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    new build need response

    im just putting together a quick build for myself, got the case, dvdrom, old video card, HDs i want this computer to be able to handle HD stuff and newer games. ill put the new video card in next month. was looking at these processors AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+...
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    Quick Build - Tell me what you think

    I just need a computer to burn dvd Dual Layer dvd+r discs. my parents have a p3, they only use internet and typing programs and im gonna build them something simple. Gonna use onboard video and sound. I have the hd, dvdrw, windows xp, case, antec 430 power supply. I looked on new egg quick and...
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    Laptop Overheating?!?!?

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    laptop hd

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    Transfering files

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    amd64 and windows xp

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    Help finding files

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    amd64 and windows xp

    i have just built an amd 64 3000+ computer with an asus a8v motherboard. everytime i try to click start then shutdown it goes into a sleep mode type of deal. i did a search for this and nothing came up on the forums and searched the web and nothing helped. is there a sp2 patch. the windows i...
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    Amazon Friday Sale

    Half Life 2 Collector's Edition [CD] List Price:$79.99 Price:$34.99 Madden NFL 2006 List Price: $39.99 Price: $34.99 post other amazon deals in this thread
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    MY internet keeps cutting out.

    I have to restart my computer everytime the internet stops; so i can go on. Would this be a router problem. I have yet to try on another computer cuz they r not workin.
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    Help finding files

    My friends computer wont go into windows; and he has files on it that he needs. I copied almost all the files but there are a couple on the desktop. THe problem is i cannot see the desktop files. How can i do this? so i can copy them.
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    Question about x300 mobile.

    Im looking to purchase this laptop: Intel Centrino Mobile Technology Intel Pentium M processor 750 (1.86GHz) Intel® PRO/Wireless Network Connections 802.11a/b/g Microsoft Windows XP Professional 15" SXGA+ TFT display 64MB ATI® MOBILITY™ RADEON® X300 graphics 512MB DDR SDRAM 60GB HS HDD...
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    Beep code:" What does it mean"

    1-2 98h Search for option ROMs. that is the beep code 1 - 2 but what does Search for option ROMs mean? this is the motherboard: thanks
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    problems booting into windows

    I am having problems booting into windows xp. I go from a fresh install and enter windows and then reboot the system. After that i can only enter safe mode. The little loading bar just freezes up. What would be causing this? Its an amd 800 and i have changed the pc133 ram (the slots and...
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    laptop wont start up

    i have an ibm 380xd laptop that just wont start up anymore. i have chec the voltage on the the adapter and its is going the battery dead and this is y it isnt starting up. the battery is an ibm lithium ion. thanks for any input
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    Prossecor switch problems

    i had a p4 1.8 processor laying around and my bro upgraded from his dell to a new computer the mobo works fine with a 2.8 800mhz fsb and a 3.06 800mhz fsb i put in the 1.8 but it doesnt post; i think it's the mobo no likeing a 400mhz fsb proc...
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    dell coupon here u go

    Don‘t miss out! Save $500 on new select DimensionTM Desktop online purchases over $1499 (before tax & shipping). Offer cannot be combined with instant dollars off, percent off or Deals of the Week. Enter the following coupon code at checkout: Q6Z3T$8MHM?7F1. 2-days only, offer ends 10/25/04...
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    Dell DJ 15 gig tranfer problems

    i am having problems putting mp3s on it; i was wondering if anyone else was having any problems related; i can delete the stuff off of it and was able to delete the a recording i made is this software related and the recording and mp3s it came with played fine on it please help me...
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    200 gig 99.94 IR

    200 gig 99.94 IR @ staples
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    promise ide controller card problems

    i have an ultra 66 conroler card which i took out of my gateway and tried to put it in my computer to add an extra 30 giger. it worked fine it the gateway then when i put it in my system it would not read any of the drives it also said on bootup that the bios was not installed for it any one...
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    Shuttle or not?

