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    Accidently deleted snapshot, anyway to recover? Still have the delta file.

    so first off im a esxi noob and dont well understand how snapshots and delta files work. i realize i made a noob mistake anyways I have a VM and I just realized I've been running the last 4 months as a snapshot. I decide I dont want it running as a snapshot so I select to delete the snapshot...
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    Bad SSD causing programs not to launch/system freezing?

    Hello I have a ASUS UX31LA-US51T laptop running windows 8.1. that was purchased refurbished. I just started using it a week ago. all was fine. then yesterday out of the blue I started getting app crashing errors. Some programs wouldn't start at all. at first it was just a few programs then it...
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    ASUS UX31LA Zenbook - Installing Win7 causes BSOD

    I recently purchased a Asus UX31LA Zenbook. It came preinstalled with Windows 8.1 a I tried installing windows 7 on it. initial installation went fine. I got up to the part where I select timezone, account and password. Then when restarting and booting up it BSODs right after loading windows...
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    Asus Q550LF laptop, nexus 7 for parts, 5prt TP Link switch, creative X-Fi Titanium

    Got a few items listed, most notably a ASUS Q550LF-BBI7T07 refurb laptop. i7 4500U 1.8GHz,8GB,1TB HD,15.6" Touch,GT 745M,Win8.1 Also got Nexus 7 8GB, Wi-Fi, 7" (ASUS-1B08) - BROKEN, for parts 2 Java...
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    Best Ultrabook under $1000?

    Currently have a ASUS U36SD-RBK5, looking to replace it Budget is under $1000 Under 5lbs 13.3-15" screen 8GB RAM or less as long as it is upgradeable mechanical HDD is fine Good battery life
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    Error joining Win Server 2008's domain (possible DNS issue)

    Just got Win Server 2008 running on my ESXi server, with the intentions of running it as a 24x7 DC for my home network. I followed this guide to setting up my domain...
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    splitting workstation vmdk into multiple files?

    Hello I have a workstation 10 VM called Win2k8 Media Server. It has 3 vmdk files: Win2k8-Media-Server.vmdk -- 20GB, contains guest OS Win2k8-Media-Server-mediaFiles.vmdk -- 6kb Win2k8-Media-Server-mediaFiles-s001.vmdk -- 650GB when I created the "mediaFiles" vmdk i selected the option to...
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    Cheap ESXi build that supports vSGA and/or vDGA

    Hello I am in an undergrad research program and in my professors lab we're testing different GPU virtualization setups. I need a cheap ESXi server build that I can do some concept tests on before I get a chance to do the real thing on a HPC later. I'll be running ESXi 5.1 on it and my...
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    ESxi and NAS vs Esxi/NAS All in one?

    I'm trying to decide if I should keep my ESXi server and NAS separate or "combine" them into an All in One Server (like described here) My current setup: ESXi Server: CPU: Intel Core i3-3220 Ivy Bridge 3.3GHz LGA 1155 55W Dual-Core Mobo: ECS H61H2-I3 (v1.0) LGA 1155 Intel H61 HDMI Mini ITX...
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    Best prebuit NAS (minus HDDs)?

    Looking to finally create a centralized backup for all my household computers instead of having a bunch of external hard drives. I just purchased these 3TB HDDs cause it was on sale, got 4 of them for $400 for a total of 12TB: Now...
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    Good language to learn for non-CS student

    Hello all, I'm a Computer Networking major (a la sys admin). as part of my coursework i took take a few 100 level introductory programming classes in python and java. I havent program outside of these classes, but I'd like to keep things fresh so im looking for a new language to learn just on my...
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    Connection timeout while cloning vmdk file (ESXi)

    Trying to clone a very large 2TB VMDK file via ssh on esxi 5.5 using vmkfstools command: vmkfstools -i Win2008.vmdk Win2008copy.vmdk -d thin After about 69% completion (10+ hours), i get the error connection timed out: Clone: 69% done.Failed to clone disk: Connection timed out (7208969)...
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    Reinstall Windows Embedded OS on Optiplex FX170 thin client?

    Hi I bought a Optiplex FX170 thin client from ebay. It already had Windows Embedded installed on it (not sure if it was WES 2009 or WES7. Anyways, I deleted the partition and installed DeTOS on it. Now I want to reinstall WES back on it. I am completely confused, this is my first time working...
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    DVI to VGA adapter display problem

    I bought a Dell Optiplex FX170 (which is a thin client) off ebay. I know its booting up because the power LED comes on and when i connect headphones to the audio port I can hear the windows start chime (it has windows embedded as the default OS). It only has a DVI-I port. I tried it with two...
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    split .rar a 1.43TB file?

