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    ITT: Identify that panel type

    A while back, I was looking at random LCDs I had with a 100x microscope. I know what some of these are, but some seem odd, and I can't find similar panels on Google images. Anyone know? Sony PSP Go Motorola Droid X I'm pretty sure they're both TN (from the viewing angles), but...
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    Does ATI not do forced AA/AF?

    Recently, I upgraded from a GeForce 6800GT to a Radeon x1950 Pro. While the card is much faster, none of the "forced" AA/AF settings are working in older games (tried: Planetside, EverQuest, Vampire Bloodlines, Deus Ex 2). I've even created Catalyst Control Center profiles with AA/AF and bound...
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    Identifying phantom app popup?

    I have some phantom app popping up in my taskbar on my home XP Pro box about every 30 mins (haven't timed it). Shows as a console icon and a blank title. None of the logging or auditing features in XP seem to be able to capture it. (yes, I run virus scanners and spyware detectors, and don't use...
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    XP: Config 192.168.*.*->LAN, all others -> wireless?

    I just got moved to a new office and the wired internet connection is rate-limited so browsing, email, news, IM etc is now a bad thing (tm). However there are several public access points and I have a wireless network card. Can I specify that all local (192.168.*.*) traffic gets sent to the...
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    Freeform collapsible tree editor?

    I'm looking for a freeform collapsible tree editor, sort of like the bullet points in Word, only with the ability to expand/collapse the tree structure as you can do with Windows Explorer. Anyone know of anything like this? Thanks.
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    Need a simple video editor

    I have a digital camera that records MPEG 2 video. I would like to use something on the PC to cut out portions of the clips and combine them, and maybe downsize/recompress them for sending to people. I've tried: 1. Windows Movie Maker 2: Crashes every time I drag a clip to the film bar...
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    Lowering PC's overall heat output

    Ok, here's the deal: My computers put out too much heat. My primary PC is listed in my .sig, and runs pretty much 24/7 running P2P stuff if nothing else. Monitor and hard drive power savings are enabled. My house is two floors with central AC and heating. The thermostat is downstairs...
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    Disable mouse waking up monitor in WinXP?

    Is there a way to disable mouse movement waking up the monitor in WinXP from power save mode? I just want it to come on when a keyboard key is pressed, not when the mouse gets bumped. Note this isn't suspend/hibernate mode... just power savings mode on the monitor. Thanks.
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    Agh, my Z-5500s fried

    I was plugging in a new RCA cable to my Z-5500s... I guess the cable was defective and had a short in it or something, because I heard some horrid random noise from the speakers, then smelled something burning and the entire unit powered down. I waited and unplugged/replugged it. The analog...
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    What's the latest Det driver that's 100% with Planetside?

    I just downloaded some new drivers for my 6800GT for the framerate boost in the FEAR demo. Unfortunately, it resulted in a problem I've seen intermittently in some NVidia drivers, which is horrible corruption of sprites and UI elements in Planetside. Does anyone else still play PS (hah), and...
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    Just ordered a DSC-T7... what do you guys think about it?

    Well, I was wanting to pick up a new toy... I had trouble deciding between a Dell Axim X50V, Glock 19, and Sony DSC-T7, but in the end the camera won. I also looked at the Nikon S1 and a Fuji one I can't remember offhand but they were 2-3x the thickness. Anyone have one? How do you guys...
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    Pocket PC - crappy standby time?

    I have a Palm V (old greyscale unit) and a Toshiba e330 Pocket PC, not exactly a new unit, but pretty modern with a 300mHz CPU, WM2002, color display etc. Well, as a test I left them both off the charger for a week. At the end of the week, the Toshiba which started with a full charge, was...
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    Warm: Logitech Ultra X keyboard $19 This is an awesome "thin" keyboard from Logitech that's very similar to the one used in their high-end DiNovio keyboard, only it isn't wireless. AFAIK Newegg is the only place selling them. EDIT: here's a...
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    Pocket PC calendar question

    One thing I use my Palm for is daily scheduling. I go to the Palm calendar, and just tap on the hourly fields in the day view, write something in, and I'm done. Doing this it takes very little time and I can set up a rough personal schedule for things I want to get done across the entire day...
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    Help with MX1000 problems

    Hey guys, Bought a MX1000 a while back and I'm having some problems with it. I really like not having the cord and the ergonomics on it are the best I've seen in a mouse. Unfortunately, the MX1000 just hasn't been reciprocating my love. I haven't noticed this in other games yet, but in...
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    No drivers on creative's site, what's up with that?

    I moved my Audigy 2 over a few slots in my system optimizing it for better airflow and was quite annoyed to get prompted by Windows for the original driver CD. Worse still, it took me over an hour of digging to find the original CD, and the drivers were not available at Creative's site... only...
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    Can DDR400 RAM handle a 230mhz FSB?

    Hey, I need an additional gig of RAM in my box. Right now I have a gig of Cosair XMS DDR500. However, my system never overclocked as much as I wanted, no matter how many volts I fed my CPU. It seems stable with a 230mhz FSB though (DDR460). Thing is, getting another gig of the RAM I...
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    Why is the mac UI better?

    I've seen frequent posts about why the Mac UI is better, more effecient, and lets you work faster. Why? I've never heard anything to back this up. I use Windows for file management and to launch programs. I can launch programs and manage files very quickly with it. You can even hotkey...
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    What the MX1000 looks like when you can see infrared

    I took some pics of my Logitech MX1000 with my digital camera and Generation 2 night vision scope which can see infrared. Enjoy. It's actually blindingly bright indoors to the scope. Outdoors I had trouble seeing it past about 100m. I could not see the beam itself, but I can see the beam...
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    Best notebook for around $1k?

    Anyone recommend one? Would preferably like something able to run 3D games and play DVDs. Thanks.