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  1. J

    BFG Tech Hot Deal - Week of 12/15

    +2 I would be all over it :D
  2. J

    Any HT Guru's out there? Help! SP4800 /w HD BOX

    I'm no guru but... I believe component has two different ways of transmitting the image - YUV and CYMK color - make sure that the setting your projector prefers is the same on your DVD player / cable box. If you need the image to set it up, use a temporary composite or S-video cable to...
  3. J

    transmitter for digital cable box

    Does the Voom reciever have a serial port?
  4. J

    Who else wants an Acer Ferrari 3200

    anybody else see the sexy notebook from ASUS's presentation at the AMD Technology tour -- Athlon 64 / ATI 9700 combo + thin and light
  5. J

    FX-53 (S939) vs. Oc'ed Mobile at 2.7Ghz

    Good call Matt... a revision has been made in Scottys Long Term Strategic Upgrade Iniative
  6. J

    Mega mobile barton OC!!!

    I haven't experimented much with OC'ing; my former palomino ran too hot even with an SLK; Forgive my noobishness, but is this the pinmod I want? Will this allow me to use the higher multi's in the BIOS, or do I need to hardwire them with further pinmod's?
  7. J

    Looking for a Stereo Reciever

    I don't mind ecost, in fact I love thier prices... though I've never tried to return anything. I have bought some big ticket items too - an XGA projector (compaq refurb) and a Kenwood receiever (refurb) - both worked perfected and were beatiful - note: not great for smaller stuff because of a...
  8. J

    Mega mobile barton OC!!!

    I run into this -- apparently the signal for the multiplier setting is limited in values, so it has to share some (anything above 12.5x). My proc defaults automatically to the lower value, 5x and so on. :(
  9. J

    Mega mobile barton OC!!!

    Well now I'm stuck in the other direction. Falls, how did you get past the 12.5x multiplier ceiling - mine defaults to the lower multiplier if its shared (Asus A7N8X-E). The proc's got plenty of headroom left, but I'm memory limited (PC2700) fastest I can get it is 175/350 (about 2.2 gHz). I...
  10. J

    a7n8x-D: More volts and higher multy

    I'm running into the same ceiling of the 12.5 multiplier (A7N8X-E) --- the BIOS lists higher multipliers but apparently it shares them such as "5x/13x" and the mobile XP 2400 I just bought defaults to the lower multiplier. Is the "unlock -multi via BIOS up to 12,5x" what I want, or does that...
  11. J

    Mega mobile barton OC!!!

    Just got my 35W Mobile XP 2400+... Check out what It defaulted too
  12. J

    HOT!! DVD Rewinder

    HOT!!! Free DVD rewind sounds - Check it!
  13. J

    Most out of my new Athlon64

    newegg has the 74GB version for $188...
  14. J

    Looking for a Stereo Reciever

    The difference between the onkyo 500 and 600 series recievers is that the 600 has 6 discrete amplifiers; many audio enthusiasts believe that this makes all the difference. I personally went throught the reciever hunt a couple of months ago. I settled for the Kenwood VR-7070 - refurbished...
  15. J

    My college says no Athlons....

    its bunk. It sounds like the ivory tower doesn't understand technology and the marketplace... its issued some proclamation in ignorance in order to appeal to the most unlikely of contigiences.
  16. J

    Most out of my new Athlon64

    You will probably only notice significant improvements in performance in processor intensive applications, such as games. Windows applications and boot times are highly dependant on hard drive performance. Now about your oc'ing... Try increasing your voltage slightly and see what happens. But...
  17. J

    VOOM satellite service?

    Now that I've graduated and have my evenings free again, I'm thinking of getting some kind of cable service. I have a projector that decodes HDTV signals and I'm keen on getting some kind of HD setup. I eventually plan of building a HTPC with PVR functionality but I've yet to find the right HD...
  18. J

    ive narrowed down to 3 tv cards,help me decide please

    im waiting for the HDTV Wonder... $100 and would go well with your 9800. Extremetech is supposed to have a write-up on it tomorow.
  19. J

    This cooler fine for normal clocked 1800+ palo?

