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    I love the Asus Chromebox, and actually just replaced my 'HTPC' in the living room with one (moving the HTPC to the office as an actual desktop PC). It runs OpenELEC/Plex, Plex server runs on the 'HTPC' in the office, and I've got an unRAID media server that stores all my data. The Chromebox w/...
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    Best ROM for S4

    I'm a huge fan of SlimROM. I've been using it since my S2, and still use it on my S4: Slim, sleek, does what I want and nothing else.
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    Any relevant uses for a G4 anymore?

    You could always turn it into a file server/back up server. Though many apps have phased out 10.4 support and are quickly phasing out 10.5 support.
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    500K Google Reader Users Convert to Feedly

    God I'm going to miss Google Reader. I've tried switching over to Twitter creating an account and subscribing to my feeds there, which seems to work alright, but just doesn't have the same feel as ol' Google Reader.
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    The SGS2, SGS3 and SGS4. Which one was the biggest upgrade?

    My thoughts exactly. I've also got the E4GT and am due for an upgrade in September or October.
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    I haven't tried full uncompressed BluRay rips, but I can tell you that I don't have any trouble with my 1080P MKV rips. They're compressed, but still come in at around 10-20GB if that makes any difference. Stability-wise, if you keep up with the latest nighties, you run into the chance of...
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    It did at one point, that bug has since been squashed however. Cold boot to XBMC menu is generally under 10 seconds.
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    If you're looking for a standalone box that'll run XBMC and pull content from your server, save yourself $130 and get the PIVOS XIOS: Install the Linux firmware on it and it'll boot into XBMC in seconds and run smooth as butter. I use a HTPC in the living...
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    Best HTPC for parents who never had a computer...?

    Are you referring to the PIVOS XIOS? I'd recommend this if you're looking to run XBMC on a standalone box. I haven't actually tried the Android firmware it comes with + the XBMC apk as it was still pretty buggy several months back, but they've been...
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    Apple Warns Against Jailbreaking

    You may not steal the apps, but damn near everyone I know that has jailbroken their iOS device pirates apps, and will proudly justify it. Much, much more-so than those that root their Android devices.
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    windows 8 media center

    I bought Win8 + MCE solely because of the discount + free MCE offer. I figure it's better to get it now than pay full price in a year or two. I've installed it on my living room box and have it boot directly to XBMC. I haven't installed a single piece of software other than XBMC + LogMeIn and...
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    Just bought an HD Homerun Network Tuner - Is WMC still the only choice for software?

    As far as I know you can use other backends (MythTV, MediaPortal, etc.) with software like XBMC, but you still need to use WMC to watch/record encrypted channels if using a CableCard. Is this still the case?
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    Intel HD3000 for HTPC

    I'm using the HD3000 for my HTPC in the living room running XBMC without any issue.
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    Sprint 4G LTE going Live in 100 cities over next few months

    Wow, even Ocala, FL is getting it. Between that and Orlando, I'll be set.
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    Total noob and HTPC - What OS?

    I'd go with Win7 + XBMC personally. I've always found WMC lacking, but I also don't use it to record cable. If you aren't either, I'd choose XBMC (or MediaPortal) over WMC hands down. This gives you the Win7 box so you can run whatever additional apps you need (I have media scrapers + streamers...
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    New HTPC build.

    Why bother trying to force OS X on there? I haven't followed the hackintosh stuff too closely, but the point of a HTPC is a quiet, stable platform to dish out media both to the big screen and other devices. If you're looking to serve media, why not just throw Windows 7/8 + XBMC on there, and be...
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    HTPC Software

    I'm confused, what OS are you running on the rig now?
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    Raspberry Pi is shipping!!!

    This is exactly my plan. I just recently found out about this and the ability to put XBMC on them. I figure I'll check back in 6-8 months time and most of the kinks will be worked out. At that point I'll pick up a few for different rooms in the house to pull from my main XBMC rig in the living room.
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    I have a MacBook Pro 15" (older model). Should I buy official battery or replica?

    I bought mine at I paid ~$46 for it shipped. I *think* it was this exact model: it's listed as Optical Bay HDD Caddy to replace "Slot-Loading Optical",9.5,PATA on my purchase order.
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    XBMC 11.0 - Eden - FINAL

    How does the final release compare to MediaPortal? I'm running MediaPortal with the StreamedMP plugin, and realize I can setup XBMC to look the exact same (considering StreamedMP is a XBMC ported skin), but is it worth the hassle?
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    Alienware water cooled laptop.