    My friend wants to buy my computer for 400 dollars. i have had enough lugging my computer huge and antec case around and was wondering if i should go with a shuttle. should i go amd or p4? (i am feeling p4 because of the heat) i am going to want to put a 9800 pro and a 4.1 sound card in it...
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    n64 to pc

    i have a racing wheel and pedals can this be converted to work with the pc?
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    Logitech MX1000 has the new Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse on pre-order for just $66.76 and shipping. Search "10380058". thank
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    which p4 is better oc?

    i have a 1.5 p4 256/400/1.75 v sl5sx cost rica 3130A890-2080 and the otehr is a 1.4 p4 256/400/1.7 v SL4SG Costa Rica 3106a341-0173 i wanna oc the crap out of one of these and was wondering which one was better
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    does rdram have to be run in pairs?

    ive never used rdram does it have to be run in pairs?
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    Laptop Overheating?!?!?

    i have a hp laptop that i believe is getting too hot and just turns off it is an amdk-7; and i am have not been able to install windows because it just randomly shuts off; how can i kool it down i have already gotten fans on the bottom of the laptop i was thinking that i would use a...
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    NeEd HELP installing windows xp

    i am installing windows xp on a laptop i boot from the cdrom and it says "Boot CD-ROM Type: Non-Emulation Booting :confused: what can i do so i can start installing windows i have upgraded the bios
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    how much is it worth?

    i have the oppertunity to purchase a 9800pro 256mb for aprox 190 what is the card really worth. it is brand new from rma and BBA.
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    i need a new video card

    i wanna play mainly half life 2 and dont want to spend too much money ive had a 7500 for 2.5 yrs and it has done its jorb well but its time for an upgrade i am looking to spend max 200 these are the card im looking @ refurbs...
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    building system and i need suggestions

    i wanna spend around 1000 i would like to overclock it and will be adding a watercooling system i would like around 200 gigs (store files and stuff + games are getting bigger) video card - bfg 6800gt ? memory - 512 pc3200 corsair ? it will be used as a gaming / music computer...
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    how much could i get for it?

    i was wondering how much i could get for this laptop? the screen is crack and has no hd the screen also doesnt lock in the laptop otherwise it would work fine its a amd 1.4 i believe windows xp home 2 usb ports and a firewire port on board modem; ethernet 256 mb ram i belive...
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    buy it or not?

    a sony p92 5 mega pixel is 229 open box @ best buy and i will get the service plan is it worth it. steves digicam reviews says its a good camera. but i know the cannon a80 is 4 mega pixel and is 300 brand new. i dont care about open box and the size of the camera should i buy the p92 is...
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    How much is it worth?

    i dont use this laptop i have and was just wondering how much i could get for it IBM Thinkpad 380 XD specs: P1 233 or 266 cant rember 96 mb ram 4 gig hd built in cdrom and floppy 1 usb port xircom pcmia (dialup and ethernet on one card) no dead pixels excellent condition absolutley...
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    CS dedicated router settings HeLp

    just wanted to know what is wrong with my router settings i have no clue :confused: i uploaded the pics to geocitites so i dont know how long the bandwith will last thanks for any input
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    Help installing windows xp just keeps going

    i start up teh computer put windows xp disc in and it jsut keeps installing the files nessecary; when it reboots it goes back to this and asks to format then install ..... its starting to really piss me off and i have no clue what i am doin wrong :confused: :mad: does it have something to...
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    video card getting hot

    the core to my ti4200 is HOT. is there a way to check it's temperature? thanks
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    laptop hd

    what brand do any of you guys reccomend? i was thinking the fugitsu; toshiba; or segate(if i can afford it) the ibm 30 gig one i have just went; some errors and stuff; it was only 2 yrs old. :mad: around 20 gigs or more preferably 40+gigs with 3 yr warrenty i also need to buy and...
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    Transfering files

    I have a laptop that has a corrupt windows file. I put the file on a diskette. Is there a way to copy a file from the a: to the c: in dos? If so what the command. Thanks
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    Transfering files

    I have a laptop hd that i need to transer files to my desktop; what is the adapter called cuz i forget? While i am at it where can i find a replacement lcd for a hp pavilon xf255? I wanna spend 150 max. Thanks :)
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    installing admin mod

    i am having problems installing admin mod with steam; with a non dedicated server; are there any good installation guides i should follow please post some links or tips thanks