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    Microsoft Begs You to Stop Using Internet Explorer

    But it is the only browser that supports NPAPI on Windows. NVR systems are still using it because they are too lazy to switch to a newer plugin.
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    Software Engineer Fired, Shut Out of Office for Three Weeks by Machine

    I wonder if he could sue for wrongful termination and breach of contract...
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    4K, 144Hz Monitors Reportedly Use Chroma Subsampling When Running in 144Hz

    They don't even mention using Chroma Subsampling on their spec page.
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    4K, 144Hz Monitors Reportedly Use Chroma Subsampling When Running in 144Hz

    Great. Thought we only had to deal with this crap with TVs, now we have to deal with monitors not providing us a lossless image.
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    TRUE Surround Sound Headphones Are Finally Here

    This isn't April Fools joke because it doesn't have an Easter theme!
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    Nintendo Wii, GameCube Games Come to China on NVIDIA Shield

    I hope it is running native on the Shield. It would be great if they allowed owners of Shields to be able to play those games outside of China.
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    Siberians Are Using Bitcoin Mining to Heat Homes in the Winter

    My gaming computer does a decent job of warming my room in the winter time, however I still need to occasionally use a heater if I am not gaming on it.
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    OFFICIAL : GTX 970 SETTLEMENT check thread

    I got my nvidia check 2 days ago.
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    Programmer Automates Data Entry Job, Ponders Whether to Tell Employer

    Well if he tells the company, they will demand the code and then with put him to more challenging work or fire him since they don't need them anymore.
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    Cox Argues That Pirates Shouldn't Lose Internet Access

    What happened to innocent till proven guilty? With these rights companies, they can accuse everyone of piracy without adequate proof and punish innocent people.
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    Audeze Makes $2,495 Earbuds Only an Audiophile Could Love

    Might as well suggest these people buy a Diamond HDMI cable as well.
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    ASUS ROG AMD Ryzen Laptops Coming

    Waiting on Raven Ridge CPUs and hopefully a good Asus B350 ITX board,
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    The MP3 Is Officially Dead

    FLAC was always a better option than MP3. Audio files have always been small so it is stupid that we don't have everything lossless.
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    Rumor Mill: Intel Core-i9 CPUs to Appear Soon - Lots of Cores

    Sounds like AMD has them running scared and now they are overcompensating.
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    FSP Twins that are 500W Each

    Hesitating if I should get one. You can get a decent 2U rackmount server with redundant power supplies used for $200-$300 on ebay. Would be great in my server rack since then my pfsense will be able to draw power from both of my UPSes in it.
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    Microsoft's DirectX Shader Compiler Now Open Source

    Let's be honest, they just did it to stay competitive with Vulkan.
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    MPAA Says Pirate Sites Will Take Advantage of Set-Top Box Proposals

    Looks at HDHomerun Prime... Looks back at article. Nothing to see here.
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    Phanteks Annouces The Phanteks’ Power Combo

    That one has no redundancy. When the primary fails, the secondary is going to shut off on that one. Phantek's will switch over to the working one if it works the way their advertising is saying. Hope [H]ardOCP reviews this since this would be a great cheap alternative for dual power supply...
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    Please Don't Buy a $13,500 HDMI Cable

    If you need a cable, Monoprice always has the best deals and their premium cables are cheap and still work great.
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    FCC Commissioner: Butt-Dialing Is Taxing 911

    I don't put my phone in my back pocket but sometimes my screen activate and my smart phone starts dialing numbers in the emergency call part of the lock screen. Phone developers should make this feature harder to enable accidentally like swiping across the screen to get to this mode,
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    The SIM Card is About to Die

    "Apple first fought and won against a consortium of other phone manufacturers who were proposing a different (and more advanced) nano-SIM" A nano-sim card is the same as the standard micro sim card but just has some of the plastic cut off. Just this line makes me suspect that the author is very...
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    FCC: Should We Raise The Minimum Broadband Speed Definition

    Go big or go home. Make it 1 Gb/s! If you want to have a decent streaming connection, they should make it 25 Mb/s. 10 Mb/s is too low.
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    Scientists Invent a 'Laser' That Fires Electrical Charge, Not Light

    Isn't this just a glorified electron gun?
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    Microsoft Will Continue to Offer Windows 7 to the Chinese

    We should ban it here in the USA so MS will give us back our superior version of Windows 7 as well.
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    Titanfall's Massive PC Install Explained

    35 GB of uncompressed audio? That game must have an insane FLAC library! But I am going to call bull on this.
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    White House: There No Reason Not To Tax Violent Media

    This is censorship in the form of taxation.
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    CERN Scientists Hit 5.5 Trillion Degrees

    I'll say "Wow" when they claim that they achieved -1 Kelvin. Then we can claim that perpetual motion is possible.
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    LA Workers Asked To Stop Watching Olympics Online

    High traffic on bandwidth is complete crap, it's their ISP bandwidth throttling the connections. The ISP can can a super fast fiber bandwidth connection given to a customer if needed. So in reality they are just saying "Get Back To Work!"
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    $3,000 Hidden Bookcase Door

    It might be good to give it some Teflon or roller feet if they put heavy things on the shelf, but that would still be less than $100.
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    Microsoft Windows 8 Has User-Friendly Reinstall Button

    I got the iso of my installations all stored on a backup hard drive and burned to disks. This is stupid since the viruses will now know to target this install disk as well. So they will either disable it (via corruption) or install the virus onto it as well. Thus you will never get a clean...
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    Illegal File Sharing Isn't Stealing

    I'll download a car if I could. But then that is not stealing since I have a perfect clone and not the original.
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    Violence Warnings on Video Games May Harm Free Speech

    Actually it has been proven that video games do not cause violent behavior.
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    Why Linux on the Desktop Is Dead

    For me Linux on desktop is dead. But then I use a virtual machine on my desktop for linux and have linux on my old laptops:D
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    Mass Effect 3 Leaked Online

    I already preloaded it on Origin.
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    Iran Cuts Off Internet Access

    Haven't they already learned that cutting off the internet leads to revolutions:D
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    Gamers Ignore Corpse in Internet Cafe

    From other sources on this story stated that he did have previous health problems related to blood clots.
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    Apple Invents Solution To Foxconn Suicide Epidemic

    I thought they used a replacement policy for the DOA workers. It must have gone along the lines of "Now Hiring, New Positions Available".
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    Stupid Criminals of the Day

    This is what happens when you cut the budget to education. The kids become idiots.:o