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    Overheating crossfire Setup 280X

    Even when I had the case off a 120MM fan rated at "79 cfm" on top blowing away from the cards, and 2 other fans blowing from the sides at the cards.. it was still in the low 90s or high 80s(the top card), also the sound was ridiculously loud. Right now I am wondering if I just got a defective...
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    Overheating crossfire Setup 280X

    My house is in the low 70's. One card alone(as in I took the other one out) is hitting 78C at 850Mhz...
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    Overheating crossfire Setup 280X

    Yeah, these cards are pretty ridiculous. I wish Hard and others would test these cards in Crossfire before giving them a yay or nay.... Anyways, back to the topic. I put two fans pointing in from either side(one from outside the case) the other behind the cards. I think I am going to give...
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    Overheating crossfire Setup 280X

    yeah, it is taking lots of heat out when both the cards are running, even when just that top one is running it is dumping out a lot. As far as turning up the intake, I can't since those fans don't have controllers.The air inside the case isn't really terrible though, so I think I will just try...
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    Overheating crossfire Setup 280X

    I am using one of the exhaust side panels now(120MM), but the other one is blocked by a pretty big heat sink on the CPU. When I get home I am going to try cutting some metal off the case and fitting a 120MM pointing at the sandwich card and see if that helps. Also yes, I am trying to mine with...
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    Overheating crossfire Setup 280X

    Individually they get around 74C and 78C(i have this on the bottom). Might not be a bad idea to put a fan at the end. Will probably have to cut up the hard drive bay to do it though. Do you think I should be pushing air at the gpu or pulling it away. I will post some pictures when I get...
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    Overheating crossfire Setup 280X

    Hi guys, I am having some issues with heat on my new 280x's. I bought two Gigabyte 280x tri fan cards ( and the top card almost always hits 95C(I stop the card around this point) or higher after 5-6 minutes of use. I have picked up...
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    OMG you guys made me do it

    I don't think you know what you are talking about.
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    Nevada Gives Green Light to Self-Driving Cars

    I know I am incredibly excited for this. I can just imagine a freeway clear of traffic, since the cars know how to break up traffic jams.
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    epic ATT network fail

    I agree, this sounds like a phone issue. I sent my brother a text message once calling him a "stupid bitch" and every time he received a new message it would be me calling him a "stupid bitch", this went on until he reset his phone two days later...
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    Student Loses US Extradition Battle Over Copyright Infringement

    That is ridiculous, so he is in his own home country and because the US claims he broke a law over here by hosting a website over there he gets extradited...
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    Windows 7 AMD Bulldozer Hotfix

    These AMD fans are complete nut jobs, some of the actually think that the media is trying to smear AMD and make them look bad. A few others think a bios update/patch will fix everything and a few more think if they compiled the program with gcc it will make everything better. This launch...
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    IB CPUs for S1155 Run Quad Channel?

    Holy shit!!! Seriously, that is all I am going to say...
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    Microcenter BF Ad

    Even if you work for minimum wage it isn't worth your time to wait 5 hours, and then be told it's sold out...
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    AMD Performance Drivers out.

    Does this have any increase with single card configurations, or is this a crossfire only fix?
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    10 Things Not to Buy on Black Friday

    I did it once with a friend, but we ended up leaving not buying anything because the line stretched all around the building with only a few cashiers(midnight thing).
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    10 Best Scary Video Games of All Time

    Penumbra black plague is one of my favorites. I remember picking it up some time in 2009 and being blow away with how innovative/scary it was. I saw a few others mention amnesia, which wasn't bad, but I still think Penumbra black plague was better.
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    Intel Leaks i7-2700k

    Most of the people dreaming more than likely have core 2 duos or core 2 quads. Owning a core 2 duo myself I can't really see the point in upgrading, since it is more than fast enough for the tasks I do. So I can wait another year for ivybridge. I think the biggest bottleneck I have right now...
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    Is Dell Desktop good for hardcore gaming?

    At this point it might be similar, but the cases are usually not that good, with 250 watt power supplies and very limited expansion. Dell was also known for including bad caps on a ton of boards in the early to mid 2000s, they would never really fess up to it and just ship out more crap to you...
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    Is Dell Desktop good for hardcore gaming?

    I usually find that OEM's will give you bad "bones" when they send you a pc. A good example of this is when I opened up an expensive dell hexa core system(to add a hard drive), it only had 2 hard drive slots and a very low end power supply that could never handle a video card(not that I tried)...
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    JF-AMD responded on Anand forum.

