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    LSI 9260-8i - Weird RAID10 speeds

    Dear community, I'm currently running ESXi 5.5U1 on a Supermicro X9-SRL. I use a LSI 9260-8i RAID controller for all my datastores. Main main datastore is a 4 x 3TB RAID10, consisting of WD RED series drives. For some odd reason I can't understand, I'm experiencing 3 times faster WRITE...
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    Napp-it - NFS & ESXi 5.5

    Dear community, Before I repurpose all in one fileserver, I have a few questions for the experts. I'm currently running hardware RAID10 VMFS with ESXI 5.5. Multiple VM's are used for fileserver, streaming server, etc. I'm finding performance to be very limited on the IO side, even though...
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    Server motherboard: Asus vs SuperMicro

    Dear community, For a new file server build, I've been looking at the Supermicro X9-SRL-F, but they're hard to come by in my region. The Asus Z9PA-U8, seems to be very similar and is easily available. I own a Supermicro board, and I'm quite pleased with it, so I wanted to hear what you...
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    Cisco SG200 switch keeps polling

    Hello all, Just purchased a Cisco SG200-26 (non-PoE version). It works great, but since hooking it up to my network, my Synology NAS won't hibernate. So I went and checked if the switch was polling, and indeed it is. Every 1-2 seconds, the activity LED on all connected ports...
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    LSI SAS - MPT Bios Fault

    Hi all, Upgraded my SuperMicro X9SCM-F mobo, with the latest BIOS. After that I can only get one of my two LSI SAS 1068e HBA adapters to run at a time. Individually they run fine, but when both are inserted, the following message appears: I've tried every possible BIOS setting, but to no...
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    ESXi 5 odd network issue

    Hi all virtualizers, First some info: Supermicro X9SCM-F mobo Intel 82574L NIC(both mgmt and vswitch, only card activated), connected at 1Gbps FD. 2 active VM's(OpenIndiana w/napp-it + W2K8 Server) NOTICE! The above 2 active VM's run on seperate harddrives. Strange problem occured...