    The only question I have is.... Why?
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    I have a MacBook Pro 15" (older model). Should I buy official battery or replica?

    I'm still running my late 06 C2D MBP and plan on using it until it literally stops running. Just buy the Ebay batteries, I've been doing it since I bought the MBP new and they had those battery issues. I can't tell you whether or not they last longer than the Apple branded batteries because my...
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    New iPad screen & case protection?

    Because the screens are scratch resistant, not scratch proof, and I plan on either A) keeping this thing for a long time to come or B) flipping it a month or two before the new iPad rumors start heating up. The Zaag does have orange peel but otherwise it really doesn't bother me, maybe I'm just...
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    Ipad 3 charging system needs work

    It definitely takes a lot longer to fully charge the battery. I did a complete drain of the battery of my new iPad before charging it for the first time. Started out @ 100% until it powered itself off. I started charging it at ~2:15PM on Sunday, and it wasn't until sometime around 1AM, give or...
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    Ipad 3 best deals/places to get it?

    Not ripping anybody off if you're not forcing them to buy it. I threw my preorder up on CL for a way too high of a price for shits and giggles. If somebody is stupid enough to pay that much for it, by all means it's theirs, but if not I fully plan on enjoying my new iPad come Friday.
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    Ipad remote connection

    I have the LogMeIn app and my iPad never showed up as an available device on the website (don't have it now to confirm this as I've since sold it and am awaiting the new one).
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    Ipad 3 best deals/places to get it?

    If you're up in the air about keeping it, Target has the best return policy. When I bought my iPad 2 last year, I had 90 days to return it, which was great because after about 3-4 weeks, I realized 16GB wasn't enough and I returned it for a 32GB. I hear they've dropped it down to 45 days now...
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    The Obligatory iPad 3 Announcement Thread

    I have no interest in the Smart Cover. I just want the Zaag screen protector (which I assume works with the latest iPad seeing as how they haven't changed the screen dimensions) and I'll probably pick up a cheap Targus case or backing to hold me over until the better cases come out over the next...
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    The Obligatory iPad 3 Announcement Thread

    This, though I'll still probably be fighting a crowd at Best Buy to get a case + screen cover after I receive it on Friday. edit: on that note, will new iPad accessories be available first thing Friday, or are they after 6PM as well? Are they already available now?
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    The Obligatory iPad 3 Announcement Thread

    Yours and mine must be on the same pallet lol
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    The Obligatory iPad 3 Announcement Thread

    I've got a FedEx tracking number for mine but no details on the shipment yet.
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    The Obligatory iPad 3 Announcement Thread

    Has anybody heard anything about new cases? All I've heard about are the new ones from Targus, which may work for a little while until some more are released. I loved my SwitchEasy Canvas case for my iPad2 though. Hopefully they've got another in the works.
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    The Obligatory iPad 3 Announcement Thread

    Just ordered mine, black 32GB WiFi model
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    The Obligatory iPad 3 Announcement Thread

    I'll probably go with SquareTrade based on what you guys are saying due to the fact they seem more geared toward accidental physical damage, which is what I'm more worried about than anything else. This may be a little naive, but short of physical damage (whether internal or external), what...
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    The Obligatory iPad 3 Announcement Thread

    I meant how do they compare with each other though? While buying a warranty itself is debatable, if you had to choose between the two, which would it be? I understand what you're saying with sticking with Apple, but it seems theirs still may be more limited than SquareTrade's, but I really don't...
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    The Obligatory iPad 3 Announcement Thread

    How do the new AppleCare+ and SquareTrade warranties compare? I never bought a warranty for my iPad2, but of course, 3 days after I listed it on craigslist, it gets dropped and the back dented. I still sold it ($400 for a 32GB WiFi), but this time around I'm considering a warranty in case this...
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    Sprint Users.. Would you wait for the Galaxy Nexus or get the Epic Touch 4G

    I was in the same boat 3 weeks ago. I had no intention of getting either phone, but one night of drinks later and I lost my Nexus S. I was going to hold out for the Nexus, but didn't for a few reasons: 1. A friend has it for Verizon so I got to see it first hand and had no idea it was as big as...
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    Still can't get used to android...went back to WebOS

    While flashing kernels and ROMs on an Android handset is great, I do miss the UI and true multitasking of WebOS. I'd say it never caught on due to poor marketing and shitty hardware. As much as I loved WebOS, the Pre itself was a cheap phone.