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    Certification suggestions for intrusion detection/Snort

    cybersailor if you are interested in some Goverment contracting PM me and can go over some details.
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    HumbleBundle Festival of Speed Sale

    I know I enjoy a good racing game and saw a few that were great deals. Enjoy! Festival of Speed Sale
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    Ncore V1 No Frame Water Block Prototype Sneak Peek

    I was curious if it was going to be for other sockets, because would be extremely interested on this with my upcoming I9 build. Do we have an ETA on the kickstarter ?
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    Free copy of Spec Ops on Humble Store!

    Can't be free! Little older game but still quite a bit of fun. Just login, add to cart and done!
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    [Warm] Monitors on VIPOutlet

    I am in the market for a new one, I am going to browse to see what they have. Thanks OP!
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    Free copy of Darkness II on Humble Store!

    My apologies, will do next time :)
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    Free copy of Darkness II on Humble Store!

    Here you all go! Enjoy!
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    ASIC Miners DESTROY GPU Mining?

    And they become a paperweight when they change the algo
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    How can I use my server at home to host my own VPN server?

    As for higher latency/pings this is not always true. With adding another route, yes you would thing you would get much higher but really it is negligible in most cases (this is from my personal experience with my VPNs) as I also twitch stream and my latency on Twtich actually went down when I...
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    How can I use my server at home to host my own VPN server?

    I was just about to say you are looking for an external VPN service like Private Internet Access, Express VPN or NordVPN to name a few. Open VPN would be for you to remote into your network not tunnel your traffic out (this prevents the ISP from seeing traffic) I personally use Express VPN on...
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    Best Box for pfSense

    I purchased the SG-2220 from Netgate couple months back and it has been fantastic. Even with several devices over an Open VPN it handles speeds upwards of 60MB/s down with AES 256CBC and for non vpned traffic maxes my ISP around 330/MB/s down and 30MB/s up.
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    Has anyone tried running two different cards in same rig?

    One of my mining rigs has 4 different 1060 cards in it and works fine. :)
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    Memory overclocking 1060 (Samsung)

    Just got my 1060s yesterday and compared to my 1070s, they OC a lot better on Memory, currently doing +1700 on 5 cards and 1650 on one card. Long term stability is not known yet but will be TBD.
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    Memory overclocking 1060 (Samsung)

    Are you running on Windows or Linux? There is a huge difference in OC between the two OS's because of how the drivers are. On Linux I see standard OC between 1100-1700.
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    Post your mining rigs!

    I will have to take another look at it. 20 is what I am at and I noticed for every 5 or so I would loose .5m/h on ETH but will do some experimenting with it again :)
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    Memory overclocking 1060 (Samsung)

    If you are OCing within windows, I would try doing -100 to -200 and Memory around +700 to +950 (seen different levels based on micron and Samsung) With Samsung it usually OCs better)
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    Post your mining rigs!

    My first 6 GPU rig :)
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    Once ETH goes to Proof of Stake, what will be the next coin to mine on GPU?

    ZEC and hushcoin are the two I am looking at after ETH goes to POS. Actually, one rig is on ETH and SC while my other rig is going to do either ZEC or Hushcoin, haven't decided yet.
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    Comparison of mining on AMD Fury X vs mining on 1080TI with nicehash.

    Also should be looking at 1060s too with the new ethminer update, they are getting over 25m/hs on ETH using less power and no fees compared to claymore miner.
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    2xRX 570 on Corsair HX 520w power supply?

    As many have said need to undervolt and control the power draw. I currently have 6x 1070s running off a 1050 watt power supply, it is doing 866 from the wall.
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    Has anyone set up Sia storage?

    I personally think Siacoin has a lot of room to grow and the storage idea that is integrated into it is a fantastic idea! (along with being much cheaper then any other storage options currently out there) I will have close 1,000 Sia just from Dual mining it with Eth, same as cyberreality.
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    Time for an upgrade from my Asus RT-n56u... help!

