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    YOUR OPINION WANTED - 45C during high GPU LOAD good/bad/ok?

    I build an 1800x system with 1080ti founders watercooled with EKWB blocks. I have 2x 3-140mmfan-radiators on two separate loops. My CPU temp is about 32(not gaming) -> 40C(unload long load). For example, if I use the computer all day the average temp is 40C before i power off. CPU...
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    Looking for a quality 5.25" PWM Fan/EKWB Pump controll

    I have 2 custom loops in my system, one for Graphics Card and one for the CPU. My current Fan controller doesnt have enough ports for the pumps and all my fans. In total, 8 fans and 2 pumps so 10 PWM devices. I'd like to have two of the case fans to be controlled by the motherboard so that...