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    Microsoft Surface 32GB + Touch Cover

    Surface 32GB
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    Best inexpensive PA loudspeaker (powered)?

    I'm looking for a good sounding, relatively inexpensive loudspeaker to take over drinking (loud, lots of people) music duties. I've used Mackie Thump and JBL Eon speakers in the room before (have a lot of dj friends) and both work tremendously, but I'm not looking to spend that kind of money...
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    If Apple's not the best...

    I always hear that Apple is overpriced, not the best for the money in the display field, etc... but I can't find anything that cuts it. I got rid of the Apple and replaced it with a low end, high resolution 23" model from Dell as a stop gap. Since then, I've been researching lots of monitors in...
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    Keep the new monitor?

    I've had the Apple Cinema Display for the last 2 years but I ended up putting it towards my new M3 because I was short on cash at the time. I saw the Dell S2309w monitor on slickdeals for $160 or so, and picked it up because I had a $30 credit and it was only going to cost me $130 shipped...
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    Slow Clock on 10.5.4 Vanilla ep35-ds3l

    After a little googling I found that I'm not going crazy, and its not a dead motherboard battery. Apparently the 45nm chips, possibly only when used in conjunction with the XX35-DS3X boards, lose a few seconds per minute (5-10) which results in a seriously off clock. Has anyone here found a...
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    What do I upgrade?

    As of late I've found myself a little unsatisfied with my performance. Its very very fast (so much faster than my old Macbook Pro's, its a crime I waited so long), but when I'm working with NIK in Photoshop, I get a progress bar; and if I've got a ton of stuff open it has a few seconds of...
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    XFX Rebates?

    I bought an XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog back in early September, the 3rd I believe. I turned in the rebate immediately. After a month, I checked the status. Nothing showed up... The company ( claimed they didn't have it. I sent a stern email and wouldn't you know it, they "found"...
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    Noctua NH-U12P CPU Heatsink Review

    I just finished a review of the NH-U12P and I thought I'd share it with you guys. I've got a great stable overclock at 4.25ghz going on with my E8500 so I'm a happy camper :) You can see the whole thing and the pictures here; Its 3 pages so I'm not going to just post it here but my...
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    Back case fan direction?

    I feel dumb for asking, but I've always had the back 120mm fan blowing outwards (sucking air from the case out into the world, like exhaust). I read somewhere recently that it should be blowing in. Which way is correct?
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    Mobo or PSU?

    Well, this is a conundrum. My motherboard has been very flakey (no keyboard works once you're in the bios) but all of a sudden, it won't turn on at all. My question is, PSU or motherboard? The reason I ask is because the PSU fan does not spin when I turn it on, nor does it provide power to an...
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    No keyboard works in bios...?

    Built a new PC, motherboard (I'm assuming its the only relevant component) is the Gigabyte p31 DS3L. The problem is, not one of my 3 keyboards works in bios. They are: Logitech PS/2 keyboard Apple USB Keyboard Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard Logitech ps/2 lets me enter the bios (recognizes...
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    Help with my new computer

    I'm building a new computer to be used with OSX86. I got in on the "slickdeal" on the OCZ SLI-Ready Edition 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 800 PC2-6400 Desktop Memory for $45 shipped after rebate and picked up a open-box Gigabyte GA-EP31-DS3L LGA 775 motherboard for $50+$8 shipping, I think. In all, it...
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    New thinkpads?

    I'm wondering if there is any inside tips on a new thinkpad x series tablet on the horizon. I haven't been following thinkpads at all and the forum is down (
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    Pandora Radio

    For those of you with v2 and 3g iphones, check out Pandora radio. Pandora on its own is a cool service and I've discovered some new music, but wow... the iPhone app well done. Apps like this are going to set the iphone apart.
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    The Fastest Mac Web Browsers

    Thought you guys might find it interesting. I found a new browser (Shiira)
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    iPhone 3g leaked

    Surprised I didn't see this here but
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    Dinovo edge or MX5500

    Want to decide tonight. They're the same price, but the Mx5500 includes the MX Revolution mouse. I already have a good mouse (mx1000 bluetooth) but I would prefer the revolution. I might just buy it anyways. Anybody have experiences with either they'd like to share? I thought the mx5000 was...
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    Westy 47" 1080p for $999

    I'm curious to see if anyone here has actually picked up the costco deal on the westy. I almost think it would be too big but ehhh... what's too big, anyways?
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    Did I make a good choice?

    I saw a thread on slickdeals with a Nec 20WMGX2-BK monitor for $199 mfg refurbished. I used a $5 off coupon and got it for: Refurbished: Silver/Black LCD-20WMGX2-BK-RE 1 199.99 *No Return = OK NEC MultiSync 20in Widescreen LCD PC/TV Monitor 20WMGX2-BK, 6ms, 1600:1, 470...
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    Hook two monitors up to a laptop (DualHead2Go Digital Review)

    A bunch of people have asked me how I was doing this: in the setups threads so I thought I'd share my formal review of the matrox dualhead2go digital edition. You can read the whole thing here: The closing remarks were essentially: If you need...
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    nvidia 9500m GS

    I didn't see this posted here so I thought y'all might be interested. Story here: Its packed into a new Asus model.
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    Effect of speaker magnets on Laptop?

