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    cpu & mobo change - what to do

    Ok im using an Athlon tbird 1400mhz and im waiting my Intel 2.8c and Msi pt880 neo mobo, new ram and lots of stuff, i was wondering, since i keep my current HD, it probably wont boot, what i need to do in order to be able to boot and use the current XP installation i have on the HD with my new...
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    Power hungry pc owners revenge

    Ok, i bought a radeon 9800Pro, and will shortyl receive my MSI pt880 motherboard with my 2.8C cpu. Currently i have the stock HX08 Aopen powersupply, and it served well, doing its job for the past 4 years 24/7. But just like everyone when you receive new hardware... you wanna try it, so i...
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    Network project: 2PCs and one monitor?

    I just finished building an old p3 500 and i was told some months ago that i could just buy an adapter and only have one monitor for my 2 box... anyone can help me? i really dont know what to look for.
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    Post your Phase change system HERE! Pics, info, ...

    Post pictures of your phase change cooling setup with same info, simple water had its days, now come phase change(its not new, but kind of getting popular). As for myself, i dont have pics YET, i have a danfoss BD50F compressor im currently working on this. im still wondering how i will...
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    pc2100 on 3200 rated board

    Im on a budget right now and im upgrading slowly! I have enough money to buy the MSI pt880 and a 2.8C 800fsb HT but not enough to get the 1GB of kinston ram... so i was wondering if i could just buy these 2 and run it with my pc2100 memory? Just for about 2 or 3 week until i have enough to...
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    Aluminium water reservoir - need help

    My project will be using chilled water, i get a 6 Celcius water stable out of this system so im wondering about condensation. Last week at the junk yard i found a ford taurus 94 (i think) air conditioning reservoir made out of aluminium. It looks like a tube with rounded caps i drilled...
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    Where do canadians shop online?

    Since Newegg dont ship to canada and is most of the time overpriced i was wondering where do you guys buy your computer stuff and accessories? CANADIANS LINK ONLY (or company that ship to canada).