    I think it should be right around 200 CAD as in the US it is about $170. I would recommend the Asus RT-AC68U, used it up until I moved into a bigger home and need further range. Just make sure with Asus that you flash it with merlin drivers, they work so much better and have several other...
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    What's best pcie usb sata powered riser mining?

    Also on SATA ones, good rule of thumb is to use no more then two on each SATA line or may not give enough power to the GPUs and can cause stability issues.
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    What's best pcie usb sata powered riser mining?

    From my understanding of the several different versions besides the plug being between SATA, MOLEX or 6PIN PCI-e is the capacitors and overall build quality. Where it has been reported on several versions 2-4 have caught fire even with a good PSU due to the crappy job on the PCI-riser circuitry...
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    What's best pcie usb sata powered riser mining?

    I would look on Amazon. Here are the ones I ordered just last week. Came quickly and have been fantastic! I have prime so I just filtered them out and put next day shipping. They got here faster then the expected ship date.
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    What's best pcie usb sata powered riser mining?

    I personally use all VER 007, I would not go less then VER006C because you loose a 4th capacitor to protect your GPU.
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    Getting more than 30 hash ETH on GTX 1070

    I am using nvOC for Nvidia GPU mining on Ubuntu. Link here As for the settings, I have the following settings: 5 cards: Overclock cc 100 mc 1275 Powerlimit: 125 watts 1 card: cc -100 mc 1225 Powerlimit: 120 watts (this card does not like OC had to tweak it some for it to not cause...
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    Getting more than 30 hash ETH on GTX 1070

    This is what I'm getting on Ubuntu with 866 watts from the wall with 6x 1070s dualing mining ETH/SC. ETH - Total Speed: 180.068 Mh/s, Total Shares: 2000, Rejected: 0, Time: 15:48 ETH: GPU0 30.198 Mh/s, GPU1 30.240 Mh/s, GPU2 30.186 Mh/s, GPU3 29.500 Mh/s, GPU4 30.086 Mh/s, GPU5 29.857 Mh/s...
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    Samsung EVO 500gb $135

    Thanks for the post purchased the drive this morning!
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    Carbon3D Unveils Breakthrough 3D Printing Technology

    This is really nice compared to current 3D printing methods. This will be something worth watching to see where it goes.
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    Amazon Warehouse opinions

    This depends on the manufacturer. I just purchase from a company that transfers like Gigabyte or EVGA.
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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    Had an Asus Saberooth X79 and was the best board I have ever had. Had no issues ever and was a solid over clocker with my 3930K.
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    RAM Soldered Into New Mac Mini To Block Memory Upgrades

    Wow, this does not surprise me at all with the direction Apple is going...
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    Never Download “Codecs” or “Players” To Watch Videos Online

    Common sense, really? Why do we need an article written warning it... >.<
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    shift key issue

    Had a similar issue, after a while figured it out the ribbon underneath had become partially disconnected from the motherboard and was causing the issue.
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    ASUS Dominates 3DMark With 6 World Records (4 With Strix GTX 980)

    That is really just nuts but good to see!
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    New Home Lab Esxi 5.5

    ESXi is loaded into RAM, so Thumb drive is the preferred install method as it is low cost and easy. Also this leaves your SSDs or HDDs open for more room.
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    Seagate Never Again

    After reading the blackblase report I was quite glad I chose HGST for my ESIx AIO and only using Seagate as a datapool backup (they were left over drives from previous builds)
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    asus rampage 4 3930k instability

    Have you tried clearing CMOS and do you get the extra 10mhz on default clocks ?
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    New Server - Burn In Suggestions?

    I just set my server up a few weeks ago doing a similar setup and hardware. I ran MemTest86+ for 4 days straight on my RAM to make sure they cleared. I did some base benching on the HDDs, than ran HDDs testing in a ZFS raid setup I was going to use. Once I did a bit of tweaking to get more...