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    BSOD Diagnosis

    My new computer is getting occasional BSOD's when coming out of sleep and I can't figure out why. It doesn't happen often, but it's enough for me to be concerned. Attached is the DMP file from the BSOD. Can anyone tell me...
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    M2N32-SLI Deluxe and Phenom II Compatibility?

    Is Phenom II compatible with an Asus M2N32-SLI? I just started reading that Phenom II might not be compatible with 590/570 chipsets since they are old. Is this true?
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    What to upgrade for better FPS in WoW.................

    My rig is in my signature, but basically an AMD 3800+ X2 running at 2.4ghz, 4gb of DDR2 800, 8800gt's in SLi on a fresh copy of Vista 64. OCZ Gamextreme 700 watt PSU. Running World of Warcraft in full screen, 1920x1200 max graphics settings minus shadows on low and weather on low. 4x AA, 16x...
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    Singstar PS3 Bundle $32.95!!!

    This is the best price I've seen for this bundle. Shipping was $2.50 for me.
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    Rockband for 360 $149.99 shipped!

    The great deal from Amazon is back. Great deal for an awesome game. :D
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    8800gt SLI Framerate Problems

    I just put in another 8800gt for SLI on my gaming rig, but my FPS hasn't improved at all over my x1900xt. I know my CPU is a bottleneck, but I don't think it should be bottlenecking this much. Here's what I'm running: Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe/Wifi AMD 3800+ X2 AM2 4g Corsair XMS2 DDR-800...
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    Help understanding minidump........

    My computer is rebooting every now and then for no reason. Here is the minidump file in full. I can't seem to figure out what is causing the reboots even after looking through the minidumps. Thanks in advance for the help. :D Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.6.0007.5...
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    XP SP2: "Unknown PCI Device"

    Something has been bugging me since I reinstalled windows a few months ago. Device manager is showing an "Unknown PCI Device" with the yellow exclamation mark. The only things I have connected to my PCI slots are my x1900xt, x-fi sound card, and a USB 2.0 PCI card to add 2 additional ports...
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    Problem with Twinx2x2048-6400 DDR-800

    I built a custom computer back in June. Since then I've had various problems. (which I think is from my ram modules) But first, let me list the parts I have installed in my PC in case that helps. Mobo: Asus M2N32-SLI Ram: 2gb Corsair PC6400 PSU: OCZ 700watt Gamexstream CPU: AMD AM2 X2 3800+...
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    [HOT] D-Link DGL-4300 Wireless Gaming Router $81.99 w/ Free Shipping from Fry's! I don't know if this has already been posted, if it has I'm sorry I didn't see it on the first couple pages and this is a fantastic deal on this router. You have to pay tax if there's a Fry's B&M in your state, but still...
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    Skinned My Wii! Pics!

    :eek: Yea, I know how that sounded....anyways, I ordered some decals from Decalgirl and just finished putting them on. They are very good quality stuff. I'm satisfied with the way it turned out. Let me know what you think... (there are 2 wavebird receivers and a Gamecube memory card in...
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    Anyone tried Wii decals from Decalgirl?

    I'm tempted to get the Rising Sun decal for my Wii and the retro controller decals for my Wiimotes. I just want to see if anyone has actually tried these decals before and how durable are they after extended use (especially for the controller). I'm worried that after extended use they'll just...
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    iTunes and music videos question.........

    Is it possible to put music videos into the "Movies" section of itunes instead of the "Music" section? I want to keep the "music video" tag on the files themselves, but I want to categorize them a little differently. Thanks.
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    Use X-Fi headphone Jack or Creative G500 jack for better sound?

    Which is better for sound from headphones? Should I plug them straight into my X-Fi when using headphones? Or should I plug them into the volume controller from my G500 which has a headphone jack?
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    Oblivion - How to mod soundtrack? Final Fantasy Music Mod?

