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    Laptop Advice (Gaming and Photo-editing in Lightroom)

    I am looking for a Laptop. Use: Gaming and Photo-editing in Lightroom (not professional photographer but like somewhat accurate colors). Size: 14-15.6 inch Budget: Upto $1600 What are some of my best options?
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    Why is my i7-4770k runnign at only 3.0ghz?

    Why is my i7-4770k running at only 3.0ghz? New system. Everything stock. Nothing played around with.
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    Good extension cords for PC and monitor?

    The outlet where my desktop sits has gone bad and I need to use the outlet across the room. My Cyrberpower UPS is connected to the good outlet so I need to run extension cords from my PSU and monitor to the UPS. Can I use extension cords for my desktop PC and monitor and if so which one...
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    evga Precision shows evga 780 in SLI at only 575 clock speed?

    I am running a pair of evga 780 superclocked in SLI. evga Precision shows clock for both of my cards never going over 575?? Not sure what is going on? I ran Furmark at 3440x1440 resolution for about 20 mins in SLI and with X4 AA and system was stable.
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    Use GeForce Exepreince to update driver?

    Is it wise to use GeForce Experience to update driver? Or should I do clean install?
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    Testing Newly built PC under max load

    I want to test my newly built PC under max load (CPU, mem, GPU etc.) everything stressed out. I want to see how much wattage is consumed when the entire system is stressed. I will be using cyberpower software to read the power consumed. Can anyone recommend what program I can use to...
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    Tigerdirect is absolutely awful

    I ordered a couple of items through tigerdirect. everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. 1) They shipped the items out to wrong address. 2) I called them to correct the problem. Took more than 20 minutes to get through. Tried live chat and no one responded for over an hour...
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    Recommendation for UPS

    I am looking to buy a UPS for my new system. My system consists of: CoolerMaster V850 PSU i7-4770k 32GB RAM A pair of evga 780s SC in SLI Any sugestions for good UPS? I am looking at and...
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    Is a 850W PSU enugh to run 780s in SLI?

    A few months ago i picked this PSU for my new build (cooler Master V850 built by Seasonic) At the time I planned on running a single GPU. However...
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    Have single eVGA 780GTX. Which ones can I use for SLI?

    I currently have a single EVGA 780 GPU (link below) I am thinking of adding another 780 for SLI. Does it have to be the exact one for me to SLI? Or can I use difference one (with ACX...
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    Moving Pictures, Videos, documents etc to new drive

    I just build a system and have my windows and programs on my SSD. I am about to install a 2TB HDD to store pics and videos for Lightroom and Photoshop and also music etc. What is the best and safest way to move these folders from the SSD to the HDD? I will be the only one using the...
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    BenQ BL3200PT vs LG 34UM95

    I am trying to decide between the BenQ BL3200PT vs LG 34UM95 monitors. What is the actual physical size of the two screens? Is the LG one simply wider or is there a height difference between the two monitors as well? Pixel pitch?
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    680 SLI (2GB) for 3440 x1440

    I was wondering how the a 680 SLI (2GB) setup would do on a 3440 x1440 rez monitor? Taxing? Would I need to upgrade?
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    Two or three SSDs?

    For my new system I am deciding between the two setup. Setup 1: Samsung Pro 256GB (For OS and Drivers etc.) Samsung Pro 256GB (For Lightroom, Adobe Suite, and Video Editing) Samsung Evo 500GB (For Steam games) 1TB HDD (For Storage) Setup 2: Samsung Pro 256GB (For OS and...
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    Two or three SSDs?

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    Moving pics and video file (user profile) to a separate HD

    I am building a new system and will only have one user profile on the system. Installing Windows 7 x64 on a SSD. Installing Steam games ona seperate SSD. I want to move the user profile which will contain all the pics and videos and documents on a separate HDD. What is the easiest way...
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    Cooler Master V850 PSU Made by Seasonic $98 after rebate

    Amazon currently has Cooler Master V850 PSU for $98 after rebate. Fantastic price for a fantastic Seasonic PSU. One going in my newly built system right now.
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    Which SSD/HDD setup?

    I have the following SSD and HDD with me right now. 1 X Samsung 830 128GB 2 X Samsung 840 Pro 256GB 1 X Samsung 840 500GB 1 X WD Black 2TB I am building a system which will be used for gaming and photo-editing (Lightroom and some photoshop) and some video editing. Couple of setup...
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    Dell u3011 or Viewsonic VP2770?

    I am in search of a monitor. Usage will consist of gaming, web browsing, and some light hobby photo editing (lightroom and PS), and possibly some light video editing of home made movies. I have been hearing some good things about the Viewsonic VP2770 and was interested in it. However last...
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    General hardware advice regarding HDD mounting

    I am building a system in a Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 case. I would like to remove both of the HDD cages and not block the two 140mm fans in front of the case (one already installed, the other installed by me). I want to do this for good airflow without the HDD trays getting in the way. I...
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    Cooler Master V850 vs. Corsair HX850

    I am debating between a Cooler Master V850 vs. Corsair HX850 PSU for a new system I am building. i7-4770k Gigabyte Z86 UD4H 16GB 1600 Ram MSI Twin Forzr gtx680 (Two of them in SLI) Couple of SSDs and HDDs I ordered the V850 yesterday from Newegg via Shoprunner. I noticed that I can...
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    Newegg Shell Shocker Deal (i7-4770k + Gigabyte Z87 UD4H + 16GB of Corsair MEM - $500

    Just a heads up... Newegg currently has this as a Shellshocker Deal: Newegg Shell Shocker Deal (i7-4770k + Gigabyte Z87 UD4H + 16GB of Corsair MEM - $500 after combo savings and $40 rebate) IMO, its a great price. Even better than what I could have gotten at microcenter. I just got a combo...
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    VP2770 for Photoediting?

