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    Most recommended external HD for backup purposes?

    I do audio based work and am extremely weary regarding the size of a particular directory which holds months and months of work I could never get back. I have backed it up once among 3 DL Blu ray discs but find this far too long and cumbersome to maintain. I am needing an alternative backup...
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    Asus P8P67 Realtek LAN issues.

    For the life of me I cannot understand why the onboard Realtek LAN on my new Asus P8P67 motherboard randomly disconnects itself from functioning in tandem with my router. At random times, sometimes multiple times a day my internet will cut out and I will notice the activity light on my ADSL...
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    Sony Optiarc AD-7260S on Asus P8P67

    I am wondering if anyone is using, or has used the Sony Optiarc AD-7260S optical drive successfully on the INTEL SATA ports of their P8P67 based board? I built my system last week and it seems my Pioneer DVR-216 does not like to be put on the Intel Sata ports at all on this board. The UEFI...
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    P8P67 Pioneer DVR-216 problem.

    Hi guys. I finally received all the parts to my new system including an Asus P8P67 motherboard. Everything went fine during assembly and it posts as should from the get go. All my parts are listed in successfully in the bios including my Pioneer DVR-216 on the Intel SATA ports. The issue...
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    Fact or Myth: Venomous X damages CPU socket?

    So I was dead set on getting the Thermalright Venomous X Black cooler for my upcoming SB 2600k build when I suddenly stumbled upon some very disturbing news. Apparently using this heatsink at max pressure (70lbs) will damage the cpu socket! I originally read this applied to the 1366 socket...
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    Asus P8P67 (standard) build. Confirmation/suggestions?

    Hello and thanks for taking the time to read the following. I am looking into building a new system as soon as the B3 revision of boards begin to ship. I am looking into the Asus P8P67 standard model. I must get this particular model due to the expansion slot arrangement. It is exactly how I...
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    Comments on my new GTX 260 please

    Hi. I just purchased a GTX 260 yesterday. I got one of those weird future shop Superclocked+ models. I came from an 8800 Ultra that ran very hot, even with 100% fan. There was nothing else I could do to keep it cool. I wanted the extra performance anyhow so decided to just get a new card...
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    From 8800 Ultra OC to 4870?

    Hi. I currently have an 8800 Ultra that is overclocked. I am thinking of going to the 4870 but am wondering if it would be worth the switch over. With the 8800 Ultra already being quite fast, especially overclocked am I still going to see an improvement if I go towards the 4870? By...
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    PS3 Sixaxis or Xbox360 Controller for PC?

    Has anyone had personal experience with both and are willing to share the pros and cons on which would be better to be used on a PC?
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    8800 Ultra + Vista X64 = Blackscreen with cursor?

    Hi, been having an odd problem that is starting to get on my nerves. The issue is with me getting nothing but a black screen with a movable moues cursor when loading 3D apps in Vista X64. This doesn't happen all the time however, only sometimes, and is mainly happening when loading...
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    When ATItool artifact scanning...

    Do you guys just load up the program and leave it at defaults in terms of the program settings and let it run its course for artifact detection or do you make any changes? What I am particularly interested in is the detection sensitive slider found under the artifacts detections sub menu of the...
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    7.06.25 drivers now out..
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    AS5 on GTX actually help?

    Has anyone actually noticed a difference if changing the stock thermal paste on an 8800 series card to AS5? I have never been one to find drastic differences in thermal paste changes unfortunately so was wondering if it is even worth it. If I did decide to give the cooler a good cleaning to...
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    Thickness of Antec Cyclone PCI Slot Blower

    With the forum no longer allowing searches I have no choice but to start this thread. I am looking into getting a GTX as soon as they are back in stock at NCIX here in Canada. I don't like the idea of the slots at the end of the cooler dumping hot air into my case after all the hassles I am...
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    Xbox 360 controller on PC

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    Xbox 360 controller on PC

    Is this the most recommended controller for the PC or can better be had? I am currently using a Logitech Rumble Pad 2 but am wondering if the 360 controller would be better. A lot of these new games are ports from the 360 so thought it would fit right at home on the PC as long as it works well...
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    8800 Ultra shroud removal for compatibility?

    Hi guys. I have a few questions if anyone wouldn't mind taking a moment to sort me out. I briefly asked about this in another thread but feel it wasn't answered with any certainty and has become lost among the other posts. I think a seperate thread should grab more attention so I apologize to...
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    Monster Madness anyone?

    Just curious if anyone is getting the newly released Monster Madness this coming Tuesday from Artificial Studios? I believe this game was made with Ageia Physx in mind? I think it would be a blast to play co-op with others in realtime with half decent physics etc. If there is a big enough fan...
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    Evga 8800GTX ACS3 on DFI NF4 Ultra-D?

    Looking at the location of the SATA ports on my DFI NF4 Ultra-D I am thinking this card is going to block them due to its enormous length. I am and need to occupy all 4 so giving some up is not an option. Does anyone know if the ACS3 cooled card will work on an older DFI NF4 Ultra-D without...
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    Fan suggestions/recommendations for Silverstone TJ09

    Hey guys, I am looking to give my system in sig a new home. I think it is about time to retire my Antec P160 for something with a little more room/airflow. I am looking into the Silverstone TJ09 for this very reason. It comes with two stock fans though has room for 3 more 120mm fans to be...
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    What tier is my OCZ 600w Powerstream?

    Hi, I have been browsing jonnyguru's site since I found out about it a couple months back and have noticed certain makes and models of psu are categorized into different tiers based on their quality. My psu is a little older and didn't see it listed so am wondering, what tier would you...
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    New 8800GTS variant arriving in Feb.

    According to VR-Zone a new variant of the 8800GTS is to arrive in February. This release is to counter sales of the popular bang for the buck X1950 series from ATI. The card is identical to the currently released GTS however it has half the memory. It will have 320mb as opposed to the...
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    Try these on your older nvidia based cards if you are running Vista. **EDIT, VERY SORRY FOR THE MISLEADING ORIGINAL THREAD!!! THESE DRIVERS CONTAIN NO 8800 SUPPORT AND ARE NOT FOR XP!
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    Rivatuner 16.2 and new 97.28 drivers for 8800 users.

    Let us all know how they make out!