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    Anyone think this guy is right?

    Fake shortage coming I am not normally one to read conspiracy theories, but this sounds a bit scary (with the distinct chance some of it may be true) I would like to hear what [H]ard folks think of this theory. Kid
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    Quality of AMD Motherboards

    Okay, flame suit on. I have not used an AMD cpu since I moved up from my Opteron system. But one thing I noticed after building several machines for family and friends back then, was that the AMD boards seemed to not be as polished as the Intel boards being offered at the time. Nics and other...
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    Dual Monitor Questions

    Searched web and had mixed answers. I know peeps here have done what I plan to do so here goes: Best setup for dual monitors based on a GTX 780. Monitor I already own is Asus 120 HZ. Connected via dual link DVI. I was going to buy a 1080 second monitor but it will probably only be 60 or 70...
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    Asus RMA Troubles

    I sent a board back for warranty replacement/repair and received the same board back. (still does not post with known good components) Has anyone had any luck with getting these folks to honor their warranties? I remember a thread about the poor service for motherboard warranty and I am...
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    Caviar Black Pricing

    Well I was waiting for the egg to reduce the price on the 1TB Caviar Black to 159 bux. Instead they raised it 20 bux to 189. This drive is also made in a 640GB flavor that uses a 2 platter setup. Has anyone seen a 640GB Caviar Black? I understand that the AAKS is considered a Caviar Blue...
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    Recommendations for an AGP socket A MATX Board??

    My daughter wants an X-qpack case, but I don't want to shell out $ for a 754 or 939 socket board since I already have a XP2000+ chip to use. I also have a good Ti4800 which is more than enough for her for the next year. Any suggestions for a decent Socket A Matx with agp slot? The choices at...