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    Sapphire 7970 Boost $380 AR

    When I'm looking for any deals on PC hardware, I don't even bother to check other sites. I just check here and see what Fooshnik has found recently. Better than a personal shopper. Thanks Fooshnik!
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    Seasonic X-Series: X-850 Power Supply Review @ [H]

    I read a bunch of reviews for Seasonic PSUs in general before I picked up the this X850 right after Christmas. All the reviews I have seen have pretty much been excellent for all Seasonic PSUs. Finding this one at 110.00 after MIR just made it even a sweeter deal.
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    Seasonic X-850 850W Fully-Modular Gold PSU $110 AR

    Yep, I bought one of these the last time they were at this price. Hard to go wrong with this one.
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    Newegg 4TB WD Black $289 AC

    Just read a review on this and a similar Hitachi drive. I think their main gripe was the retail cost (460.00) At 72.50 per TB, this is indeed a good buy. Good find!
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    HOT: Seasonic X Series X-850W Gold Modular PSU $129 before MIR @ NE

    I grabbed the same deal on this power supply just last month on NE. Nice to see it again for the same price after MIR. Great PSU!
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    Radeon 7870 Tahiti(aka 7930) for $220(after MiR) and free Sleeping Dogs(awww)

    Yes, no doubt. Makes me wish I had held off a bit on the 7870 I bought, but had not heard of these cards when I bought mine.
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    SeaSonic X750 750W 80 Plus Gold Full Modular Power Supply $90 AR + F/S

    I think the OP has a valid point about the threadcrapping. He wanted to share what he found with others, then has somebody come in and basically say "That deal is not that good, this one is better" If you have a better deal, then post a link and let people decide how good of a deal it is.
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    Radeon 7870 Tahiti(aka 7930) for $220(after MiR) and free Sleeping Dogs(awww)

    220.00 for performance close to a 7950. Not bad!
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    SeaSonic X750 750W 80 Plus Gold Full Modular Power Supply $90 AR + F/S

    Yes, I am familiar with Rosewill. Still have not made your point on how this is a better deal than the Seasonic. I look at the JohnnyGuru site frequently, as well as Anandtech, Guru3D, HardwareHeaven, Xbitlabs, HardOCP, TechSpot, etc, etc, Let's get back to the actual point of this...
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    SeaSonic X750 750W 80 Plus Gold Full Modular Power Supply $90 AR + F/S

    Regardless of what any one website says about a Rosewill, I would not hestitate for a second to pick a 80 Plus Gold certified Seasonic over a Rosewill if the prices were similar. Not saying the Rosewill is not a good performer, but Seasonic quality is pretty much a given.
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    Newegg RMA Technicians Are Breaking My Returns

    I got the same email from them a few weeks ago on a new Gigabyte board. I posted a negative review on and they contacted me via email about 30 minutes later. Initially they were going to give me a new board, but I had pointed out that I had already purchased another board...
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    Seasonic X-850 Gold PSU for 109.99 after Promo/MIB

    As stated before, the promo code was ONLY good for one day (1-16).
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    Seasonic X-850 Gold PSU for 109.99 after Promo/MIB

    Update 1/19 Back on sale now with a 40.00 promo (48 hours only) + 20.00 MIB 119.99 so not quite as good as the first time.
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    [warm]XFX Double D FX797GTDFC Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition 3GB $419

    They tried that with me just a few weeks ago, but a quick post on fixed that issue up quick, fast and in a hurry :D
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    Corsair 600T 100.00 AR at Newegg

    Loving this case so far. There is a considerable thread at the forum for this case. Some of the mods people have done on this case look fantastic (and expensive as well)
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    Corsair 600T 100.00 AR at Newegg

    Yeah, I looked at the details page on Newegg and it does say it comes with the mesh window. I guess if I had looked at the specific model number I would have seen it was the mesh (CC600TM)
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    Corsair 600T 100.00 AR at Newegg

    Did you get more than one left side panel with yours? I'm assuming that the mesh side panel or clear side panel is an optional purchase.
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    Corsair Graphite Series 600T Mid-Tower Case Review @ [H]

    Just posted this in Hot Deals, but Newegg has this case on sale right now for just under 100.00 after 30.00 code and 20.00 MIB. Good until January 1st.
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    Corsair 600T 100.00 AR at Newegg

    I've been watching for this case to go on sale for a while now. 30.00 Promo code plus 20.00 MIB brings the cost to 100.00 with free shipping. HardOcp gave this case the Gold award back in May.
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    New HDD for C:

    I have had one of these as a data drive in my system for the last few years and it has been a good performer and trouble free. Decent warranty as well.
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    XFX 7970 DD Black Edition wont behave...