    I'd like to place my laptop ontop of my Center channel speaker (I have done this in the past but I'm scared for some reason). Will the magnets inside the speaker affect the computer? Thanks!
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    Comcast Troubles - Constant dropping, etc

    Here's a pingplotter graph I just took Basically, for about a week now I am connected for about 5 minutes then dropped for the same. Its happening with all computers in the house (about 15) some desktop and some laptop. My setup is: Router (motorola surfboard, pretty old) -> main...
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    Dual core HTPC for $275!?

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    Dual core HTPC for $275!?

    Basically the cost of an appletv (which I've already got, looking for something with a little more functionality) and it should replicate the functions and then more. Am I missing anything? Motherboard has a fairly strong integrated graphics (as far as integrated nvidia graphics go) and it does...
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    8400GS Can't do 720p?

    When I hook my sony vaio sz up to my pj it won't do 720p, anybody know how to do this?
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    Vista is slow!

    I had never realized this. Seriously, the last time I used vista is with my home theater pc and its very well endowed, so I guess it never hiccuped with vista. I just got a new sony laptop that came pre-loaded with vista and even after removing the crapware, its still sluggish at best. I've...
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    Help me get quiet!

    I've got a little wood chipper over here thats supposed to be a HTPC and its driving me nuts. I need to find some way to make it quiet, and fast. Troublemakers: Zalman 9500 CPU cooler Antec 900 Case (already disabled big top fan, everything but CPU fan is set to "low" (but its still loud)...
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    Raise Vista Performance Score?

    This is totally for e-penis reasons and e-penis alone :D because I'm sure it won't affect my actual performance that much, but I'm hoping someone can clue me into how to raise my vista scores. All my categories have 5.9 except for Processor and RAM, at 5.6 respectively. Processor is overclocked...
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    Should it be slow?

    I've had my Counter-Strike account for 4 years now and when I got a new computer, I expected to be able to play games. I used to be able to play SOURCE version on a laptop with integrated geforce 6100, this was a single core, circa 05 laptop. I rarely play games, but I like to play...
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    BSOD Still Exists?

    Without my Mac, I've been using a Windows PC for the last few days. Geezus! I've actually had at least 5 blue screens of death, and each had a different stop code. I had no idea there was still such an astronomically high faliure rate, and its not like this is broken hardware. Its all brand new...
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    Best Projector or LCD for Web, Games and Movies

    I need something big that will let me sit anywhere between 5 to 10 feet away and still comfortably browse the web (1080p is a must) but still look great with games and movies. I'm considering a projector (no 1080p, thats too expensive these days :() or a big LCD (anywhere between 37'' to 50''...
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    Projector or Big-Sceen

    I'm looking to throw some serious inches up on my wall and I'm not quite sure if I should go the projector route or just buy a big LCD (50 inch). Right now I've got a 40'' Sony Bravia LCD and its too small for my tastes, so I'm thinking the 50 (while an improvement) won't totally satisfy me...
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    Right click... sticks?

    This seems really odd - once in a while (but frequently enough to bug the crap out of me), no matter with what or where I click, its always right click. It happens with my bluetooth mouse and my trackpad. When that happens, I can't click dialog boxes or anything, so in effect it freezes my...
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    Slimming Down Vista?

    I've got Windows Vista installed on a 10GB partition, which is fine and great when its hooked up to an external drive or my NAS, but its difficult having 300mb free space with Vista Ultimate and Office 2007 (Word, Outlook and Excel) installed when I'm on the road. I'm hoping to free up a...
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    New Everything - Reciever and Speaker help!

    I know about as close to nothing as you could possibly know about audio equipment, but I've always had an ear for good sound and I'd like to put together a desk area that I can really enjoy. One thing right out of the box, I listen to mostly rap / hip hop, so strong bass is a must. Right...
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    Best AM2 Opteron Motherboard?

    Like the title reads. Opteron 1212 proc, looking to overclock. Hook a brotha up :D
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    Seems hot, yes?

    Time for a new PC. I just bought a Opteron 1212 for $90 shipped (hot?) and a Sapphire Radeon X1950 PRO for $145 after rebate at Newegg. Now I need an AM2 motherboard, RAM, CPU cooler. I've got a case, PSU, harddrive, (temporary) optical drive. Help a brotha out. Looking for a big, easy...
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    Is it worth it?

    On a total impulse yesterday, I bought the parts for a whole core 2 duo setup. Once I got it home and really started to think though, I really don't like Windows that much. OSX has spoiled me. Vista ran like a champ, but whats the point? My Macbook Pro hooked up to the same monitor is like a...
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    E4300 + PT890t-a Overclock Help?

    This is probably going to be a common question with the Fry's combo, so I figure I'll be the first to ask. I got the combo (for $160 whoo!) and I'd like to push the e4300 a little higher. I'd be very satisfied with 2.5ghz, but I have never overclocked an ECS motherboard, or a core 2 duo. If...