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    Are there any NUC style PCs with dual NICs?

    The Lanner appliances look good but where do you buy these things?
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    Are there any NUC style PCs with dual NICs?

    I've been looking around everywhere and can't find what I'm looking for. Ideally it would be a small compact PC like Intel NUCs with a built in mobile CPU (i3/i5) and at least 2 Intel NICs. The few that I found have Realtek which I'd rather not use for pfSense. Is there anything else...
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    LSI Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA HBA and RAID cards)

    I bought 2 LSI 9271-8i cards, Dell OEM versions dirt cheap. I noticed that it doesn't come with a BBU - if the machine is hooked up to a UPS can I run the card without it without jeopardizing my data?
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    Driver Problem with Dell Latitude e6510

    Broadcom USH - download drivers for Dell Controlvault Ethernet controller - download drivers for Intel PROSet gigabit Network controller - download drivers for the WiFi card that's installed Unknown device - download drivers for free fall sensor
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    ESXi/Hyper-V Server Build

    for starting out with virtualization, scaling to 12 cores/24 threads is a bit excessive. perhaps you should save the $100 and use it for drives. 8 cores/16 threads should be plenty. remember, cpu usage is probably not as important as compared to RAM and disk IO for virtualization. personally...
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    Dell C1100 Server HDD support.

    Nope. they tried to do this with the H700 and removed it due to customer backlash
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    Will vSphere 6 be announced at VM World?

    There's a rumor going around that the memory limitation on free ESXi 5.5 will be relaxed ... any truth to that?
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    The new Mac Pro

    Thanks for your contribution to the thread. Noted.
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    How do I protect the CPU pins

    I have a i7 720QM mobile processor I want to sell. These CPUs still have the pins on them - how can I secure them for shipping? Are there any pin protectors/special cases that I can buy?
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    Dell PERC H700

    Does the PERC H700 work with Advanced Format drives (4KB sectors)?
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    Wait for iPhone5 or get GS3?

    Which Sprint phone allows simultaneous data/voice on CDMA only?
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    D620 docked, two monitors, can laptop be used as third?

    Not possible. Hardware can't handle it. Driver won't let you. You need a USB video card, or an advanced docking station with a PCI video card.
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    Hard drive suggestions

    I thought ESXi didn't support TRM?
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    Hard drive suggestions

    Which would be better for a ESXi home lab setup: 4 250GB WD Scorpio black drives (already own) - OR - 2 500GB WD Caviar black drives (will need to purchase) This home lab computer would be used for primarily learning more about microsoft server products, exchange, system center, etc...
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    Stay away from Levono!

    Dell Latitude/Precision + ProSupport = WIN Nothing comes close
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    Cisco VPN Connection

    No it did not let you. How can a 32-bit machine load 64-bit code? Does she have a crappy router that can't properly handle VPN? Several users in my office have had this issue and it was resolved by ditching the crappy routers tha the ISP gives you for free.
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    Untangle/pfSense - is this possible?

    I'm trying to find a way to work in both Untangle and pfSense while utilizing VLANs. I was thinking of setting up several subnets in Untangle (have it do NAT as well), and then define the VLANs/routing in pfSense. Is this possible? It would be this...
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    Is Dell Desktop good for hardcore gaming?

    I use a Dell Precision WorkStation T5500 for gaming and it handles everything I throw at it. Just replaced the ATI FireMV card with a Radeon 6850 - all good. If you do go ahead with the Precision desktops, keep in mind that you can't use anything above a 6850 because of the power plug...
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    Powerconnect 2816 blinking red

    Managed LED light is blinking red, no traffic is going through and it reboots itself every 5 minutes. Is the switch dead? Tried a firmware update via HTTP and this is all that it is doing.
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    pfsense intervlan routing

    thanks - one more thing if i want one vlan to have restricted internet access I just install squid proxy and set up a whitelist for URLs? is it possible to have this run transparent for just one vlan? and just to make sure - if i block port 443/80 on the gateway ip I block just the webgui...
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    pfsense intervlan routing