    How good is the Viewsonic VP2770 for photo editing? Can some folks here who own this monitor and use Lightroom etc. chime in? I use sRGB and I am an amateur (hobbyist) photographer/video grapher that uses Lightroom 4 and some photoshop. I want as close to accurate colors as possible but...
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    Good case for Evga 770 SLI

    I am lookign for some good options for a 2 card EVGA 770 SLI build. Looking for one with width of 8.75 inches or less. Would a Fractal R4 fit a 770 SLI? What other good options do I have? Thanks!
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    A good quality 750W PSU good enough for GTX770 SLI?

    Is a good quality 750W PSU good enough for GTX770 SLI (no more than two cards)? Or would a 850W be recommended? i7-4770k build with couple of SSDs and a few HDDs. No plans to overclock.
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    Build Advice Please

    The PC that I built 3 years ago seems to be giving me problems so I have decided to build a new system. My current system consists of: Intel i5-750 EVGA P55 SLI MB G.Skill 8G Mem Galaxy Factory overclocked GTX 480 1.5GB 1080p LG 32LD450 TV Monitor SD for OS Couple of HD for steam and...
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    680 Prices

    Currently 680 prices are hovering around $500 average. When do you guys expect the prices for these cards to drop at around $300 or so?
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    Laptop: Single SDD or SDD + HDD?

    I have a Lenovo X230 with a 320GB 7200RPM HDD and I want to upgrade to a SDD. The two options I am considering are: 1) A single Samsung 840 pro 256GB SDD 2) Crucial 256GB mSATA SDD and 320GB HDD I am leaning towards Samsung SDD because I am under the impression that it is more reliable, but...
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    GPU + CPU for 2650x1600

    What would be a good GPU + CPU recommendation for Gaming and photo/video editing (D800 large RAW files) smoothly on a Dell U3011 (2650x1600 resolution). I do not care for the latest and the greatest. As long as I do not experience lags while performing those tasks on that resolution, I am...
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    From 1080p to 2560x1600 (New System Recommendation Request)

    Currently this is what my system consists of: XFX Black Edition P1-750B-CAG9 750W Intel Core i5-750 Lynnfield 2.66GHz LGA 1156 95W Quad-Core Processor EVGA P55 SLI 132-LF-E655-KR LGA1156 Intel P55 ATX Intel Motherboard G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (4 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3...
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    Calibrator for Dell u2412m

    I am looking for a decent and reasonably priced color calibrator for Dell 2312 monitor. Anyone have this monitor and have some suggestions? I wouldn't mind a discontinued model either.
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    Moving the Document folder (Win 7 64) to a different drive

    When I build a system last year, I followed instructions on a website to move the Document folders (My Pictures, Videos, Downloads, etc.) in Win & to a different HDD (other than the SD where Win 7 was installed). The first admin account that was created and used to make this change would not...
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    37 or 42 inch for Sim Racing

    I am building a racing sim and will use the playseat. I am looking for either a 37 inch or 42 inch TV for gaming. Any recommendations?
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    Dell 30 inch LCD 3007WFP instead of HP ZR24w and NEC 2490

    I have a chance to pickup a Dell 30 inch LCD in excellent condition, 3007WFP for around $600. I have a seperate 32 inch LG ISP TV/monitor which I use for gaming and browsing. I was looking for a seperate LCD for some Photoediting (lightroom + NX2) as a hobbyist. I am not a professional...
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    Calibrator for HP Zr24w

    If I were to buy a HP zr24w, what would be a relatively cheap and good calibrator I could get for it?
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    Which of these two for Photo Editing?

    Which is a better choice for Photo Editing? I will be using a different monitor for gaming and browsing. NEC 2490WUXi2-BK -IPS -1920 x 1200 -12 bit LUTs vs. NEC P221W-BK with Calibrator...
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    WTS Portal 2 Voucher for Steam

    I am selling Portal 2 Voucher for PC (Steam) for $15 (paypal gift). I have perfect rating on ebay (id=perveenkakhtar). PM me if interested. You will need a PS3 and a copy of Portal 2 for PS3(one day rental, Gamefly or borrow from a friend, you will only need it for 20 min at most) 1. Put...
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    Good cheap monitor for some photo editing work

    I am a 32 inch TV that I use for PC games and browsing. I am looking for a smaller screen 20-24 inch for some photo editing work. I am not a professional. I will do some basic to moderate work on photos taken with my DSLR and I wanted somewhat decent color reproduction. What are some of...
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    Crysis & Warhead - CDs or Steam/Driect2drive?

    I am looking to buy the Original Crysis and Crysis Warhead (either new or used). Is it better to buy CDs or from online place like Steam? What would be my best option? Thanks
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    Help with Installation of new SSDs and HDD

    I am installing new SSDs on my system and have decided to go to a brand new Windows 7 install. My setup will include: 64GB SSD (For Windows 7 64 bit pro, Anti-virus software, Nvidia drivers) 128GB SSD (For programs such Photo editing software and Steam games) High capacity HDD (For all...