    Simple question, I have a 1.43TB .vmdk file (vmware virtual machine disk) that I want to backup. However im too cheap to buy another 2TB HDD or external HDD so I want to split and compress the file using winrar and backup it up onto my two separate 1tb external hdds. possible? about how long you...
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    Intel Pentium G2020 bottleneck GeForce 460

    As the title says, Intel Pentium G2020 bottleneck the GeForce 460 video card? Will game at 1280x1024 resolution, mostly source engine and unreal 3 engine games. Will have 8GB DDR3 RAM
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    Home ESXi server budget build

    I currently have a 24/7 Win 2008 Server that is my file server/plex media server. I want to convert this server to a ESXi bare metal hypervisor and run at least 3 VMs on it at the same time. The specs of my current Win 2008 Server: Intel Core i3-3220 Ivy Bridge 3.3GHz ECS H61H2-I3 (v1.0)...
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    Recycled spare parts build - i5-750 or Pentium G2020?

    Have some spare PC parts and want to build a light gaming machine. I have both a i5-750 and a Pentium G2020 lying around. I was going to originally use the Pentium G2020 because I already have a mobo for it (I dont have a socket 1156 mobo for the i5-750) Originally planned Pentium G2020...
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    vSphere Web Client Error going through SSL VPN

    Hello in a school lab we have a Cisco ASA 5500 sitting between the WAN and layer 3 switch. See diagram below: On the ASA 5500 we have SSL VPN (also known as clientless VPN) running. On the digram in the server farm area, we have an ESXi server running. Connecting from outside the...
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    A lot of wireless network interference

    I live in an apartment in a busy part of town that has tons of wireless networks nearby. It is causing interference with my WLAN and degrading performance. Sometimes I cant even connect to my wireless router from the next room. What are some free and simple solutions to improving performance...
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    Connecting Router to a wireless hotspot

    So heres the deal, im moving into an apartment that provides internet via a wireless hotspot (is PW protected and has WPA2 protection). I would like to be able to connect a router to it and then wire my printer, Media server and Roku device to my router. im guessing I will have to somehow...
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    Budget Build for Websurfing/Office

    Machine for web surfing and office applications $300 budget including shipping. but i have shoprunner for newegg and amazon prime so shipping should be free from these vendors Already have Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Case, PSU and OS so just need to buy CPU, Mobo, RAM and HDD No OCing...
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    AMD Phenom II X4 965 vs Intel Core i3-3220 for video transcoding

    building a server that will mainly be transcoding video or for video transcoding
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    SFF Home Media Server

    I am looking to build a Home Media Server, the purpose of which will be to stream media (mostly movies) to my roku device, run torrents and share files on my wired home network. OS will be Win7. I will run Plex and Tversity for the media streaming. My requirements are: -Low Powered - Will run...
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    Can't change resolution from 680x480, maybe conflict with intel drivers.

    So im trying to help my brother fix a problem hes having with his resolution settings. basically his video card died so while he was waiting for his replacement card (a GTX260), he installed the drivers for his integrated intel graphics (G31). When he got his GTX260, he did not disable or...
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    Advice on new video card.

    Time for christmas upgrading, I'm gonna get a new video card, and i need some advice on what to get. My specs: Motherboard: MSI P55-CD53 CPU: Intel Core i5-750 @ 2.66GHz (Will OC it when i get aftermarket cooler) RAM: CORSAIR XMS3 8GB (4 x 2GB) Sound Card: Creative SB X-Fi Titanium PSU: OCZ...
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    Net connection drops a lot.

    First off my system specs: CPU: Intel i5-750 RAM: 4GB RAM Integrated Ethernet: Realtek 8111DL OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Cable Modem: Cisco Scientific Atlanta DPC2100R2 Router: Linksys WRT54G ISP: Roadrunner So my net connection drops a lot. Usually 3 or more times a day and...
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    System won't boot, maybe a PSU issue.

    So I recently upgraded to a i5 and MSI P55-CD53. I put the rig together last night and it wouldnt boot. Mobo,CPU and fans would turn on, even the PSU fan and LED would go on. However all i get is black screen on my monitor and no BIOS beep codes. The reason i suspect its the PSU is because the...
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    1156 Bracket for original AC Freezer 7 Pro?

    First off, sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this in, but in either case: I am going to be building a i5-750 rig next week. I ordered this Open Box AC Freezer 7 Pro from newegg: As you can see it says its a AC Freezer 7...