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    Win CE

    I have a gps with Win CE .net 4.2 Core. I am trying to get the file ceDesktop.exe to view the desktop instead. ( make changes to a product which said company ( Prima ) does not exist anymore. The old Destinator 2.01 map software is very old and I want to upgrade the GUI to a much simpler...
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    Computer as phone switchboard..

    Here is my idea.. I have the phone through my internet provider, it's not Voip but rather phone through cable. So what I want to do it hook that into my computer & run a program which selects which person to call, press 1 for tim, press 2 for allan.. I could use two dial up cards for the...
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    HP computer problem !!! Please Help

    So today I used the hp recovery cd since the rundll32.exe file was messed up from a virus ( not my computer, but a friends ) and there was the option to select destructive recovery or regular recovery - which I chose the second one " does not delete user files " Problem being.. I can't see...
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    Rundll32 File Please

    I am not at my place for the moment being, however I do require the file rundll32 since this one here has been attacked. Could someone please uplink their rundll32 for me. I am using windows xp :( Also ( with Norton instaled ) I am getting a general antivirus pop-up and website redirects...
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    After Installing the OS

    How many of you work on computers and are tired of always installing all those other programs clients "expect" to be on there ? I have been working on computers, cleaning, fixing, rebuilding, blah blah blah for a very long time now. I have reverted myself down to the simple.. if it's broken...
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    HOT HOT HOT.. hard drive :eek:

    :eek: I just had a 2001 40gb western digital drive inside a computer with the panel off, just to format and test how the sectors are. It was burning hot to touch ! I have never felt a hot drive besides the Maxtor slim profile drives ( which was cooler than this WD ) !!! Question is...
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    Install XP with no Optical Drive = Fail

    I'm trying to install xp on an older laptop.. Dell It has these hot swappable bays for the battery / floppy / optical drive.. Well guess which one is missing.. Has anyone installed xp without the network, usb thumb drive, or optical drive ? Thank you everyone.. All is working now ...
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    Double Power Supply

    If I was to run a double power supply setup... how would I sync them both so when I power up the system, the other one turns on aswell. Thinking about building something new and fun but run the motherboard and hard drives / ect on the main power supply. Run the video cards on the second...
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    Cleaning Internal parts help

    I have just run a laptop keyboard under hot water to clean all the gunk I could get at ( after I took the keys and tabs off of course ).. I am not going to plug it in for a few days to make sure it is dry, however would anyone else attemp this ? I just do not have the patience to clean a...
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    Post that Damaged Rig!!

    Photos of Desktop, Laptop, or Monitors that have been through battles, scratched, painted, stickered, parts missing.. Show us those items you have that are still surviving. Requirements.. Damage :D
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    Kensington Universal PSU

    I just bought a Kensington power supply for my laptop.. mine is the home/auto/air version with usb on the side. I like the sturdy build of this product, however when I plug it in and listen ( no laptop ) it makes a bussing sound.. when I plug it into a laptop it's still there but quieter...
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    Isopropyl Cleaner ?

    Just got a bottle of Isopropyl 50% by volume.. would that be safe to clean processors and lcd screens with ? Anyone try this or know about it.. :confused:
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    Anyone Still Using This ?!?!

    Mine works perfectly but it is rather antique these days.. Built back in 1995 and still running with the original 4x 6V batteries. I'd like to know if anyone has any idea about what the tiny switches in the back are for :confused: Listed 1, 2, 3, 4. Enjoy some pics :D
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    Thoughts about that "Cover Up"

    I thought this would just be an interesting title until someone does happen to post a pic.. What are the compelling thoughts about laptops / desktops that have it's signs of wear and tear / abuse.. ? Would you keep it to it's factory glory or cover it up with a coat of paint ? Perhaps...
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    DVR Viewer

    Hey everyone.. :cool: I am looking for a viewer that can play back DVR files saved inside of a KDB folder. From there, they are split into many many many files... Thanks in advnaced ;)
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    Project - LCD Monitor Light Issue

    I am in the current situation where as I have an lcd monitor made by ProView 20" tv with pc input. The lights turn on and than off in a mear second, yet upon changing the input.. the backlight appears on again for another second. I do not know if this would be related to the transformer, or...
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    Just got a 512mb EVGA AGP card