    Have you tried any benchmarking programs (3DMark, PCVantage, etc) Or any stress test type application (ie Furmark) If you think the card is not performing well, then test it and don't assume it's broken because of just one game. If you just bought it, then you have plenty of time to test...
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    2 120GB SSD in raid 0 Good Read- Slow write speed

    Well, guess it was AS-SSD giving me bogus readings. I ran Crystal Disk Mark and got high 900s for both read and write. Thanks for taking the time to reply BlueFalcon!
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    2 120GB SSD in raid 0 Good Read- Slow write speed

    That is correct, Blue. When I get home, I plan on looking at firmware updates for both drives, and to check my board's chipset drivers for an update I have already updated bios to latest revision. The read speed is what I would expect with a raid 0 setup (around 950) but the write speed...
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    2 120GB SSD in raid 0 Good Read- Slow write speed

    I've done some pretty through searching and went through and disabled Superfetch, updated Intel Rapid storage drivers, enabled write caching, but still showing pretty slow write speeds compared with the read speeds.950 read 275 write (AS SSD) New Asus MB P8Z77-V LK, 3570K CPU@ 4.20GHZ (2)...
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    Hard Drive Invalid Warranty by Serial Number

    Let us know what Newegg has to say about this.
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    Samsung 840 Pro SSD Review @ [H]

    I had never heard of these but took a quick look at an article on Tweaktown. Nice looking exterior case! 89.00 @ Amazon, so a good value if the reliability is there.
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    CPU cooler for a Silverstone LC17

    That Coolermaster one worked well for me in that case. Pretty quiet and low profile.
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    Failed Fan on 5870

    Something not right here. I thought Sapphire was a 2 year warranty (at least on 5800 cards)
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    Enermax Aurora Wireless Micro Keyboard in the U.S.

    Nope don't think it is the same one. I actually had that Iogear one. Bought it from Newegg and returned it a couple of days later. The trackball would just freeze up.
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    cheap/good 5.1 reciever/speaker package that sends both audio and video through HDMI?

    HDMI passes both audio and video. In addition, that receiver supports the new lossless audio formats such as DTS Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD. Are you looking at buying a bluray player as well? I just ordered a Panasonic DMP-BD60K from BB for 119.00. Has some good reviews and hard to beat...
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    cheap/good 5.1 reciever/speaker package that sends both audio and video through HDMI?

    Those Energy Speakers really look and sound good for the price. BTW: That Onkyo is one of the few receivers in that price range that support Dolby Pro Logic IIz. Some interesting articles on that technology. I think the Egg still has the Polk PSW10 on sale for 99.00. Not a bad little sub...
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    Enermax Aurora Wireless Micro Keyboard in the U.S.

    Has anyone seen this keyboard available in the U.S other than at NCIXUS? So far, they are the only ones that seem to have it, but the 20.00+ shipping they want seems a little excessive.
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    cheap/good 5.1 reciever/speaker package that sends both audio and video through HDMI?

    What's your budget for this? I've been a fan of Onkyo receivers and Polk audio speakers for a number of years. Very good bang for the buck. NewEgg still has their Energy Take 5 pack speakers on sale for 149.00 (although I have seen them a little cheaper at other sites) I just bought...
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    My thoughts on $309 5850s

    I bought a 5850 and put it in a C2D 6750 system before I built a new I7 system. I was not that impressed at the time either. These cards really shine with a fast CPU and ram.
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    Sapphire/HIS/XFX 5850's in stock ~$350

    I checked resellerratings on their rep: I wouldn't buy from them. 5.96 rating lifetime. A moot point anyways, as the cheap one shows OOS.
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    5970 vs 280 SLI benchmarks

    Let's add this up: (1) No fan slider in the CCC. Had not read anywhere that this is a common problem. (2) Cannot launch Dragon Age or NFS Shift (which run perfectly on my single 5850) Sure seems that something is amiss here. I know the ATI drivers are still a little flaky. I'm hoping...
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    5970 vs 280 SLI benchmarks

    Thanks. I'm sure many people here would like to read that.
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    A few 5xxx questions

    I sure wouldn't mind picking up a second one at that price. I would imagine we would be well into the second quarter of next year before that happens though. (if even then)
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    5970 vs 280 SLI benchmarks

    This should become an interesting thread pretty fast. Romir: I would like to read that review you mentioned if you could post a link. I have to admit I find the numbers more than just a bit odd.