    Thanks, adjusted the firewall rules and it seems to be working. are the rules processed in a certain order, some vlans shouldn't be communicating with the others and i need to know how to configure the rules. also i noticed that the gateway ip address is unique for each vlan - is that ok? does...
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    pfsense intervlan routing

    I'm trying to configure a pfsense box that will function as a router on a stick for several vlans I have set up. The vlans seem to be working fine, I can get an IP from the pfsense box. However I have no idea how to get the vlans to connect to the internet. I have set up firewall rule that...
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    Verizon FIOS coax to ethernet question

    Gonna get FIOS installed at my new place and got some questions. Every room in the place has a coax port. I was hoping to get some coax to ethernet adapters to get wired access in every room. Is this possible if I want the Actiontec router/modem combo in bridged mode? I want to use my own...
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    Fake Security Malware question

    How can it do that if the account has limited access and UAC elevation is blocked (note: UAC is not disabled)
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    Fake Security Malware question

    I am dealing with a machine that had the Win 7 Home Security 2011 malware come in and trash the machine. I am confused however - all users that had access to the machine had restricted accounts (no admin level) and had an updated AV (Symantec Endpoint) yet it still managed to infect the whole...
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    ESXi/Hyper-V server complete(WARNING Cable Management Federal Disaster Zone)

    Upgrade to 16GB in the future? Otherwise looks good.
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    UPS help

    Make sure it is compatible with your PSU - if your PSU has APFC then you need a UPS with pure sine wave output
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    Don't know where this belongs ... anyone Dell certified?

    Anybody know the steps to becoming Dell certified? Can an individual do it by himself or do they need to be sponsored by an organization? How much does it cost and how long is the process? Thanks
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    Running 8 VMs - hard drive questions

    Definitely takes 2 drives, right now it is running Windows in RAID 1. There really isn't money for SSDs so these laptop drives will do. Thanksf or the help!
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    Running 8 VMs - hard drive questions

    No, it's a low profile system with Intel ICH10R. No room for a RAID controller and I'm thinking of sticking in a dedicated NIC for the VMs (not sure if this would help or not)
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    Running 8 VMs - hard drive questions

    Folks, I'm in the process of setting up a ESXi server for pentesting, security stuff, etc. This is going into an Optiplex 980 SFF machine, it has room for either 1 3.5" drive or 2 2.5" drive. Would you recommend 1 big drive or 2 laptop drives? I'm thinking laptop drives would be better but...
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    I'm probably going to get yelled at for this...

    VMware ESXi. This isn't for a company, my personal setup. Lol
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    I'm probably going to get yelled at for this...

    Due to a lack of resources I have to put my firewall, router, and Active Directory VMs all on one machine. I really wish I had $$$ to separate out at least the firewall/routing part but I just can't do it. What are some recommendations for securing the box and the VMs? I understand it won't...
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    eSATA devices problem

    Trying here first since it does deal with storage... I'm finding out that eSATA devices do not work after my computer wakes up out of standby mode. I have to go into the Device Manager and view the properties of the eSATA controller in order to "wake it up". I can't do this for onboard so the...
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    WD20EARS issue?

    WHS does not support 4K sectors. Try setting the 512 byte emulation mode jumper on the drive.
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    small business file server

    I think they install blanks for tower systems too. Drive sleds for the 11G servers (DP/N F238F) is pretty cheap on eBay so it shouldn't be too bad.
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    WD20EARS Failed Test HELP!

    This is a long shot but have you tried using the DOS program? The Windows version gave a ton of false positives when I last used it.
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    E8400 system still a best buy for light to moderate internet use?

    Are you insane or do you just love wasting money :confused: Kids these days...
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    22 inch IPS and PVA monitors

    2209WA is discontinued. 2209WA weights ~12LB for the LCD only, mounts just fine on my Ergotron AIO stand. Going to hook up my new Dell 980 SFF system on it too :)