maybe if i can get transparent buttons then do the EL sheet or wires myself! how does EL wire or sheets power though?
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    The Goldfinger

    that is stunning my friend! i too would like to see some daytime shots and also one from the back of the case
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    newbie question

    if they are in there, there is always a way out :-D
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    P*ssed Off

    That you took so long to get back online now Welcome Back! :D
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    My PC (With Pics, 56K OK)

    here is the outside
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    My PC (With Pics, 56K OK)

    ok i redid the ide cables so they go behind the the other side of the case hows it look?
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    heres mine
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    Inside of my case

    did you turn your HD cage around like that?
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    My PC (With Pics, 56K OK)

    ok i just ordered 2 small CCFL's to put in the bottom of my case front and back, i will cut 2 hols just smaller than the ccfl to give my case an underglow effect
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    My PC (With Pics, 56K OK)

    oh and in the US how much is 2 x 256Mb DDR PC2100 cost for half decent make? over here its around £60 as the price has just gone up and i heard it would be better to run 2 x 256 than 1 stick of 512
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    My PC (With Pics, 56K OK)

    thanks man! ill strip it 2mrw and re wire it all! just took it apart and swapped some fans around as some move more air than others! would it be easy to make a 120mm or 80mm fan hole on the top? also i need to make a hold for my CCFL switch
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    My PC (With Pics, 56K OK)

    Im gonna do those cable 2mrw! im thinking of turning my HD's around and takin the wires around the back so you cant see them
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    in the RUN box type MSCONFIG go to SERVICE, tick HIDE MICROSOFT SERVICES and look for POWER MANAGER, untick and then apply then start windows in safe mode, go to C:\Windows and delete svchost.exe oh and if you update norton it will find your infected files to start in safe mode, after...
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    My PC (With Pics, 56K OK)

    yes i noticed my camera doent like being close to things or it goes blurry! ahhh well
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    My PC (With Pics, 56K OK)

    some more pics as the thread from last tiem got deleted (twas the big thread with loadsa pics) CPU Fan, Wiring (need round IDE cables), my Radeon 9000pro 128Mb Need ddr ram though, also that pissin PSU connector is in such a dodgy place on the mobo Yes the case was a pre mod as it is my...
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    I "lost" my cd drives... help

    The last time i had this problem it was IDE cables. It would let me into windows but then icouldnt see any drives!
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    SVCHOST64.EXE won't go away - help

    I used norton 2003 just update your definitons and it will find it! but beware it deletes all infect .exe files dont nothe backing them up as they we still contain the virus
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    what about the Windows XP services? thank for the link dude
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    Right 2 things - can some one post thsi file so i can get it the latest one would b ehelpul as i lost all me exe's last weekend! and what services should be running under admin options in control panel! as i cant connect to chat and winmx as it says something is blocked! so if someone...
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    Cooler question

    I nearly got an Aero7 till finding that Speeze 3200XP cooler with LED's! It fantastic underload was 33c on AMD Athlon XP2000+
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    my first built rig isn't making me happy .. help

    YEs but surely you would need a new mobo aswell
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    " AMD's Finest", Tune in: Help

    i have the same chip and i clocked it to 1.9Ghz, im waiting on a new HSF though before going anymore
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    Ultimate dial up machine

    Any chance of more pics mate of jus tthe phone/tower? Very well done, im lovin that desk
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    CPU Fan

    Last nite i clocked my XP2000+ to 1.8Ghz but i need a new CPU fan due to temps! what do people make of the AERO7 Lite?
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    SewingBoxx mini-ITX custom case!

    Well its very different lol You done a good job there *thumbs up*
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    its a Geforce 4 MX440
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    I dont think there are nothing special scorewise but here are my 3Dmark 2001SE and Performance Test v4.0 scores It is from my first system - AMD Athlon XP2000+ Systax KT266 Mobo 384Mb SDram 80Gb Excelsor HD7200 40Gb IBM HD7200 64Mb Geforce4 w/TV Out
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    My First Lian Li

    Im not jealous though! I just said what the big deal with them they dont look that good! And tot he other eply up there somewhere! Why would i own one if i didnt like them? Oh and Ferraris dont suck :D
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    My First Lian Li

    Whats the big deal with Lian Li cases? i think they totally suck
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    Help With Drive Bezel

    kool done it now will take pics when i get home
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    Help With Drive Bezel

    Come on guys little help with this never done a bezel before
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    Help With Drive Bezel

    What is the easiest way to make a drive bezel for my pc! I want to cover the top drives with the spare panels like the ones you can see at the bottom Thanks Guys
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    Dude! Check out my Dell!

    i think that the fans on the side look crap IMO and it also looks too cluttered