    I have an early palomino 1800+ and it tends to run very hot. I have an thermalright SLK-800 with an 80mm vantec stealth on it and it tends to idle around 45-50. If you spent the money on a watercooling rig, why not just get a closed resivoir and save yourself from the noise of that 60mm speeze?
  20. J

    35w 2400 M on the way

    thats awesome. What kind of fan are you using on that SLK?
  21. J

    PCI-Express SLOWER or same as AGP 8X @Anandtech

    We might not need PCI express for graphics yet, but I regular PCI is kind of maxed out in certain aplications. Nvidia can't build a card around its soundstorm dolby encoder because of bandwidth limitations - it has to be built around a hypertransport southbridge. Alienware's dual-vid card system...
  22. J

    HTPC Builders: Refurb MATX Shuttle MN31N with Soundstorm for $35 (better hurry)

    Cool! I didn't know that. Do all nf2 boards with mcp-t have latent soundstorm encoders? How do you tell?
  23. J

    HTPC Builders: Refurb MATX Shuttle MN31N with Soundstorm for $35 (better hurry)

    Are you sure this has soundstorm? It isn't listed as having it on Nvidia's website Still one heck of a compact board w/ integrated everything. Would be great for that coolermaster desktop case. If you don't need uATX, wait for an Asus A7N8X...
  24. J

    My experiences audigy -> soundstorm

    dernit, I had a chance tonight to ask an Asus rep when or if we could expect some future soundstorm. I totally blanked it - to dazzled by the A64 notebook with the mobile 9700... Sexy!
  25. J

    2004 Spring Tech Tour

    I went. Wasn't bad. It was ofcourse geared towards VARs and system builders. I am only an enthusiast and at most, an employment candidate. Interesting future perspectives though, especially when questioned about socket confusion. Nice T-Shirt!
  26. J

    Prescott Survial Kit from AMD

    Anybody catch the article in the wall street journal? It states that it is indeed AMD distributing the kits. Intel stays in character: "But Intel isn't inclined to say much, let alone laugh. "We enjoy publicity stunts as much as the next person," says Chuck Mulloy, a company spokesman. "But...
  27. J

    What do you guys think of this case?

    hot damn! why can't Cooler Master make a full size ATX version? uATX doesn't always lend itself to HTPC's
  28. J

    My experiences audigy -> soundstorm

    I recently upgraded from an old Gigabyte AMD 760 platform to an ASUS A7N8X-E w/ Soundstorm in anticipation of kicking it down to an HTPC. Its awesome, ditching my audigy was no problem after hearing the DD encoding through my theater. I was sursprised that thier aren't more SFF with NF2/SS...
  29. J

    Worth it for me to build AMD system...? (intel guy)

    a standalone card would be sweet - though I'm not sure nVidia or mobo companies would want to cannibalize a "value driver" on thier premium boards. Soundstorm boards command a higher price that a standalone PCI-e card would void. Do you think that they will wait for the replacement of the...
  30. J

    HDTV Capture? HD AIWonder?

    I've seen nothing but cryptic promises from ATI. Anybody know when, or how much? Is there an HDTV capture card on the market now?
  31. J

    Suggestions for good low cost projector..

    I bought a refurbed compaq mp1200 at for around $750 It is native XGA and has 2000 hour lamp life. Technically, not as bright (1000 Lumens, 400:1) as some others, but awesome image quality, and great for gaming (no LCD...
  32. J

    2004 Spring Tech Tour

    Sunnyvale here. HQ woohoo!
  33. J

    Worth it for me to build AMD system...? (intel guy)

    Yeah, I was waiting for an A64 soundstorm board too. I wanted to build an HTPC with hardware dolby encoding (and the "cool and quiet" business) but from the looks of it, I will probably kick down my A7N8X-E.