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    Congrats on the win. Well done.
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    codecs for w7 htpc?

    Like 'JohnDC' mentioned as well, I did not have to do any reg edit to get MKV's to show up in WMC or XBMC (Haali comes with CCCP).
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    codecs for w7 htpc?

    1. Install CCCP 2. Done. No need for a reg edit as well.
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    EA pwned battlefield 3 exclusive

    Everyone would hit that.
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    Sony confirms development of Playstation 4

    This should be interesting.
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    Props to Corsair

    Nice job Corsair. *thumbs up*
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    EA pwned battlefield 3 exclusive

    I'd hit that.
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    Corsair: 650D

    The 650D will probably be my next case; it's quite sweet I say.
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    The [H] Dropbox Thread

    DropBox is pretty sweet. HardForum users can sign up here and get extra storage space:
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    Tunisia Bans All Pornographic Sites

    Exactly what I was thinking.
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    HDR First Time

    Too far, lol.
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    Best site to buy a DSLR camera?

    BHPhoto is great.
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    What lens spends the most time on your camera?

    Nikon 50mm 1.8 Sure I sometimes wish it was wider being on my non full frame DSLR, but it is the nicest lens that I own.
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    reliable defragger?

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    software recommendation for splitting video files

    Avidemux is good stuff. Recommended.
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    downloading streams

    Maybe try the direct link? Edit: oops, doesn't really help your issue.
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    How do you tag someone in a facebook status update?

    Did you try pasting the link to their profile page into the status box?
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    Nikon Lenses are on backorder

    I went with the 50mm over the 35mm (non DX versions) because it was cheaper and in my budget at the time. It is an awesome lens, but being a non full frame DSLR I do often wish it was wider. I will pick up the 35mm one day.
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    Photoshop gurus - Adivce on tablets...

    Wacom. Even the cheap ones are very nice.
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    HTPC - Build Request / Questions

    I separate file server duties and HTPC duties between two machines like many others; therefore I only needed a cheap HTPC for streaming HD content over the network. I upgraded a few months ago and was able to do it for under $250 and I am very happy with it. Good luck...
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    codecs for w7 htpc?

    I use CCCP as well. However I know many others who choose KLite or Shark007. You should be fine with any of these.
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    Best format to rip DVD to?

    I would also recommended using Handbrake to rip using x264 in an MKV or MP4 container.
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    Software for recording a section of the screen?

    Camtasia is by far the best, but it's commercial. (You must have it configured wrong if you are getting bad results). CamStudio is a free option and it is decent; but no where as good as Camtasia. Check it out.
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    Simplest dual monitor setup?

    What open ports do the motherboards have? If they have an open PCIx16 slot you can get a cheap video card for like $29 that will do the job fine.
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    A Picture I Took - 2011

    Anyone else notice this guy is wearing a red thong? I found it quite disturbing. :p
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    Starting a youtube series.

    I know how much work goes into making something like that; well done.
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    Host blog from a home PC with Linux

    It would be hard to justify doing it yourself when it is so cheap.
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    Has anyone else had a SATA data connector break?

    At least you can get your data off.
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    Is Antec Silver 5 still the best thermal paste?

    While newer stuff has come around, Artic Silver still remains the gold standard for thermal paste and what everyone I know uses. Is there thermal paste out there that is technically better? Yea, probably. I'll stick with AS for now tho.
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    Has anyone else had a SATA data connector break?

    Wow that is quite unfortunate. While I have never seen a case where the entire connector broke off I have seen a PC I was working on where the "L" portion of the connector broke off. Luckily the flat portion with the pins was still fine so use of the drive was not affected.
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    Any ideas on how to delete this file?

    try <strike>command prompt</strike> safe mode.
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    Putting together a workstation for 3D/AutoCAD rendering

    The first thing you have to do is find out what software he uses. Once you know that you can look online and see if the software offers GPU acceleration. If it does you need to find out what GPU's it offers GPU acceleration on. If GPU acceleration is not an available of that particular piece...