    Hey everyone, I have a new question about Oblivion. Is there an existing mod that inserts Final Fantasy music into Oblivion, as a soundtrack replacement or enhancement? If not is there a way I could do it myself?
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    Oblivion - Need Help with Texture mods (Qarl's, Parallax, Natural Envirnonment)

    I have Qarl's Texture Pack 2, Natural Environment, and Parallax Gigapack Mapping installed. (along with other mods). Have a look at a couple pictures below. It seems that not all the textures were modded correctly or I'm just missing something. My in game setting is 1280x800 with...
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    CoD2 or DoD:S for Online WWII FPS

    Which one should I get at this point? I've looked at reviews from both games. How is online gameplay now that both have been out for a year? I've always liked the orignal MoH and haven't found anything like it since.
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    [warm] MX Revolution $79.99 @ Compusa

    Just got one today using the labor day 20% off coupon. A pretty good deal for this mouse I think considering it just came out. Srry if this s a repost. COUPON Logitech MX Revolution...
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    [Warm] OCZ 700w Gamexstream $154.99, $134.99 after $20 MIR, free shipping Pretty good deal for an awesome PSU I think.
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    [Warm] Black Stacker 830 $249.99 w/ $7 Shipping

    Best price I've seen so far for this case (for the black one). Don't know how reputable the retailer is though. Good luck.
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    [Warm] X-fi Xtrememusic $99.99 @ BB Cheaper with 110% Pricematch @ CC

    X-Fi xtrememusic is $99.99 at Bestbuy If you take the Sunday BB ad to Circuit City they'll pricematch it 110% so you'll pay less than $100 out the door. Cheaper than buying online ATM. You don't have to...
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    Seagate 300gb SATA II 89.99 @ Fry's (Outpost) It's OOS online, but the deal also applies in-store so if you have Fry's near where you live than your in luck. :D
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    Question about X-Fi vs. onboard HD Audio

    Normally I would have to say that dedicated sound cards sound better than onboard audio, but is it just me or is on board audio getting better? My Asus M2N32-SLI comes with builtin Azalia HD audio. I have it hooked up to a Creative Pro Gamer G500 system. Zero hiss/static. Sounds pretty good...
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    How to access memory divider on M2N32-SLI

    Hi all. I'm really new to overclocking, so I just found out about using a divider to keep ram speed the same while upping the CPU frequency. I can't seem to find the setting in the bios to set it manually. I can set the ram to 400/533/667/800mhz settings, but that's all I could find...
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    Problems OCing with Asus M2N32-SLI....Please Help

    Hey everyone, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to overclock this board. I'm running the new 603 bios. I tried OCing a couple different ways. 1. Changed CPU freq to 210mhz from 200, set multiplier to 10x. Save changes reboot. Blank screen. Manual reboot. Fail to post. 2. Same as...
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    AM2 3800+ OC Question

    I read the OC guide and a few other tutorials around but I seem to be doing something wrong because my PC won't post if I change anything in the bios. I tried changing my CPU freq. to 240mhz from 200mhz with a 10x multiplier to try to reach 2.4ghz. Only changing the CPU freq. I saved the...
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    Finished my AM2 Build!!!

    Hi everyone, thanks for all your help and feedback. I just finished building my AM2 rig this morning. It's my first build ever. I was pretty nervous this morning. I was worried that after I hit the power button nothing would happen :( . Luckily all went well and my installation went...
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    Good deal on HIS x1900xt ICEQ3!!!

    I just bought mine yesterday from Newegg. The price has dropped $40. I think it's a great deal on this card. Have fun. :D
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    His x1900xt IceQ3 vs. Sapphire x1900xt

    Does anyone have the HIS version? Is it really that much quieter than the stock heatsink? I'm debating whether or not it's worth the extra $50 over the Sapphire with the stock heatsink.
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    What type of connectors are these?

    I know from right to left that the first is the 4 pin power connector and next to that is the IDE cable; but what are the other 3 connections to the left of that? Righ to left. 1. 4 pin power 2. IDE connection 3. ??? (4 pin...) 4. ??? (4 pin...) 5. ??? (2 pin...)
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    Yate Loon D12SL-12 Question

    I just got 5 of these Yate loon fans and they come with the standard 3 pin connector but also come with a male and female 4 pin connector as well. My question is what the 4 pin connectors are for and if I can just remove them? I'm hooking the fans to a fan controller so I don't think I will...
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    New build for Late June - My first custom build - AM2 Build

    Hello everyone. I posted a build awhile back and decided to go with an AM2 build. Let me know how it looks. I'm going to pass on Conroe, so no intel suggestions please. Case: Coolermaster Stacker 830 (I love this case) Mobo: Asus M2N32-Sli (I really like the look, and it's the best AM2...
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    Need Advice Late June Early July Build (939 vs. AM2)

    AM2 vs 939 Build - Semi-Dream system with Midrange parts (some of them anyways) Hi, this is my first custom build. I'm going to be building completely from scratch and I'm set to buy at the end of this month or early next month. July 15th at the latest. I'm going for a computer than can...