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    So my receiver just died... 30+ years later

    i'm in the same boat. I've got an ancient(huge) vector research unit that my dad used decades ago connected to the very decent infinity primus 150 bookshelves and a dayton 12" sub. I've owned promedias and a couple other dedicated mm setups, no way I could ever go back. i'm trying to downsize...
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    Hardware issue help

    120c (if you mean C, and not F) isn't just high, thats near fatal for a cpu and I wouldn't be suprised if it was hitting a thermal cutoff before it even booted.
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    troubleshooting slow RAID 1 w/ 2x caviar black

    x1 is what 256 MB/s? I guess thats reasonable since my max read is close to half of that. I guess theres no reason to break up the array, might as well leave it since even on a single drive the performance would be about the same. Time to buy some new hardware...
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    troubleshooting slow RAID 1 w/ 2x caviar black

    Picked up a couple of 1tb blacks (1002faex) for my birthday, and threw them on a little sata expander I had laying around. created the raid 1 array, clonezilled my boot drive over...and was disappointed. on the left is a benchmark for a different 1tb black drive, and on the right is my...
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    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 PC: $49.82 with $10 egift card @ Walmart

    personally I'm waiting for the steam version. no cds to worry about, plus I'm really really sick of their crappy server browsers and having to dictate ip addresses over vent to my friends.
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    Opera 10 is Out

    better question : why haven't you been doing these things already? gestures and shortcuts are part of what make opera great.
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    Opera 10 Nears Final Stages

    opera has that...
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    Opera 10 Nears Final Stages

    reppin the opera crew in style. I'll take my setup over chrome or ff any day... (I love the no-windowbar look) not exactly the same but it ends up doing 90% of the same stuff anyway, without the nag screens on youtube, etc. that plus opera's built in content blocker acheives the same...
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    Opera 10 Beta 3 Is Now Available

    haha... the only problem I've ever had with opera was my school's webpage blocking it because it wasn't firefox. a simple "mask as firefox" fixed that. My opera install is slicker, faster, and has a much better mouse gesture implementation than firefox (installing half a dozen plugins to...
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    Hot AMD Athlon x2 7750, 4gb DDR2, ECS mobo, 320gb HD $150 AR

    in on this, building a htpc for a friend. 150$ plus another 100$ for a sonata with a 500w psu? 250$ for a solid pc just can't be beat. 350$ with a vid card and its a decent gamer, too. get it while its hot, folks.
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    Need backup solution advice

    for 200 gigs, sheesh, just set up a synctoy operation to a couple of cheap externals daily/hourly/whatever. I've also used flexraid to mirror data to other drives before, and that has the added benefit of parity. as it stands now, I take a parity snapshot nightly with email confirmation, and...
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    Assassin's Creed 2 Trailer and E3 Footage!

    its true that AC could have used a bit of splinter cell funk to it and a better combat system, but I still have a hell of a time running around on rooftops. I like replaying scenarios until I can get a perfect cinematic combo of kills :) I'll play it for that cinematic alone, wow.
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    Company Recreates Centuries-Old Beer Recipes

    These ingredients are used all the time in modern recipes, just fyi. its the actual process that has changed over time. people have been using honey and fruit to make beer for milennia, the only difference is that they didn't know what sanitation was back then. also, I suspect that they're...
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    Who Drives Better: Drunks or Stoners?

    "if there's one thing I know, its how to drive when I'm stoned. its like you know your perspective is fucked, so you just let your hands work the controls" brilliant. that entire video is awesome.
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    Who Drives Better: Drunks or Stoners?

    this. show me a hippie stoner who doesn't think that pot is totally safe to drive with. conversely, even my most alcoholic friends will give up the keys after a night out. that said, I think you'd have to be pretty damn stoned for it to affect your reflexes, etc.
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    Critique my new media system build

    personally I'd go with a beefier video card for gaming at that reslution. also, raid 0 is suicide. I really wouldn't even bother with raid 1.
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    Top 7 Reasons People Quit Linux

    it doesn't help that most linux nerds' solutions to anyone's problem is "install linux", instead of things that actually might be helpful. its bound to stay niche as long as they keep behaving like that. I think of linux as the kid in every one of my engineering classes who sits in the...
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    upgrades soon! need help choosing

    why are you getting watercooling (cheap watercooling at that) AND a aftermarket HSF? vga - go for a 4850 or 4770, they'll be faster and cheaper ram- can get 4 gigs for a lot cheaper than that psu- may be a bit of overkill. a corsair hx or pcp&p around the 500-600 watt range will be cheaper
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    Random hard locks, but prime stable

    just an update in case anyone else has suggestions. atitool and prime are still stable for 12+ hours, rails are still spot on and OC and stock speeds, and memtest passes but i'm still getting hard locks ( screen freezes with looping sound. ) I know its also not software related, it locks up...
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    Lets talk about half life 2

    my biggest gripe was always the weapons. the "main" gun was a wimpy little smg that feels and sounds like a toy and does beans for damage. I don't get the anger at the physics though. ravenholm may have been a show off for the physics engine, but killing zombies with exploding paint cans...
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    New build for the kids. Suggestions?