    Hey, just wanted to rant about the video card I picked up today.. had to replace two solid caps ( hidden electrolytics ? ) with two electrolytic caps and she works. :D N7600A-PB 512MB Anyone else own the same video card ? What about performance marks ??? ( I don't have agp pc at the...
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    Dell PowerEdge Server

    Here we Go ! I have a very interesting to myself, question! My situation is that I cannot get any scsi hard drives for my server box. Perhaps I can if I spend the odd hundred but I am not garenteed if the server even works :eek: Has anyone ever known of the ability to use an ide or sata...
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    LCD TV for a monitor

    I have looked into this topic before, but until now I have become interested in the tv's since I just ordered one for the shop and it looks excellent with the computer we are using for displaying our ads. Samsung 40" lcd. Okay so far having a computer hooked up to one it looks good. What...
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    Help with Raid 1

    I have a 500gb hdd with information, however I will be adding another 500gb hdd to setup raid 1. Will I have to save everything on the hard drive before I do this or will it just make the initial copy ?
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    How does my processor equal to others ?

    I have not been involved as much as I should have been during the Pentium D days and socket 775. My knowledge for intel processors is from socket 478, and before. AMD processors is up to Socket AM2. I have here a Pentium D 2.66Ghz Socket 775. Would someone please point me to a comparison...
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    Changing Capacitors.

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    Changing Capacitors.

    I am changing some capacitors, especially on the Asus EN6600 256mb pci-x card The specs are liquid caps 6.3v 330uf 6.3v 820uf I can't remember if I have to stay in the same voltage or the same uf rating. Aswell, how would I decipher when using solid caps ? ( later change on my...
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    Help with Dell Poweredge 6400 Server

    So I was trying to install Debian while it keeps telling me that my scsi drives are not there. I spent the most part of my day trying to configure the controller card to put the drives online ( it's my first server ) While I am for the most part sure that everything is now proper... I do...
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    Post Your Laptop Collections / Specs

    The List.. ( many that will be added after ) IBM Thinkpad 380D ( free ) Working IBM Thinkpad 760LD ( free ) Working 2x Dell Latitude D600 ( free ) One has broken screen, other has dead mobo IBM Thinkpad T30 ( paid $60 )...
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    Require Information First Server !

    Dell PowerEdge 6400 / 700 Quad Xeon server. Cost $40 :P yup just fourty So here I am looking at this server with a 73gb 10k drive and another drive at 18.2gb 10k I require one drive tray to complete my server. I also would like to know more about the connectors this server has on...
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    HP vs17x Screen Problem

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    Storage Solution.. Not the device lol

    What happens when the hard drive in my computer is very big.. how should I utilize it ? Or very small.. How should I utilize it ? 1. Main hard drive has files, external hard drive is duplicate ? 2. Main hard drive is just windows, external hard drive is files with secondary external...
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    Music List Jumps ?!?!

    I am using windows xp pro sp2. When I open my folder containing a large amount of music, select the song I wish to play and when I go back .. the list has auto scrolled itself to the top again :confused: This has been seen happen to my friend aswell. Anyone know why ? I just want to...
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    Do you know what will replace optical media !

    I want to ask how people are backing up their discs, or media Make a double. Are you including the cd key into the ISO on that single back up ? What about the safest form of keeping the information from becoming corrupted! How about just keeping them on the hard drive. Perhaps...
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    XP or Vista

    Regardless how long it takes to find drivers for either operating system .. Would you take a new vista box and stick xp on it, or vice versa.. Perhaps you keep both options open. do tell Sorry I should have made the poll with more options and I cannot change it now .. If you are not...
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    Thermaltake Randon Shut Down ?

    Hi, I'm writing this in a storm so I will be breif .. I have a Thermaltake Tough Power 600W and it just shut my computer off without any warning ! I was just reading the forum and nothing more. After the shut off I heard the loud bang of thunder. Could it just be a safety aspect of the PSU or...
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    XP Activation / Passing Genuine Validation

    Hi, I was just working with XP PRO SP2 in VMware and I wanted to know if I'm getting a glitch where it is letting me activate it more than once and passes the genuine portion. Firmly I would like to know how the validation plays a role if I am activating windows and once I disconnect the...
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    HDD Utilization

    I would like to ask what the best choice on using a computer hard drive would be ? 1. Would it be best to use One hard drive and partition it so the main is the OS and the secondary is for files. 2. Use Two hard drives, the main for the OS and the Second for files. 3. Using Two hard...