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    Thecus W2000 Windows Storage Server

    Strange, the 4000 has a better ( not by much ) cpu. The 2000 and the 5000 both have the the same cpu.
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    8 TB drives
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    The dreaded 26 drive letter limit in Windows.

    How do you get the " SSD Optimizer " for tiering ? I don't see a refernce for it on the SnapRAID page or forum.
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    Keep WHS2011 vs moving on

    As the folks at HSS say, Ess is just not that consumer friendly compared to 2011. Have you thought of using 2011 with a third party backup/restore ( like Macrium ) ? May be easier/cheaper way to go, less admin overhead.
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    Keep WHS2011 vs moving on

    Go to HomeServerShow and ask Andrew and Drashna , as this may be as simple ( Hah ) as Ess using legacy mode when installing as opposed to UEFI.
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    Keep WHS2011 vs moving on

    Yes, backup/recovery is stable in Ess.
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    Keep WHS2011 vs moving on

    You might want to look at essentials, price has gone down on ebay.
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    Windows not recognizing SSD after MB RAID array deletion

    change the type of partition from 83 to 07 in cfdisk
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    File types for streaming from WHS2011

    WHS 2011 has very limited streaming file type support, I would suggest you look at Plex or XBMC to increase it's repertoire. MB3 is another choice.
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    6TB Helium drives

    $600 from some resellers ( caveat emptor ) -
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    What's the best home file server nowdays

    Just add FlexRaid, don't worry about another platform.
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    6TB Helium drives

    Just in time for Christmas, no idea of the Black Friday prices .!
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    Recommend me an OS

    There does seem to be a way to use WD drives with 4K and WHS2. I would read the whole link if you want to go this way.
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    3 or 4tb Hard Drive WHSV1

    There is a way to do this, but the drive will have to be GPT not MBR -
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    ARM based DIY NAS solution

    Another answer, not much different than the above, No, Yes, soon. None yet, the 64 bit server ARM's are only available through Caldexa, and are definitely not cheap. Late this year/early next year you will begin to see cheap 64 bit ARM processors aimed at low cost roles like a DIY NAS. No idea...
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    WHS Alternative? Please help :)

    You might want to look at OpenMediaVault, but WHS2 + Flexraid is about the best, until nzfs is available.
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    Windows Home Server 2011 RAID Setup
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    win8 "Storage Spaces" good option?

    A good forum discussion on SS - To paraphrase, MS says there is no problem.
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    Parity Storage: Storage Spaces vs FlexRAID?

    I guess you can try 2 things, write NLS a PM on the Flex forum and ask for help, or uninstall/reinstall. Seems Brahim is MIA, probably due to writing a new driver for Win8.
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    will WHS 2011 connecter install on 2k3?

    The connector won't, it will give you a SKU error.
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    WHS 2011: Cannot install Connector on Win7 x64 machine! Please help!

    Doesn't seem to be a solid fix, but others have fixed this 1 way - 1. I applied all the server updates including all the optional ones (yes ie9 as well and all the .net updates) 2. I did the same on the machine I was trying to install the connector on (all optional updates) 3. Deleted all...
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    WHS 2011: Cannot install Connector on Win7 x64 machine! Please help!

    Had to dig to find this - look at Bert's fix on this page
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    WHS 2011: Cannot install Connector on Win7 x64 machine! Please help!

    If you look on the MS 2011 forum there are a number of fixes, some that work. They are too long to post here.
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    MS says WHS will die

    Foundation for the home ? Well, maybe, if you want a non-consumer device setup, with a 15 client limit and active directory. Good for some, but still targeted at someone with sysadmin capabilities. The HP mediasmart's were inexpensive. Foundation's price has not been set, but will be above the...
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    WHS 2011 Install best practices?

    I think your best bet are the tutorials on wegotserved. WHS 2011 is known as an easy install, just make sure your workgroup names are the same for all of your clients and the server. Set the time zone to West coast, good to go.
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    MS says WHS will die

    MS has said there will be no more WHS releases after the WHS 2011. You can purchase the Windows 8 2012 Essentials for $425. WHS 2011 will be available through 2016, and be supported for many years after that. Oh, and SBS is also discontinued...
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    Severe Media Storage Stutters

    Have you tried disabling tcp offload on the NIC, you will have to do it for IP4 and IP6, this may resolve the issue.
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    $199 24 bay, dual Xenon server But, before you scoop one up, pleease read -
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    8TB+ Storage

    You may want to look at Flexraid, it does offer double parity, and works very well with WHS.
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    Flexraid now costs $... any alternative?

    I agree with most of what has been said, I guess my view is that with Flex going commercial that it's glaring weaknesses in the form of one person development/support/documentation/UI will be addressed. Maybe, Brahim can hire a babysitter, and someone else to support the forum.
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    Tired of FreeNAS - other options?

    You could look at Amahi with greyhole. Might be close to what you are looking for, easy to setup and administer. Fairly mature product with an active support community.
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    WHS Upgrade/Advice

    Just another POV, if you want to do transcoding, that hardware spec will serve you well. You will need muscle for transcoding. As to the 1 vs. 2, 2 does have some quirks still, as long as you know about them, you'll be OK. Connector installs on older XP boxes and win7 64 ultimate can be a...
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    WHS 2011 questions

    Many people use Eset Nod 32 on 2011. The only AV made for it ( Gdata ) really has problems.
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    Windows 8 Preview / I am playing with Storage Spaces

    Although unraveling the intent of MS is a meaningless pursuit, I would bet on a Windows Home Server 8.
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    Windows 8 Preview / I am playing with Storage Spaces

    Another question, although you may mot be able to answer or test. The original MS DE on WHS1 was notorious for causing stuttering on streamed media, as it's IO activity caused havoc. Is Storage Spaces streaming any better ?
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    Drivebender is out

    Most of the feedback I see has been positive, with a few caveats. NFS does not work on any of the DE's, and for some, that is a deal braker. Also, share permissions, when you select homegroup as opposed to just shares were causing problems. Transfer speeds may also be a problem.
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    Use ZFS storage on WHS2011?

    Yes, there is an iscsi software available for 2011, yes, certain advanced features for the drives are available only through the control panel. The dashboard is there to keep people away from those levels of drive management. For a good reason. Really, if you need more help, you might try over...
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    Use ZFS storage on WHS2011?

    Sharing drives over a network share is not available through the dashboard, by design.
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    Use ZFS storage on WHS2011?

    You can share the drives on a network share, don't know about the backup folders themselves. Should accomplish the same thing.