    lucky kids :P agreed with the above...
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    Fans not spinning, wrong temperature reading...

    do you have any kind of cpu throttling options enabled? thats the only thing I can think of.
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    Fans not spinning, wrong temperature reading...

    unless your cpu fan is dead somehow, its probably being controlled by a setting in the bios. same for the others. you wouldn't be hte first to get crazy inaccurate sensor readings from your motherboard. as for your OC, just camp out with the task manager and see whats eating your cpu usage.
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    Rate my Build!

    a few thoughts: you can get a 4870 or a 260 core216 for a few bucks more, and you can get pc power and cooling 610 for less than that thermaltake. unless you're getting an aftermarket cooler 5$ on that thermal compound isn't necessary, and even if you were it still wouldn't be. also...
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    Extremely Slow Boot Up After Cleaning

    maybe your cmos was reset. check your bios, you may be running at failsafe settings
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    external graphics for laptop

    it was officially 'launched' but as for pricing or release dates I haven't seen anything.
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    please help me put it all together....

    you've got it right. after installing any OS jsut make sure and install service packs and security updates as soon as you can. orthos and 3dmark (or whatever its called now) make good testing tools, and dont forget speedfan or whatever HW monitor your mobo comes with to make sure those...
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    Concept question

    not sure what you mean. laptops use really special components that are designed to be small and lay flat on top of one another. about the best you could do with desktop parts are the suitcase designs.
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    Upgrade dilemma HELP!

    sounds like there's nothing wrong with the 407$ build for your uses. no need to burn extra money for power you're not using.
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    Problem Using 2nd Drive As Storage

    wait, it POSTS too fast to hit the delete key? why don't you just clear your cmos, taking the system back to default (slower) settings. you should at least have a couple seconds to start mashing it down before the system is spun up and starts booting
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    A thought on thermal paste application: is this a good idea?

    thats the whole Idea of lapping. I've also heard of people rubbing in the compound with a plastic baggie wrapped over their finger. keep in mind that the heatsink will be squished down on there so hard that it will distribute itself just fine.
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    First Time Build--The everyday PC

    -for a few more bucks you could get a 4870 or a gtx 260 core 216 (I even saw a 4890 for 160$ after rebates the other day) -corsair hx and pc p&p psu's are my favorites -stock hsfs are always wimpy, but it will probably work. for 30$ you could pick up a freezer7 pro or something. they're...
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    PC Test Tools?

    you can start a psu with a bit of wire. short the green and black pins together. then you can use a DMM to check out the voltages.
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    Random hard locks, but prime stable

    locked up after 3 hours of prime and atitool artifact test. the tests didn't fail, it just completely locked up. event viewer isn't telling me much either, aside from the fact that the previous shutdown was unexpected :p going to try with all my drives disconnected tomorrow and wiping all...
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    Random hard locks, but prime stable

    both. speedfan is actually dead on with the voltages, aside from detecting my 12v line as "2.18" (multimeter reads 12.18 lol) also the powerstream has adjustable rails and under/over volt indicator lights, so I can tell pretty quick if its dropped below 11.5 or so. I'll load up ati tool...
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    Random hard locks, but prime stable

    I'm no noob, but I'm stumped on this one. specs in sig, brand new components. Problem: random hard locks (screen and image freeze, have to force power off) at random intervals. attempted fixes: rails are good, oc is stable in both prime, memtest and games (though it happens at...
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    Feeling nostalgic? Steam Weekend Deal: Tomb Raider Anniversary $5

    splinter cell double agent is 10 bucks too, along with the original. valve is rocking the shit these days.
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    Feeling nostalgic? Steam Weekend Deal: Tomb Raider Anniversary $5

    I played the demo, and it really is gorgeous. control wise, its better than most of the console ports i've played.
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    Feeling nostalgic? Steam Weekend Deal: Tomb Raider Anniversary $5

    for 5$ you can't really go wrong. for maximum nostalgia factor, i'm going to play this with my old PS1 controller hooked up via usb :)
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    Is a Tablet PC a good solution for art and painting?

    most of your "key" functions are handled through the tablet input panel (onscreen keyboard). I don't know about the professional tablets, but I can't imagine doing real "art" with a tablet. input lag (seems to be) application dependent, but even in OneNote (where its the least noticeable)...