    If anything its a cheap lesson to not buy a product before its released. I stopped doing that after preordering every interesting looking mmo that promised the world(Lesson learned).
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    JF-AMD responded on Anand forum.

    No joke. Not sure why people thought he was lying, since he stopped saying 50% after the 33% was announced, and anyone who thought it was anything but ipc neutral didn't read any of the press announcements...
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    Are we expecting Piledriver to be a refined 32nm part or the introduction of 22nm?

    Under very specific work loads you might see an improvement, but I doubt you will ever see 10% from doubling the bandwidth. Going from 1333 to 1866 only sees around 2% so why would you think doubling something that isn't a bottleneck equal 15%!? I doubt they will have anything more than 5% IPC...
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    Are we expecting Piledriver to be a refined 32nm part or the introduction of 22nm?

    LOL, they just transitioned to 32nm and you think they are going to go to 22nm... Anyways I have a feeling that 10-15% is going to be 10% clock speed and 5% IPC improvements. They did the same thing with Bulldozer, with it being 35% faster than 6 core server part, and what do you know 8/6=1.33...
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    Possible explanation (excuse) for horrid single-threaded DB on!

    No, they would not have released it if they thought it was something fixable. Also if it was something fixable they would be claiming more than 10% in piledriver(which is probably all clock speed).
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    Possible explanation (excuse) for horrid single-threaded DB on!

    The problem with using fermi as a comparison is that fermi was never a bad chip, the only problem was power consumption. Even if AMD could clock this to 4.2-4.4Ghz it would still lose(lose in power consumption too). That's one of the reasons why the Pentium IV could never compete with Athlon64...
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    Lightsquare’s LTE Plan Under Scrutiny Once Again

    Wouldn't be such a big deal if Light speed was 5 times as fast...
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    Just for Laughs "Hitler"

    Wow, think that is the best version of that I have seen. Most of them have stupid parts to them, but that was smooth all the way through :D.
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    Next time you will know better than to buy a motherboard before the CPU launches. This reminds me of the 2900xt launch except at least that was faster than its predecessor.
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    hows sad but what next

    The Phenoms are going going gone after this year. If you plan to pick up a X6 t1090 I would do it before the price skyrockets. Another plan is to return the motherboard or try to sell it.
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    FX-4100 $129.99 @ microcenter....

    Or to blend...
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    Cat (Bulldozer) out of the bag! Review here!

    That would almost put it as fast as an X6 t1100... Also drivers will not fix the performance, only a new bios if there is a bug.
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    AMD BD Review from Lab 501 legit results

    Also if they do have a legit Bulldozer system its doing bad because they were not using the latest drivers with the latest bios(this is the key to all their claims). Seriously all I read from AMD fanboys is that the reviewer wasn't using the latest bios, and when they release that magical bios...
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    Store 1000k+ photos a day on an SSD?

    I wanted to move it to a dedicated host, but money is always an issue. So I was just looking at the cheapest option, and adding more hard drives seemed to be the easier and cheapest option(spent $150 instead of closer to $500-600). Anyways, just for reference he is using Filezilla, maybe its...
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    Store 1000k+ photos a day on an SSD?

    Just thought I should say I decided on just adding more hard drives(two Samsung f3 drives) and splitting up all the writes(Now its writing to 3 hard drives instead of one). If that isn't good enough I will go down the ram disk path, since it is probably the next cheapest option. I will ask the...
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    Thoughts on a small ssd for speed.

    Every time I go to a relatives house and they have a small C drive and a big D drive, well the C drive is full and the D drive is empty. Most people are very poor at managing multiple volumes, so I wouldn't bother even with a 128GB SSD, just make sure they have a nice fast 1TB drive.
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    Store 1000k+ photos a day on an SSD?

    Yeah its a problem, probably lose hundred photos trying to view them... The only real question I have is can an SSD handle doing that every day?
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    Store 1000k+ photos a day on an SSD?

    Ok, so I am trying to figure out how to speed up a workstation at work, pretty much it is constantly being written to(acts as an FTP server for security cameras) and it makes it very hard to actually look at the files its writing(slows it down big time). So my plan was to write all the files to...
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    More RAM vs Higher Clock Rates

    I only edit to reword a sentence or a paragraph, not to add to a posting I have already made. Obviously its a good idea to know what he is upgrading, but you already asked that so I didn't bother.:)