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    Overheating crossfire Setup 280X

    Hi guys, I am having some issues with heat on my new 280x's. I bought two Gigabyte 280x tri fan cards ( and the top card almost always hits 95C(I stop the card around this point) or higher after 5-6 minutes of use. I have picked up...
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    Store 1000k+ photos a day on an SSD?

    Ok, so I am trying to figure out how to speed up a workstation at work, pretty much it is constantly being written to(acts as an FTP server for security cameras) and it makes it very hard to actually look at the files its writing(slows it down big time). So my plan was to write all the files to...
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    Splinter Cell games upto 60% off Gamersgate

    If you missed the Deal on Steam last time at least you can pick it up again at Gamersgate(like me). Obviously these games are loaded with DRM, so if you hate drm you are obviously going to want to avoid these. Here is a link to the bundle, just click the games you want and click buy...
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    Facebook and twitter links on the front page?

    Not that I have anything against social networking sites, but the current form on the front page looks a bit ridiculous. For example when I just loaded up the front page those links caught my attention instead of the article... Maybe a touch up on the color scheme would help, not really sure...
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    Questions about android security.

    I was thinking about buying a new android handset(never owned one), mostly the galaxy S. One thing I have read about Samsung, and others, is that they do not update their handsets in a timely fashion(if at all). Does this include security updates for the operating system, or is that just...
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    Gamersgate: Tales of Monkey Island Complete Season up to 80% off

    Yeah I said up to, gamersgate's sale is based on how many games you have bought with them in the past, I think you automatically get 50% even as a new customer and 80% if you are a mega customer(buy tons of games). I just grabbed it for (70% off)$10, so far it seems like my kind of game...
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    PS3 questions regarding movie player/streaming etc..

    I am wondering how the PS3 fairs when streaming Netflix movies and plan on keeping it on all the time just for this purpose. I will have the PS3 in my room, I plan to use it as a Roku replacement since mine recently broke and I am weary of purchasing another since it broke 2 months after the...
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    Hissing noise 5850

    I got the card this week and really didn't notice the hissing it makes until recently when I ran Humus new Volume decals demo. It doesnt make to much hissing in the two other games I have played, but I am worried it will get as bad as the volume decals demo. Whats really odd is when I run...
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    Gamersgate sale 25-75% off 1c games

    Gamersgate has a sale on 1C games. Cryostasis, men of war, kings bounty, and quite a few more that are 50% off or more. I have been using gamersgate for most of my games for a while now, and they are pretty good, but be warned that if you have a problem on a holiday you won't get your emails...
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    9800 GTX+ paper launch?

    Where are the 9800GTX+ I thought they were supposed to be released on the 8th, same as the 4870. Yet I cant find one(not that I want one, but I want to know why they are not here).
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    AT&T blocking thepiratebay?

    I just noticed today that the pirate bay will not load when trying to access it. The only way I could get to the site was to use a Can anyone else using AT&T dsl confirm this? If it is the case are there any providers that are not blocking websites like the pirate bay. Or...
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    Tuniq tower, temps seem a bit high

    Ok, so I bought a tuniq tower 120 thinking that it would drop the temps of my e4500 cpu overclock, but it doesn't seem to be the case. My overclock is @3.2Ghz with a temperature ranging from 62-64C at load with a voltage of 1.41~. From all account I have read is that the voltage isnt terribly...
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    installation of 64 bit vista with 32 bit key

    Ok, so I ordered vista from my school, windows vista business edition. When I ordered it, it said on the website that it was just a regular install dvd(figured it must have both 32 and64bit edition) with the cd key. When it did finally arrive I realized its 32 bit only. So my question is, is...
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    WOW coming to inux!

    I just got an email from blizzard stating that they are going to release a client for Linux users in July of this year.
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    A: drive wont refresh after putting in a new disk.

    I have this problem where the A drive wont refresh after putting in a new disk. So what happens is the user will put in a disk at start up, the A drive reads it and displays the contents of the drive. The user then copies something from it or puts something else on the drive, after it is...
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    pci/agp locks?

    Yeah I know agp isn't in use anymore, but I like the combined name. I know my board has pci locks, but I couldn't find any where in the bois to enable them. The motherboard I am using is an Abit ip35-e. So far I am up to 2.5Ghz on my little e4500, I dont want to go any further untill I am sure...