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    OCZ Vertex2 60GB for $80.99 AR

    OCZ Vertex2 60GB for $119.99 - 20% coupon BTEKHHJ26 - $15 rebate = $80.99 free shipping.
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    Dell Optiplex 980 Power Supply

    Work got me a Dell Optiplex 980 that came with a 250 watt "green" power supply. This wasn't enough to run my 4870 for gaming. I purchased a 550 watt power supply only to find out that it only accepts what Dell calls "mini 24 pin ATX" connection. I found the adapter here and figured I was...
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    Infrared Thermometer $29.99 at HomeDepot

    Not sure if this is hot or not but I picked up a Ryobi infrared thermometer with laser sight for $29.99 plus tax. I've always wanted one but they were usually in the $40+ range. This is good around the house and to pinpoint hotspots in your PC. Spec: -4* to 600*F (-20* to 315*C) Here's...
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    Motherboards: Gigabyte vs Asus

    I'm torn between these two motherboards: Could I get pros and cons of each, especially if you own one or both? Which one overclocks better? Which one is more...
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    New X2 4000+ Brisbane Overclock

    I just got a new retail X2 4000+ Brisbane 65watts from Newegg and so far the overclock is impressive. :p 260 X 8 = 2738 MHz VCore = 1.30v (default) I will keep you guys updated.
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    EPROM Programmer

    Anyone know of a good EPROM programmer that will flash motherboard BIOS chips? This would be extremely handy in case of a bad flash. Thanks.
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    Will Socket939 HSF work on AM2?

    I have the Thermalright SLK-90 on a socket 939 board and need to know if this cooler will fit on an AM2 board. Thanks.
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    965P-DS3 Problem...

    I just built a new system with the following: E6400 CPU, Gigabyte 965P-DS3 motherboard, 2 GB OCZ PC6400 RAM, Antec 550 watts, and an ATI X800XL. I currently have it clocked at 3008 MHz (376 X 8) and can prime all day without any errors. However, when I reboot, the machine will shutdown...
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    Vista "Run As" Not working

    Does anyone know how to get the "Run As" to work on Vista? I'm trying to run some of the 2003 support tools (AD Users and Computer, DNS, etc) with my domain admin account and it's not working. When I do a Shift+Right Click>Run As it never prompts me for my username/password. I do this in XP...
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    Gigabyte DS3 and S3

    What would be the differences between the GA-965P-S3 and DS3? Thanks.
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    DSQuery Help

    Does anyone know how to get DSQuery to ouput information on the "Managed By" tab in Active Directory? I have an OU with about 800 groups and I need a report that will list the groups along with who manages them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Exchange DL Owner Report

    Is there a Microsoft tool to extract DL (Distrubution Lists) and their owners in AD? Thanks.
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    Updating System Environment Variable

    Anyone know of an easy way to update the system environment variable for a computer running Windows 2003 (VBScript or batch)? I have to update the variable on 20+ servers and don’t want to do them manually via remote desktop. Thanks.
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    Batch programming help.

    I'm trying to create a few batch files to automate some processes. I have a text file with 5 columns of information and each line is a record. Is there a way to create a batch file that will count how many records is in the text file and send a Net Send message of each record to the target PC...
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    New Venice ROCKS!!!

    Got this Venice 3000+ from Newegg Monday. It's a LBBLE 0515 FPCW. Currently doing 2800MHz and Prime stable.
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    A64-754 socket mb with 3.3v VDIMM?

    Are there any good motherboards out there with either NForce3 250 or K8T800 Pro chipsets that will do 3.3 VDIMM? How well do they overclock? Most boards only go up to 2.8V, which isn't enough for my BH-5s. Thanks.
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    Where to buy EPoX EP-4PDA2+(Rev 2.0)?

    Anyone know where I could pick up this board? I've looked everywhere and they are either out of stock or no longer being carried. I decided on this board over the Abit IS7 because the VDIMM voltage goes up to 3.3 and Gigabit Eithernet. Thanks.
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    ATI HDTV card for $149.99 after MIR of $50 from "The Egg"

    Click here for the deal. Awesome deal on a great card if you're thinking about going High Def. HDTV WONDER will function as both a HDTV tuner and an analog tuner MULTIVIEW functions like picture-in-picture (PiP) right on your monitor when paired with an ALL-IN-WONDER 9600 or above graphics...
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    TV Recording HELP

    I have a Leadtek Winfast 2000XP Expert TV card and using the bundled software - Winfast PVR. I would like to record football games, edit out the commercials and burn it to a DVD. My questions are: 1) What's the best format to do the initial recording (RAW, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 (Divx), etc.)...
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    Ridata 4X DVD-R 50pk for $22.99 w/ free shipping!

    For those of you with a DVD-R or multiformat DVD burner, this is a great deal! I've gone through 4 of these and have yet to burn a coaster. Link
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    Thermalright SLK-900A for $19.99

    AWESOME all copper heatsink.